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Tenancy Agreements and Leases 2010


Leases and tenancy agreements in Singapore. Managing termination of leases and tenancy agreements. Common problems in tenancy agreements. Leases: A litigator's perspective and Drafting leases and tenancy agreements

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									                             Understanding the Legal Perspectives and Challenges in

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 At A Glance
 The real estate market is constantly redeveloping itself to assist the changing needs of its many emerging roles and herefore,
 all Tenancy Agreements and Leases in Singapore must comply with the law. Despite of all the stated terms and conditions,
 problems still arise due to misinterpretations. It is essential to understand the various intricacies in drafting a tenancy
 agreement as well as mitigating potential problems between the landlord and tenant.
 This workshop provides an update on recent changes to the landlord and tenant laws in Singapore. Our expert panel of

 This discussion will allow you to explore and have a clear understanding on how one should draft a comprehensible tenancy
 agreement and to minimize potential inconveniences.

 Key Features                                               Speaker
Leases and tenancy agreements in Singapore                  Subramaniam, Advocate and Solicitor, Intech Training
Managing termination of leases and tenancy                  Centre (ITC) School of Laws
                                                             Mr Subramaniam is a graduate of the University of London and a Barrister at
                                                             Law called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1996. He is an Advocate and
Common problems in tenancy agreements                       Solicitor who was called to the Singapore Bar in 1998. Mr Subramaniam was a
Drafting leases and tenancy agreements
Leases: A litigator's perspective                           contract drafting.

                                                             He also has lecturing, public speaking and training experience in the legal
                                                             arena. He is currently full-time lecturer and MOE registered tutor at Intech
                                                             Training Centre (ITC) School of Laws. In addition, Mr Subramaniam also
                                                             teaches Company Law at the School of Professional Education and Executive
                                                             Development of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

                                                             He also conducts numerous public talks and seminars on a wide spectrum of
                                                             legal issues, including speaking at charity events organised by the National
                                                             Cancer Centre and National Kidney Foundation amongst others.

                               This conference will have the target audience as follows:
                               COOs / VPs / Directors / General Managers / Managing Directors / In-house Legal
                               Counsels / Contract Managers, Executives / Commercial Lawyers / Real Estate
                               Professionals / Property Developers / Landlords / Tenants
                                   Understanding the Legal Perspectives and Challenges in

                                          28 October 2010, Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre, Singapore

Programme Agenda

08:30 Registration                                                               tenancy agreements, undesirable tenants, non-compliance
                                                                                 with covenants, holding over etc.
09:00 Leases and Tenancy Agreements in Singapore
      • Update on laws governing leases and tenancy                            • Types of common problems in leases or tenancy agreements
        agreements in Singapore                                                  from tenant’s perspective:
      • Types of leases and tenancies including periodic                       • Misrepresentation by landlord and/or property agents,
        tenancies                                                                landlord’s obligations to the mortgagee and inability to let
      • Statutory requirements under Conveyancing and                            the premises, defects and damages to the premises,
        Law of Property Act
                                                                                 landlord’s failure to rectify or repair the defects and damages,
      • Understand formal and informal leases
      • Future of leases and tenancy agreements                                  enbloc sales, failure to provide peace and quiet, enjoyments
                                                                                 to the premises by landlord etc.
        Subramaniam, Advocate and Solicitor
                                                                               • How to tackle and better manage these problems, minimise
        Intech Training Centre (ITC) School of Laws
                                                                                 the occurrence of breach and avoid litigation?
                                                                               • Discuss the problem, negotiate and aim for an amenable
10:00 Morning Refreshments                                                       solution, review and change terms and conditions of the
10:30 Drafting Tenancy Agreements & Leasing Contracts                            tenancy agreement before or after signing the same to
      • Understanding Key terms in the contract                                  achieve a triple-win solution for the landlord, the tenant and
      • Tips on drafting e ective tenancy agreements                             property agent, compromise and/or compensate
      • Essential Contents in tenancy agreements                               • How to prepare for litigation if the problem cannot be
      • Key issues and considerations to take note
                                                                                 resolved amicably between the landlord and the tenant?
      • Exceptions and reservations
      • Conditions and limitations
        Subramaniam, Advocate and Solicitor                                     15:00 Afternoon Refreshments
        Intech Training Centre (ITC) School of Laws
                                                                                15:30 Managing termination of leases and tenancy
11:30 Identifying the tenants and landlords’ obligations                              Termination of leases and tenancy agreements by:
      and rights and remedial action                                                  Effluxion of time, notice to quit by either party, surrender
      • Appreciating the rights and duties of landlords and                           of the term by the tenant/lessee, merger of the
         tenants                                                                      reversionary interest with the tenancy/lease, forfeiture
      • Standard rights and duties, covenants implied by                              of the tenancy/lease frustration
        landlord, repairing obligations, covenants implied by                         • Issues arising from termination of leases and tenancy
        tenants                                                                       agreements:
      • Explaining landlord’s and tenants obligations during                            Breaches of tenancy agreements/lease, waiver of
         term of lease                                                                  tenant/lessee’s breaches by landlord/lessor, relief against
        Subramaniam, Advocate and Solicitor                                             forfeiture, recovering possession of demised premises,
        Intech Training Centre (ITC) School of Laws                                     recovering arrears of rentals

                                                                               16:30 Closing Remarks
12:30 Networking Lunch
                                                                               16:30 End of Conference
14:00 Common problems in tenancy agreements
      • Misrepresentations and inducement into signing leases:
      • Misunderstanding and misinterpretation, di erence
        between a letter of intent and a tenancy agreement,
        who is to pay for
        the property agent’s commission and the stamp fee, meaning
        of security deposit
      • Types of common problems in leases or tenancy agreements
         from the landlord’s perspective:
      • Non payment of rent, premature termination of leases or
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      Understanding the Legal Perspectives and Challenges
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