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					                                                                                                                 Reaching Out . . .
                              God Loves a Cheerful Giver, and
          Sept/Oct/Nov 2006    We Thank God For Each Gift

UMCM received financial and in-kind donations in June, July, and August 2006 from those listed below. (Please
kindly forgive us if we accidentally missed listing someone or misspelled your name.)

                               Financial Donations                                                 In-kind Donations
                                                                                               Marilyn Young
                Individuals:                                    Groups:
Harold Withiam           Frances Woodhouse        Oakhurst UMC - UMW                           Yolanda Pagan
Anne Ciabala             Doris Campbell           Clearview UMC                                Alejandra Maldonado
Barbara Talbert          Jean Gibbs               Anona UMC - UMW                              Marilyn Young
Beatrice Orrell          Maxine Morris            St. Luke's UMC - Hannah Circle               Camille Lackey
Janet Kelchner           Amelia Seip              Riviera UMC                                  Rosanne Segma
Margaret Binder          Alvin Pierson            East Lake UMC - UMW                          Marge Teal
Vernon Naylor            Elaine Martin            First UMC of Spring Hill                     Oakhurst UMC
Benjamin Wells Jr.       Mary Rogers              Clearview UMC - Koinonia Class               Jenna & Kaitlyn Curtis
Nettie Gregory           Marguerite Hanna         Faith UMC - Largo                            Bob Hoag
Shawn Allen              Sue Reed                 First UMC of Dunedin                         Dee Guterunst
Timothy Haas             Alberta J. Thompson      Wesley UMC                                   Heritage UMC
Alice Hill               Eleanor Hembrechts       First UMC of Pinellas Park                   Ellen Johnsen
Gordon Lerch             Mr. & Mrs. Byron Clark   Allendale UMC                                Nancy Falles
Juan Sosa                Evelyn Wilty             Friendship UMC                               Phy Tran
Ernestine Stotts         Ruth Feldman             Oakhurst UMC                                 Mary Jane Oameron
Janet Setzkorn           Dr. Robert S. Laubach    St. Luke's UMC                               Lynne Giuliano
Marjorie Horne           Donna C. Ratzlaff        St. Paul UMC                                 Gary Barfeldt
Jack Scrimshaw           M/M Victor Beaton        Community UMC of Oldsmar                     Gwen Hirshfield
Dortha Palonis           May Cunningham           First UMC of St. Petersburg- Debra Circle    Asian Neighborhood Family Center
Marilyn Griffis          Claire Ferguson          Curlew UMC - Thrifty Spirit Shop             Jan Setzekorn
Patricia Pearson         Mary Howlett             First UMC of Hudson                          Mae Kessler
Hildegard Eaton          Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hutto    First UMC of Seminole - UMW                  Doll House Flooring Center
Patricia Hayes           M/M Raymond Lau          First UMC-St. Petersburg-UMW                 Mike McDonald
Douglas Kohl             M/M Frank Norwood        Heritage UMC Missions Team
Marie Geisinger          Evelyn Pounds            Palm Harbor UMC                              “ Give and it will be given unto
M/M John Shelling        Grace Whitehair          Pasadena Community Church                    you.”              Luke 6:38
Elise B Tirrell          Dorothea Baumgartner     Gulf Central District, UMC
Marilyn Mulcahy          Frances Power
                                                                                               “...the righteous give without
Rose Oeschger            Pam Boling
                                                                                               sparing.”          Proverbs 21:26
Claretha Davis           Sally Banwart
Mary Mistal              Arline Isaacson
Martha A. Lane
J. Raymond Goodman
                         Carolyn Malone
                         Claire Fox
                                                                                                  In Honor of...
M/M Donald Kraugh        Helen Sweatt
                                                                                              Martha Lane by Helen Sweatt ,
Anna Tran                Kathryn Sweatt
                                                                                              Anna Tran, and
Linda Green              Paul Reed
David Wiles                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Victor Beaton
                         Bette-Jo Foster

                                                                                              Marion and Alex Lucciola on their
 In Loving Memory of...                                                                       50th Wedding Anniversary by
                                                                                              Donna Ratzlaff

                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Frank Norwood by
Rev Harold MMM. Oeschger by                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Pierson
       Rose Oeschger