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					                          NC Dairy Foundation
                           Board of Directors

Mr. Joe Allen                         Mr. Robert Ernest Burrage
Preferred Name: Joe                   Preferred Name: Robert
3629 Quentin Drive                    704 786-5225
Asheboro, NC 27203                    221 Marshdale Avenue
Term: 2010                            Concord, NC 28025
                                      Term: 2010
Mr. Rex Bell                          Cabarrus Creamery Co.
Preferred Name: Rex
175 Nabors Rd.                        Mr. Scott Bush
Statesville, NC 28677                 Preferred Name: Scott
704-872-9638                          VP, Dietary Supplements
704-872-2130                          Danisco - Cultures Division
Term: 2011                            3329 Agriculture Dr
Maryland/VA                           Madison, WI 53716-4133
                                      Term: 2009
Mr. Jeffrey Bender          
Preferred Name: Jeffrey
252-257-1437                          Mr. Gary D. Cartwright
117 Twin Hollies Lane                 Preferred Name: Gary
Norlina, NC 27563                     Campus Box 7624
Term: 2010                            Raleigh, NC 27695-7624
Maryland/VA                           Term: 2010

Mr. David R. Bowman                   Mr. Keith Collins
Preferred Name: David                 Preferred Name: Keith
336-685-4200                          Milkco, Inc.
6150 Mabel Lane                       Post Office Box 16160
Julian, NC 27283                      Asheville, NC 28806
Term: 2009                            Term: Sweet Acidophilus Committee
Supplymen                             Milkco, Inc.
Ms. Muffin Brosig
Preferred Name: Muffin                Mr. Branson Coltrane
919-967-8720                          Preferred Name: Branson
3109 Dairyland Rd.                    336-674-5283
Hillsborough, NC 27278                7239 Branson Mill Rd.
919-933-3600                          Pleasant Garden, NC 27313
Term: 2012                            336-215-7458 cell
Maple View                            Term: 2009

                                      Mr. David Coltrane
                                      Preferred Name: David
                                      6824 Jennifer Dr.
                                      Pleasant Garden, NC 27313
                                      Term: 2011
                                  NC Dairy Foundation
                                   Board of Directors

                                              Mr. Todd Durham
Mr. T. Roy Cook                               Preferred Name: Todd
Preferred Name: Roy                           C & T Durham
919-772-0135                                  154 Industrial Park
Tarheel Supplymen's Association               Thomasville, NC 27360
200 Winterlochen Road                         888-324-0624
Raleigh, NC 27603                             336-476-8910
Term: Ex-officio                              Term: 2009
Tarheel Supplymen's Assoc.
                                              Mr. David Falk
Mr. Bob Cooke                                 Preferred Name: David
Preferred Name: Bob                           Drucker & Falk, LLC
Hunter Jersey Farms                           7200 Stonehenge Dr., #211
Post Office Box 5148                          Raleigh, NC 27613
High Point, NC 27262-5148                     919-846-7300
Term: 2012                                    Term: 2010
Hunter Jersey Farms
                                              Mr. Charles L. Gaither, Jr.
Mr. Michael Richard Corn                      Preferred Name: Buddy
Preferred Name: Mike                          704-684-7510President
828-684-0475                                  Milkco, Inc.
735 Butler Bridge Rd.                         P.O. Box 16160
Fletcher, NC 28732                            Asheville, NC 28806
704-684-4617                                  828-254-9560
Term: 2009                                    Term: 2009
Maryland/VA                                   Milkco
Mr. G.K. Davis
Preferred Name: G.K.                          Mr. Jimmy Gentry
704-735-6893                                  Preferred Name: Jimmy
Post Office Box 189                           President
Crouse, NC 28033                              North Carolina State Grange
704-735-6893                                  1734 Wilkesboro Hwy.
Term: Investment Committee                    Statesville, NC 278625
Maryland/VA                                   704-878-0000, 800-432-4857
                                              Term: Ex-officio
Mr. Samuel W. Dobson                          NC State Grange
Preferred Name: Sam
210 Dobson Farm Road                          Mr. Neal Grose
Statesville, NC 28625                         Preferred Name: Neal
Term: 2010                                    629 N. Meadow Rd.                        Harmony, NC 28634
                                              Term: 2012
                                     NC Dairy Foundation
                                      Board of Directors

Ms. Kathy Hart                                   Ms. Stevie Hughes
Preferred Name: Kathy                            Preferred Name: Stevie
North Carolina State University                  Executive Director
Box 7010                                         CA/Virginia Dairy Products Association, Inc.
Raleigh, NC 27695-7201                           P. O. Box 3159
                                                 Durham, NC 27715-3159
Mr. Doug Holland                                 919-783-8521 or 382-0333
Preferred Name: Doug                             CA/VA Assoc.
Post Office Box 2
Olin, NC 28660                                   Mr. Dan Hunsucker
Term: 2011                                       Preferred Name: Dan
Maryland/VA                                      3216 John Daniel Dr.
                                                 Conover, NC 28613
Mr. Houston Honeycutt                            704-465-2802
Preferred Name: Houston                          Term: 2011
3300 Fryar Road
Gibsonville, NC 27249                            Mr. Cris Jackson
Term: 2010                                       Preferred Name: Cris
Southern States                                  Jackson Dairy
                                                 1566 Dairy Road, Spiveys Corner
Mr. Kenny Howe                                   Dunn, NC 28334
Preferred Name: Kenny                            910-567-2721
704-864-6207                                     910-567-2921
3502 Howe Road                                   Term: 2012
Gastonia, NC 28052
Term: 2010                                       Mr. Gary Jarmon
DFA                                              Preferred Name: Gary
                                                 Hunter Farms
Mr. Jim Howie                                    Post Office Box 5148
Preferred Name: Jim                              High Point, NC 27262-5148
Member Services Manager                          336-822-2300
Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers               336-883-9151
Post Office Box 1168                             Term: 2009
Waxhaw, NC 28173
704-534-7958                                     Mr. Matthew Johnson
704-843-0268                                     Preferred Name: Matthew
Term: 2011                                       1125 Snow Creek Rd.
Maryland/VA                                      Statesville, NC 28625                              704-880-8900
                                                 Term: 2011
                                    NC Dairy Foundation
                                     Board of Directors

Mr. Norman Jordan, Jr.                          Mr. Clifford Loflin
Preferred Name: Norman                          Preferred Name: Clifford
840 Wrenn Smith Rd.                             Loflin Dairy
Siler City, NC 27344                            2410 Loflin Dairy Road
Term: 2012                                      Sophia, NC 27350
DFA                                             336-495-1384
                                                Term: 2012
Mr. Lee Roy Keck                                DFA
Preferred Name: Lee Roy
336-685-4664                                    Mr. Corey Lutz
2416 NC 62E                                     Preferred Name: Corey
Julian, NC 27283                                4399 Ritchie Rd.
Term: 2009                                      Lincolnton, NC 28658
Maola                                           Term: 2011
                                                Piedmont Milk Sales
Mr. Mickey Keck
Preferred Name: Mickey                          Mr. Jesse L. Mann
2131 NC 62E                                     Preferred Name: Lynn
Julian, NC 27283                                919 542-4667
Term: 2012                                      Manco Dairy Farm
                                                1486 Manco Dairy Road
Mr. Charles King                                Pittsboro, NC 27312
Preferred Name: Charles                         919-542-2742
919-832-0640                                    Term: 2010
Garland C. Norris Company                       Maola
P.O. Box 28
Apex, NC 27502                                  Mr. Eric McClain
919-387-1059 x 311                              Preferred Name: Eric
Term: Investment Committee                      SUDIA
Garland C. Norris Co.                           9201 Bunsen Pkwy #100
                                                Louisville, KY 40220
Dr. Todd Klaenhammer                            800-928-6455
Preferred Name: Todd
NCSU Food Science                               Mr. Richard A. McKellar
Box 7624                                        Preferred Name: Richard
Raleigh, NC 27695-7624                          919 291-3694Retired Plant Manager
Term: Sweet Acidophilus Committee               MelloButterCup Ice Cream Co., Inc.
                                                Post Office Box 1974
Mr. H. Leigh Lane                               Wilson, NC 27894
Preferred Name: Leigh                           919-243-6161
336-694-9909                                    Term: 2012
1791 County Home Rd.                            Mello ButterCup
Blanch, NC 27212
Term: 2009
                               NC Dairy Foundation
                                Board of Directors

Mr. Barney Meredith                        Mr. Keith Pardue
Preferred Name: Barney                     Preferred Name: Keith
Dairy Fresh                                Maola Dairy Products
2221 Patterson Avenue                      Post Office Box S
Winston-Salem, NC 27105-3036               New Bern, NC 28560
919-723-0311                               Term: 2010
Term: 2009                                 Maola Dairy Products
Dairy Fresh
                                           Mr. Robert Paxton
Mr. David Meredith                         Preferred Name: Robert
Preferred Name: David                      Dairy Fresh
3917 Guinever Lane                         2221 Patterson Avenue
Winston Salem, NC 27104-2828               Winston-Salem, NC 27105-036
Term: 2009                                 Term: Sweet Acidophilus Committee
Maola                                      Dairy Fresh
                                           Mr. Jerry Pless
Mr. Dwight Moore                           Preferred Name: Jerry
Preferred Name: Dwight                     4401 Pless Rd.
Hunter-Jersey Farms                        Rockwell, NC 28138
1900 N. Main Street                        704-782-3681
High Point, NC 27262                       Term: 2010
Term: 2010                                 Mr. Thomas Price
Hunter Jersey Farms                        Preferred Name: Thomas                    2612 Church Road
                                           Taylorsville, NC 28681
Mr. Robert B. Murphy                       704-639-9097
Preferred Name: Bob                        Term: 2010
Mother Murphy's Labs                       Maryland/VA
Post Office Box 16846
Greensboro, NC 27416-0846                  Mr. Vance C. Proctor, Jr.
Term: 2011                                 Preferred Name: Vance
Mother Murphy's Labs                       5247 Plateau Rd.
                                           Vale, NC 28168
Mr. Dwayne Myers                           Term: 2011
Preferred Name: Dwayne                     Maryland/VA
105 Westover Dr.
Elkin, NC 28821
Term: 2009
                                    NC Dairy Foundation
                                     Board of Directors

Mr. Forest Michael Reid                         Mr. Mike Strickland
Preferred Name: Mike                            Preferred Name: Mike
919 667-4375                                    Post Office Box 426
Pet Dairy                                       Nashville, NC 27856
800 E 21st                                      Term: 2009
Winston Salem, NC 27105-5354                    DFA
336-838-2766                                    Mr. George Teague
Term: 2011                                      Preferred Name: George
Flav-O-Rich, Inc.                               7092 Sockwell Rd.
                                                Elon College, NC 27244
Mr. William C. Scott, Sr.                       Term: 2011
Preferred Name: Bill                            DFA
Alamance Foods                        
Post Office Box 2690
Burlington, NC 27216                            Mr. Jan TenPas
Term: Sweet Acidophilus Committee               Preferred Name: Jan
Alamance Foods                                  Marva Maid Dairy                 5500 Chestnut Avenue
                                                Newport News, VA 23605
Mr. Michael Sherrill                            757-245-3857
Preferred Name: Michael                         Term: Sweet Acidophilus Committee
VP/General Manager of Greensboro
MG Newell                                       Mr. Mike Todd
Post Office Box 18765                           Preferred Name: Mike
Greensboro, NC 27419                            152 Ringneck Tr.
336-393-0100                                    Mooresville, NC 28115
Term: 2012                                      Term: Sweet Acidophilus Committee
M.G. Newell Corp.                               Field Rep. of DFA
                                                Mr. Boyce Triplett
Mr. Bob Shipley                                 Preferred Name: Boyce
Preferred Name: Bob                             15 East Pine Court
10411 Cogdill Road                              Carolina Shores, NC 28467
Knoxville, NC 37932                             Term: Sweet Acidophilus Committee
Term: 2011                                      Mr. Steve Troxler
Maryland/VA                                     Preferred Name: Steve
Mr. Reid Smith                                  State Department of Agriculture
Preferred Name: Reid                            1001 Mail Service Center
2263 Jr. Order Home Road                        Raleigh, NC 27699-1001
Lexington, NC 27292                             Term: Ex-officio
336-225-7216 - mobile
Term: 2010
                            NC Dairy Foundation
                             Board of Directors

Mr. Larry Wooten                        Mr. Kenneth Wright
Preferred Name: Larry                   Preferred Name: Kenneth
919 782-7448President                   841 Woolen Store Road
NC Farm Bureau Federation               Reidsville, NC 27320
P.O. Box 27766                          Term: 2012
Raleigh, NC 27611                       DFA
Term: Ex-officio
Farm Bureau