; Tips To Survive After Passing Through Divorce
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Tips To Survive After Passing Through Divorce


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									Tips to survive after passing through divorce

Separated from the couple that become part of life, is painful. But the
most important thing now is how you end the past and re-start a new life.
Here are some tips that may be useful in continuing to live:

1. Just keep yourself.
Although divorce is very unpopular in marriage, but this failure is
better received by the heart field. Do not feel that nobody else noticed,
or loved you, and feel wasted. Allow time to reflect and realize that no
human is perfect, make it this failure as a lesson to the next.

2. Accept the situation best.
Being alone again It's tough, especially if you continue to imagine the
past lives with the couple. Enjoy the solitude this one first, do not
rush to re-start a new relationship with another person.

Being alone means you again have the freedom to do anything, for example
re-engage in activities that once was abandoned because of the couple.
Discard all the memory that reminds you of the former, if you need to do
something new that has not had time to do.

3. Identify and remove the feeling.
Recognize feelings of sadness or anger in your heart, it is important for
you to know that those feelings will not make you hurt yourself. Try to
remove the feeling of it on a piece of paper, then tear and throw away.
Get rid of all negative thoughts about yourself, instead channel those
feelings through sports, music, painting, cry, scream or vent on your
closest friends.

4. Remember the evil ex.
There was no ivory that is not cracked, just remember why your household
cause cracking. So you will feel that what happened might be for the good
of both of you.

5. Avoid emotional contacts.
Avoid doing any contact with the former, although difficult to do because
you feel lonely. Although the call will make you at ease, but this will
be increasingly difficult for you to forget it. Look for a new source of
tranquility, either from friends or family.

6. Do a new activity.
Use your freedom to do new things. You can pamper yourself by doing
activities that you could not do before. Or use this alone time to go
back to college or courses, so you can meet new people.

7. Do not be obsessed with past mistakes.
Which then let go, take a lesson from this painful event. Now focus on
yourself in the future, do not forget to keep open hearts to new people,
who know there is someone who can take the place of the former on your

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