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									                                                  The Govanstowne
  Published by the
                                                      Gazette                                           OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2006
  Business Association
                                Community Legacy Grant Awarded to GBA
Kudos                              Govanstowne Community Legacy
                                Grant Application was awarded by the
                                State of MD!
• TGQ Cutz took the winning
  trophy at the 1st Annual        Govanstowne Business
  Govanstowne Classic           Association receives a $60,000.00
  Basketball Tournament         Community Legacy Grant for façade
  Fundraising Event             improvements!
Style magazine, September           Kingdom First Financial Credit
2006:                           Union, founded by Dr. Carolyn
                                Showell, receives a $90,000.00
• Priya Rayadurg, co-owner      Community Legacy Grant (under the
  of Cloud 9 boutiques is       same application submitted by GBA),
  interviewed about             to locate a new faith-based credit
  Baltimore’s fashion scene,    union in Govanstowne! We are
  in an article entitled        excited that they will be opening their
  “Charm City Couture”          doors at 5109 York Road, bringing
• Neopol Savory Smokery         new a business and services to our
  of Belvedere Square - their
  egg salad is singled out as
  ‘Things We Like’ in the
  (About Town) EPICURE
                                        If you want free money,
Baltimore Magazine,
                                               read this!
September 2006:                     Thanks to the State of Maryland Community Legacy Program, Govanstowne has been
                                awarded a $60,000 Community Legacy Grant! Thank you to all who assisted in the application
• Bangkok Place – featured      effort; generous support letters were written by Senator Joan Carter Conway, Delegates Maggie
  in ‘Off the Eaten Path’       McIntosh, Anne Marie Doory and Curt Anderson, Councilman Harris, Loyola College and
                                GEDCO. GBA is now able to provide matching grants and low interest loans for façade
                                improvement projects, as well as interior improvement projects of public areas.
                                    Businesses should contact Reba as soon as possible to take advantage of this tremendous
New Businesses:                 opportunity offered to all GBA businesses. We want to give this money to you for
• Ming Garden, 5415 York        improvements! Really! We are thrilled that the State of Maryland is supporting incentives for
  Road (old China House)        Govanstowne businesses and the community. Matching grants from BDC are also
                                available for façade improvements up to $3,000.00, and architectural consultation
• Care Improvement Plus at      is provided by Baltimore Main Streets for Govanstowne, so please take
  5917B York Road               advantage of these opportunities as long as they are available. If you need
                                ideas or help, please contact Reba, 410-435-8289 or

Coming Soon:                                                     Next GBA Business Meeting
                                                      Please join us at the next GBA Business Meeting on
• Zen West, 441 Belvedere                                        Tuesday, November 12, 2006
  Avenue 5916 York Road,                          Breakfast at 8:30, meeting will begin at 9:00 (NEW TIME).
  northwest corner of York                       Holy Comforter Church, 5513 York Road; (NEW LOCATION)
  Road and Belvedere Ave.                            Plenty of parking behind Wendy’s; use side entrance.
Please send Reba your                          All GBA businesses are invited and encouraged to attend!
accomplishments, so we don’t     Board members are expected to attend; if you cannot attend, please send a representative, or let
miss anyone!                                 Reba know of any issues or updates you may have for discussion.

 Page 2                                                                                                    The Govanstowne Gazette

                                                                              How can a busy community
                                 Business                                      resident or business member
                                                                              help Revitalize Govanstowne?
                                 Spotlight                                4 Send us your e-mail address - we can keep you informed
                                                                            of events and issues along the York Road corridor, and pass
                   The Fields Old Trail at 5723 York                        along informative newsletters and police alerts. Electronic
             Road is one of our oldest businesses                           copies of the Gazette can be e-mailed to as many GBA
                                                                            business employees, non-profit organizations or
along the York Road corridor, family owned and                              community members as we have e-mail addresses for.
operated since 1934. Linda and Eddie Fields have                          4 Attend a Govanstowne Main Street Committee meeting
recently purchased the adjacent building (old                               – There is much work to be accomplished, and many hands
Maenners Market) and made exterior improvements,                            make light work! The GBA has become increasingly active
with future plans of                                                        since becoming a Main Street Affiliate. Businesses, non-
                                                                            profit organizations and community residents are
expansion. A second                                                         encouraged to sign up today for a Committee, even if you
floor room contains                                                         are only able to work on one small task within a committee.
much Govanstowne                                                            A copy of the GBA Workplan is available. Contact Reba
history, in the form of                                                     (410-435-8289 or and she’ll match
photographs,                                                                your interests to a specific task!
                                                                          4 Businesses, please attend GBA business meetings – only
trophies, etc. and is                                                       six board meetings each year - scheduled on the second
worth a visit. Great                                                        Tuesday of every other month; all businesses are invited.
food and service – the                                                      See the notice of the next meeting in this issue.
Grilled Cajun                                                             4 Business owners: Just Do It - implement your
Chicken with Cheese                                                         improvement plan. Don’t delay, call Reba today - take
                                                                            advantage of the Community Legacy funding, BDC
sandwich is                                                                 matching grant program and/or use the complimentary
outstanding!                                                                services of the Main Street architect. We can help you
                                                                            become more profitable.
        GBA Board Members — 2006-2007
          Laura Penza, President • Rick Swanson, Vice President           Baltimore City Leaf Collection
       Louise Harris, Secretary • Loretta Warfield-Davis, Treasurer
   David Rugolo, Assistant Treasurer • Reba Hawkins, Executive Director   As the leaves fall, please take responsibility of cleaning the
 YORK - BELVEDERE                                                         leaves on the sidewalk near your business. Beginning
 Bruce Campbell, Wallace H. Campbell                                      Saturday, October 1st, City sanitation crews will start picking
 Doris Bradley, York Road Hair Clinic
 Tom Kiefaber, The Senator Theater                                        up bagged leaves on the second trash collection day of the
 David Rugulo, Jerry’s Belvedere Tavern                                   week for Baltimore residents and businesses. These collections
 Joan Flynn, Loyola College                                               will continue through January 31, 2006.
 Jo Chang, Café Zen
 Donal Doyal, Ryan’s Daughter Irish Pub                                      • Use clear or labeled bags.
 Keli Connor, Struever Bros., Eccles & Rouse, Inc.                           • Do not blow leaves or place bagged leaves in the public
 YORK - WOODBOURNE                                                             right-of-way (violators will be cited).
 Rick Swanson, Swanson Graphics
 Nancy Egan, Mike Egan Insurance                                             • Do not rake leaves into the gutter (violators will be
 Laura Penza, Penza Associates Architects                                      cited).
 Robert Gibbs, Caribbean Variety Store                                       • There will be no vacuuming or street sweeping of leaves
 Chris Kim, Corner Carryout
                                                                               by Solid Waste this season.
 Ed Stude, Mid-Atlantic Muffler & Brake
 Dr. Alan Eidelberg, York Road Animal Hospital                                              Community Bulletin
 Latavia Ehoize, Nappee By Nature
 Shawanna Preston, 2 Mpress U Hair                                           Please help CARES restock its pantry at St. Mary’s. When
 Sean McFadden, 43rd Flavor Barber & Beauty Shop                          grocery shopping, don’t forget to pickup a few extra items for
 NON - VOTING                                                             CARES. The pantry has a real need right now for: Peanut
 Kristen Forsyth, BDC (Commercial Revitalization)                         Butter, Jelly, Spaghetti, Spaghetti sauce and Tuna. Please bring
 Maria Johnson, GEDCO
 Louise Harris, Mid-Govans Community Association
                                                                          food donations directly to the CARES center at the rear
 Robert Levine, Huber Memorial Church                                     entrance of St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church,
 Officer Jon Walter, Baltimore Police, Northern District                  located at 5502 York Road. The best times to bring donations
 Mel Wunder, Wunderland America
                                                                          are Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 11:00am.
 August 2006                                                                                                               Page 3

   Business Trash Responsibilities
   City Codes require that our businesses be maintained in          TRASHING
good condition, including trash maintenance. Business
responsibilities include:
4 Clean the front of your business daily to make it more
                                                                    BALTIMORE IS
    inviting for your customers, and also make a great first
    impression for prospective customers. This is a simple way
                                                                    A CRIME
    to increase your profits!                                          Citations are issued by Sanitation Enforcement Officers and
4 Use trashcans with tight lids, to properly rat/dog/bird-          also by special enforcement officers from the departments of
    proof the trash containers. Trash bags for business trash are   Health, Housing and Community Development (HCD), Police
    not acceptable. Each business may place up to four 20-          and Fire.
    gallon trashcans; businesses generating larger amounts of          Fines can range from $25 to $500. Examples include
    waste must arrange for private collection and disposal of       putting trash out on the wrong day, having no trash cans,
    their waste.                                                    having no enclosure for dumpsters, littering, having high grass
4 Do not use the street corner cans along York Road.                and weeds, and leaving dog feces on your property.
    These cans are not intended for your business trash, so            Unfortunately, some of our businesses suffer from illegal
    please do not place your bags in these cans, which fill very    dumping by others in, or around, their dumpsters. If not
    quickly. Overflowing trashcans are not a welcoming sight        addressed, illegal dumps often attract more waste, including
    for our community and citations have been issued.               hazardous materials, rodents, insects and disease-carrying
4 Place trash out in the morning of trash pickup, not the           mosquitoes. Dumpsites that are not cleaned up quickly serve
    night before. The east side of York Road is scheduled for       as magnets for additional dumping and other criminal
    Tuesday and Friday pickup, and the west side is scheduled       activities, resulting in a less livable environment and a
    for Monday and Thursday pickup. If your business opens          decrease in Property Values.
    after the early morning trash pickup, please make                  Ultimately, it is the property owner’s
    arrangements for someone to place your trash out early in       responsibility to clean up the trash on their
    the morning.                                                    property. To report the results of illegal
   If any of these items is difficult for your business, please     dumping, call 311. If you see people
contact Reba. We are coordinating a meeting with the City, to       dumping trash illegally, call 911.
discuss specific sanitation issues in Govanstowne. Let us
know your concerns.
                                                                       Buy Local Campaign
                                                                    The objectives of the Buy Local Campaign are to:
 York Road Yuletide 2006                                               1. Re-circulate more dollars in our community to promote a
   Save the date for the second annual Holiday Ceremony at                strong local economy
the Bellona Triangle. Please join GBA and your neighbors on            2. Support and strengthen locally owned, independent
Saturday, December 9th 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM for a holiday                    businesses and local jobs
ceremony, including decorating and lighting the Govanstowne            3. Preserve and enhance our unique neighborhood.
tree, community cheer, food, music, local school choirs, etc.
Please join us!                                                        Please show your support for Govanstowne’s many locally
                                                                    owned businesses. We encourage all locally-owned businesses
                                                                    to sign up for this unique Baltimore City marketing
                                                                    opportunity presented to the RBDL business districts! Your
      Community Guide and                                           participation will help support this new campaign to promote a
                                                                    customized marketing strategy throughout the Govanstowne
       Business Directory                                           Business District. Baltimore Main Streets is supporting this
   The new 2006-2007 Govanstowne Community Guide and                campaign.
Business Directory is now available. Copies are being                  Only $35.00 for participating businesses that are at least
distributed as an insert in the Baltimore Messenger. A limited      51% locally-owned. It is fast and easy to sign up; just click on
number of copies are also being distributed to some                 the website link or simply
Govanstowne churches and schools, each of the Govanstowne           call Keith Losoya (410) 342-1482.
community associations, and the YRP for distribution at                For those small businesses that would like to participate, but
community meetings. They can also be picked up at the               financially unable to, Baltimore Main Streets has
following locations: Belvedere Square Market, Senator               generously offered to pay for 20 interested busi-
Theatre, Café Zen, Govans Post Office, and various GBA              nesses – but hurry, the first 20 will be accepted, so
businesses. Please contact Reba Hawkins (410-433-8289,              do not procrastinate. Please contact Reba (Govans- for more information.                          towne@, 410-433-8289) for this opportunity.
                                                                                                                         Presort Standard
Published by the Govanstow                                                                                                U.S. Postage

     Business Association                                                                                                   PA I D
                                                                                                                         Permit #5360
        414 Lyman Avenue                                                                                                 Baltimore, MD
       Baltimore, MD 21212

            York Road Streetscape                                              Good Neighbor Awards
                Construction                                         Improve your business entrance along York Road and you will
                                                                     be noticed and appreciated this year! The GBA would like to
 Streetscaping Phase 2 is expected to be completed down to           thank those businesses that make improvements to their
 Tunbridge by November. Please be patient during                     business along the corridor. Nominations from the community
 construction; this work will make the Govanstowne Business          are being considered through the middle of November;
 District a more attractive, safer, and pedestrian-friendly place!   everyone is encouraged to call Reba with suggestions.

                                                                     Advertise in the Gazette
                                                                     Please support our GBA Gazette publication. To help defray the
                                                                     costs of publishing the newsletter, we are accepting ads for your
                                                                     business. Advertise for the full year (six issues) and enjoy one
                                                                     free advertisement!
                                                                      •   Bus. Card size—$60.00/issue; $300.00/six issues
                                                                      •   Quarter Page—$130.00/issue; $650.00/six issues
                                                                      •   Half Page—$250.00/issue; $1250.00/six issues
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                                                                      •   Bus. Card size—$30.00/issue; $150.00/six issues
                                                                      •   Quarter Page—$65.00/issue; $325.00/six issues
                                                                      •   Half Page—$125.00/issue; $625.00/six issues
                                                                      •   Full Page—$200.00/issue; $1000.00/six issues

                                                                      5706 Bellona Ave., Baltimore, MD 21212, (410)-433-4363
                                                                                                          Fax (410) 433-1760
                                                                                                               NANCY J. EGAN, AAI
                                                                                                                   Vice President

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