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Is This a Heart Attack Or a Panic Attack

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					Is This a Heart Attack Or a Panic Attack?
Heart Attack or Panic Attack - How to Know the Difference
You feel your heart begin to beat wildly in your chest as you break into
a cold sweat and have trouble catching your breath; is this a heart
attack or panic attack? Your first thought is that it's a heart attack
since you have an impending feeling of doom which you may even have felt
before your attack began. This makes your heart beat even faster and you
become so overwhelmed that the feeling gets even worse until you begin to
feel light headed or maybe even pass out. This is a panic attack.
When you suffer from anxiety, the slightest thing can trigger a panic
attack and some can be so intense that you can't imagine it being
anything other than looming death. It's very common for those having an
anxiety attack to mistake it for a heart attack and this fear is enough
to just take over and really wreak havoc on your heart rate, but no
matter how fast your heart beats or how panicked you feel; you are not
having a heart attack and this episode will not kill you.
One thing that will prove helpful in dealing with this is learning the
differences between the two so you know right away if it is a heart
attack or panic attack. Ive already described how a panic attack feels,
so here are the signs of a heart attack so you can know the difference
and give yourself some peace of mind.
Signs of a Heart Attack
- Pressure in the Chest (described as feeling like there is an elephant
sitting on your chest)
- Chest pain - note that this is not always present
- Sweating
- Shortness of breath
- Pain in the right arm
- Pain in the back or shoulder blades for women
- Nausea or vomiting
If you look at the list and think about your experiences with panic
attacks, you will see that you only have two of these in common; sweating
and shortness of breath. Some people do drive themselves into such an
anxious state that they become nauseous, but in the case of a heart
attack, the nausea is prevalent before any of the other symptoms. The
pressure in the chest is one that can confuse some because during a panic
attack, you may feel a tightening feeling in the chest that is common
with extreme anxiety, but it is far less severe than what one feels when
having a heart attack.
Anxiety turns to panic because of your fears, meaning that when you fear
the attack you are actually making things worse for yourself and setting
your anxiety up to go from just anxiety to a full blown attack. That is
the vicious circle of panic attacks. Learning how to change your thinking
will help you stop a panic attack before it gets out of hand. Next time
you feel your anxiety level begin to rise, try not to fear the attack and
think of what you just read; you now know how to tell if its a heart
attack or panic attack.
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