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Alternative Arthritis Pain Relief


									Alternative Arthritis Pain Relief
Finding relief from the pain of Arthritis can be never ending.
Unfortunately there is no cure for arthritis, only ways to reduce the
debilitating pain. There are plenty of prescribed medications available
containing anti-inflammatory ingredients but below are a few natural
alternatives that can be just as effective.
Heat - Heat is a natural form of painkiller that can help the inflamed
muscles to relax. It is only a temporary release from the pain and once
the heat source is removed the pain will begin to come back.
Foot Spa - If your arthritis is located in your feet or ankles a foot spa
can be very effective. Used in your own home a foot spa can offer heat
and massage to the inflamed areas of the foot and ankle at the same time.
Also a foot spa can be very relaxing and often very enjoyable.
Acupuncture - A relatively new treatment for arthritis in the western
world but acupuncture has been around for centuries. Acupuncture is a
Chinese method of relieving pain. The acupuncturist will place tiny
needles at specific points on your body to reduce the pain and pressure
caused by the arthritis. Some of the needles may be heated and others can
be twirled to produce different effects in the areas of your body and
reduce the pain. If your arthritis is very painful to the touch, then
acupuncture may be too painful for you to consider.
Massage - Massage can be good for arthritis. It can produce results
similar to that of heat therapy. Allowing you to relax and temporarily
loosen up your body reducing the pain.
Aloe Vera - Acutely inflamed joints caused by Rheumatoid arthritis
respond very well to Aloe Vera Juice, as well as topical application of
Aloe Vera Jelly to the affected areas and joints. Aloe Vera contains
naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties as well as vitamins A,
B, C and E which act as powerful anti-oxidants.
There is no cure for arthritis so what ever method you choose the pain
will eventually return. Using medication over long periods of time is not
always a good thing for our bodies, so if you do have arthritis maybe you
could consider some of the above alternative methods to ease your
arthritic pain.
Trying to find a cure for Arthritis
There are so many medications and aids available so how do you decide
what is for you?
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