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					                          FOREWORD BY DEAN SHARPLES

I would personally like to thank you for downloading The Complete Newbie Guide
to Using Autoresponders. For years people have benefited from using
autoresponders as an essential time-saving system when it comes to running their
home business or organization.

Autoresponders are not limited to business use. They could be used by other
organizations such as charities, clubs, religions and more. You could create your own
newsletter on any subject you are interested in and you can use the autoresponder to
build a list of subscribers. Autoresponders allow you to set up a website where people
can enter their details to receive information from you, and receive it in their inbox only
moments later. No matter how many people request information at once, the
autoresponder deals with them automatically - saving you time and money.

This guide is based on Trafficwave which, in my opinion, is the easiest autoresponder
tool to use as well as the cheapest. It also comes with a POWERFUL compensation
plan where you can earn an income of THOUSANDS of dollars as an affiliate. Read the
Trafficwave Income Opportunity page for full details of the money you could earn.

You can easily build your Trafficwave downline by rebranding this guide. You also have
the opportunity to build a downline in the other recommended programs featured in
this guide and increase your income. See Chapter 12 for more information.

This guide has been divided into the following 11 chapters.











It is important to read the chapters in order to fully understand how to use Trafficwave
to the full. Anything you don’t understand, try reading it more than once. Take your
time and try not to rush through this guide. If all else fails and you run into problems
then feel free to email me at for support.

I hope you enjoy this guide, good luck.

Dean Sharples


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                                     CHAPTER 01


So what is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is a tool that allows you to
automatically respond to a request for information. By entering your email address
into a form on a website, you will receive an email containing the information you
require straight away.

So why should you use an autoresponder? Why not just manually reply to all your
emails when you get time to sit at your computer?

Well this can cause you certain problems. For example, can you imagine replying to
hundreds of emails requesting information on how to donate money to your charity,
how to join your organization or how to make money with your business opportunity?
Can you imagine how many hours you would have to spend in front of the computer
when you could be dedicating your precious time to other things?

With a huge backlog of email to respond to - this could mean that your prospect
(person requesting the information) might not receive the information they require for
days and decide to go looking elsewhere. In the fast moving world of the Internet
people want information NOW and they may go somewhere else if you don’t provide it
fast enough. In general this could mean the loss of customers and income to someone
else who decided to get smart and automate their business.

Using an autoresponder tool will get the information in the hands of your prospect fast
without you doing anything. An autoresponder will send your pre-written letter to your
prospect as soon as they request it as I mentioned above. Even if you receive
thousands of requests a day, the information will be sent out automatically any time
day or night. Note: some autoresponder tools may use the term messages instead of
letters. I will continue to use the word letters for this guide.

Sometimes one letter is not enough. Your prospect may decide to read your email later
or not at all. Possibly your information wasn’t enough to capture their interest. So your
email gets deleted and you lose that prospect for good. Therefore it is a good idea to
follow them up with further letters to see if you can persuade them to look again.


An autoresponder allows you to store an UNLIMITED number of letters (known as
Follow up Letters) and send them out at set intervals. So you could write ten follow
up letters and set the autoresponder to send one out every day, week or month until
ALL the letters have been sent. The great thing is that there is no need for you to
remember WHO received WHICH letter as the autoresponder does all that for you.

You could use this feature to send a daily pre-written report on any subject you want.
For example you could write a set of tips for keeping fit or a step by step course on free
marketing whilst promoting your website within the letters. If you were involved with a
charity then you could send a selection of reports of what you have done to help
people. The ideas are endless.


Many Internet Marketers will tell you that the money is in the list. By storing email
addresses of people who are interested in their product, the marketers can send them
new offers or updates to existing purchases.

Building a list of subscribers is easy with autoresponders. Imagine being able to send
one letter to thousands of subscribers within seconds just by the click of a button. This
is a feature used by many marketers to get repeat sales from previous customers.

Broadcasting can also be used for sending newsletters or online magazines (Ezines) to
people on a wide range of subjects. For example, a charity could send a monthly
newsletter highlighting the good work carried out along with the contributions received.

An Ezine could offer free articles on working from home or any other subject. Basically
you can send any information to a large subscriber base within seconds.


Spam is unwanted email that people receive without requesting it first. Sending
someone an email promoting something can result in spam complaints against you and
can cause a host of problems such as getting your website closed down.

An autoresponder solves this problem by sending information ONLY to people who
requested it. The prospect is sent a confirmation email to the email address they
supplied so they can confirm that they DID enter their email address and they DO
want to receive information from you.

Once confirmed the information is sent out and the prospect has no grounds to make
any spam complaints. Meaning you are unlikely to receive any complaints or have your
ISP or Domain Manager shut you down.
Anti-spam rules require you to give your prospect the opportunity to cancel any future
emails from you by providing an unsubscribe link in each email you send to them. An
autoresponder inserts this link and removes the prospect from your list automatically
once this link is clicked on.

Autoresponder letters can be triggered when a prospect either:

      Fills out their name and email address on a form on a website.
      Sends an email to a special autoresponder email address.

The best way to learn how an autoresponder works is to see one in action. In the next
chapter we will subscribe to an example campaign.
                                    CHAPTER 02

                         AN AUTORESPONDER IN ACTION

Here is an example autoresponder campaign. Click here to bring up the following page.

In this example the autoresponder is being used to offer information on how
autoresponders can make you more money. Once you enter your name and email
address the autoresponder will start the mailing process.

Enter your name and email address in the boxes as shown above and click the Submit
button. Note: you will receive emails from the autoresponder but you can cancel them
anytime. As I said before, each letter received from the autoresponder has a special
unsubscribe link which will ensure you receive no more letters once clicked on.

The series of follow up letters you will receive is part of what is known as a campaign.
I will cover campaigns in more detail in Chapters six and seven.

Once you click the Submit button the autoresponder will display the following page.
The autoresponder will send a confirmation email to ensure that you still want to
receive the information. It will look like this…

The subject line is: CONFIRM: How Autoresponders Can Make You More Money
and the sender is the person who set up the campaign. Your next step is to click on the
long confirmation link in this email. Once you have done this then you will receive the
first letter below.
This campaign is set up to send a series of letters over the next few days like this one
and it will stop when it reaches the last one. You can stop the letters straight away by
scrolling down to the bottom of the email and clicking the Instant Removal link. This
is the unsubscribe link I mentioned earlier.

So in general, once you have set up an autoresponder campaign such as this one then
you don’t need to do anything else. The autoresponder performs the following tasks

      Requests a prospect’s name and email address
      Sends them an email asking them to confirm their subscription
      Adds them to your mailing list and sends out the first letter.

Look at the screenshot below. This shows a list of the letters that you will receive over
the next few days. These are known as Follow Up Letters.
Notice the numbers under the # Days Delay heading? These numbers are the number
of days the autoresponder has to wait before sending each letter. If you were following
up with a prospect about visiting your website then you could set the autoresponder to
send a letter every four days by entering the numbers 0,4,8,12 etc…

I recommend you leave this campaign going as it will teach you valuable information
on autoresponders which may benefit you. You will also learn how an autoresponder
can be used to deliver a tutorial which is something you could do yourself in the future.

Now you have more idea about how autoresponders work and you feel they could be
useful to you then you can either download some autoresponder software, or sign up
for an autoresponder tool such as Trafficwave, Aweber or Get Response. Autoresponder
software requires a one off payment but means you will need to keep your computer
running all the time which may not suit you. Think of the electricity bill.

You are best off using an autoresponder tool for your campaigns. Although you are
required to pay a monthly fee you will find it money well spent. In the next chapter you
will be able to sign up for Trafficwave, a powerful and easy to use autoresponder.
                                     CHAPTER 03

                         SIGNING UP WITH TRAFFICWAVE

There are many good autoresponder tools out there such as Aweber and Get
Response, but I personally believe the best one for newbies is Trafficwave. In the
above example Trafficwave was used to send the free report on How to Use
Autoresponders to Make More Money. With Trafficwave you can easily create your
own campaigns to deliver any information you want.

As well as using Trafficwave as an EASY and POWERFUL autoresponder tool for your
marketing campaigns, you can also use it to earn a potential income of THOUSANDS
of dollars a month as an affiliate. To see how you can earn money with Trafficwave
check out the full details of their Income Opportunity.

If after reading this guide you decide not to use Trafficwave then you can always apply
the knowledge you have acquired to other autoresponder tools. But in order to fully
benefit from this guide I recommend you sign up with Trafficwave so you can copy
exactly what I do which will makes things a lot easier.

Trafficwave gives you a 30 day FREE trial and full access to ALL the features such as:

      Unlimited Campaigns
      Unlimited Letters
      Free Banner Advertising
      Free Hit Tracking Tool
      Profitable Income Opportunity

If you decide to continue using Trafficwave after the 30 days then you can do so at an
unbeatable LOW PRICE of only $17.95 per month. This is cheaper than any other
autoresponder I have found and it is also the easiest one to get started with. It contains
its own mini text and video tutorials which makes it the most suitable tool for newbies.

Note: signing up for a free trial does not mean you are expected to pay the monthly
fee. Unless you enter your payment details you will NEVER be charged any fee. All that
happens is that you will not be able to use Trafficwave after the 30 day trial unless you
become an Active Member.

To get started with Trafficwave click here to sign up for your FREE 30 day trial. The
following page appears.
You have TWO options here. You can either take the Free 30 Day Trial or you can
jump straight in and become a Full Active Member. As a free trial member you gain
access to everything except for the Affiliate Plan and the ability to import subscribers. If
you don’t want to use Trafficwave as an income generator at this point then you should
select the free trial.

If you choose the PAID option then you will gain access to the Affiliate Section that
gives you everything you need to make money with Trafficwave.

Note: if you are not interested in making money with Trafficwave then you can simply
ignore the affiliate option and just use it as an autoresponder tool for your business or
organization. If you choose to become an affiliate then you can earn fast start bonuses
of $17.95 for each person you personally refer to Trafficwave.

You will also earn a percentage of the monthly fee for each month that person is a
member. If you have three members then your $17.95 fee is taken out of your
commissions so you get to use Trafficwave for free.

You can easily cancel your membership with Trafficwave at any time. There is no
obligation to continue…

Before you continue to the sign up page, take a look at the chart on the page you are
on to see the great features you will get with your Trafficwave membership.

As an active member you can have your own banner displayed, meaning that you can
promote other programs on your Trafficwave affiliate site. With the Trafficwave Banner
feature you can benefit from your prospects seeing your banner and signing up for your
other programs.


Regardless of the Enrollment Option you selected you will be presented with the
Trafficwave Registration form which you need to fill in. The screenshot below shows
what the registration form looks like.

This is fairly straight forward. Enter your name and address details, read the
Trafficwave policy and check the box underneath. Finally choose whether you want to
enroll as a Free Trial or Active (Paid) member and click the Enroll Now button. But
first you need to decide on a username.


When you join Trafficwave to earn money you are known as an Affiliate. An affiliate is
someone who gets paid for helping to generate sales.

So for example, if you were an affiliate and you sent someone to the Trafficwave
website - and if that person joined Trafficwave as an active member then as the person
who referred them you would receive a percentage of the sale as your commission.

For this purpose Trafficwave gives you a special URL called a referral URL (also known
as an affiliate URL). When someone clicks on this URL they are directed to the main
Trafficwave website and, if a sale is made, then you get the commission as the
customer entered the site through your URL. This is how affiliate companies track down
the person who got the customer for them.

In this referral URL is a username. This is a word or phrase that is used to identify you
to the owners of Trafficwave. Your username can also be a combination of letters and
numbers (i.e.: john500). Some affiliate programs allow you to use numbers only.

You can use your personal name, a nickname or the name of your company. This
username is embedded in your referral URL like this.

So if you chose johnsmith as your username then your referral URL would be:

Once you have chosen a username you like then enter it into the username box on the
registration form.

Note: if that username has already been chosen by someone else then you will have to
choose another one. You can also amend the username slightly by either adding a
number to it, changing the spelling slightly or putting a dash (-) between the words.


Try not to make your username too long because your affiliate URL could wrap itself
over one line in an email making the link un-clickable.


After clicking the Enroll Now button you will be taken to the final steps of registration.
If you have chosen to become a paid active member then you will be given an option to
pay by AlertPay or Credit Card.
If you choose to pay by credit card then Trafficwave will send you your commission in
the form of a check in US dollars. If you don’t fancy making trips to the bank or you are
an international member then you are best off selecting AlertPay as your method of
payment. Trafficwave will pay your commissions directly to your AlertPay account and
you can transfer your commissions to your bank account whenever you want.

If you don’t have an AlertPay account then you can get one here. You will need to add
your bank account details so your monthly Trafficwave fee can be paid from there. You
can also add your credit card details if you prefer not to pay out of your account.

Trafficwave will receive the monthly membership fee from AlertPay which will be taken
from your credit card automatically until you actually get some money paid into your
AlertPay account. This won’t be too long if you decide to rebrand this guide.


To finalize the setup of your membership you will be presented with your Affiliate
Agreement. Read this page and select one of the two choices. This will allow you to
decide whether you want to join Trafficwave as an affiliate or just a customer.

If you are not interested in making money promoting Trafficwave then select the
Customer option. As a customer you only have access to the autoresponder features
with the opportunity to become an affiliate later.

As an affiliate you have full use of the Trafficwave features with the added opportunity
to earn an income using the Trafficwave Income Opportunity.
If you are from the US then you will need to enter your SSN and TAX ID IS so you can
be paid. International users don’t need to bother with this.

Once you are set up then you will receive your username and password in your email.
This will allow you to log into your new Trafficwave account.

Your username will be the one you chose and your password will be generated by the
Trafficwave system. You can change your password later.

In the next chapter I will show you how to upgrade your Trafficwave account and
become an active member.
                                     CHAPTER 04

                          BECOMING AN ACTIVE MEMBER

If you signed up for the free trial then you will have full use of the autoresponder tools
for the next 30 days. If you want to continue using Trafficwave after that then you will
need to upgrade your account and become an active member. You can do this with the
following steps.

On the left hand side of the screen you will see a message telling you how many days
you have left of your trial subscription.

Click on the link that says View/Edit Account Profile. The page that appears allows
you to make changes to your account such as giving your sponsor permission to send
you emails. I recommend allowing this because your sponsor can be a valuable source
of information.

Locate the menu on the left hand side of the screen which looks like this.

Click on the link that says Upgrade Account. You now have two options.
      Upgrade Your Account Right Away: You don’t have to wait until your trial
      ends. Selecting this option will upgrade you to an active member straight away
      and you will have full unlimited use of all the features of Trafficwave.

      Upgrade At The End Of The Free Trial: Selecting this option will allow you to
      use up your remaining free days then upgrade you to an active member
      automatically after the 30 days have finished. If you select this option you will
      not be billed until the end of your free trial.

Once you have made your choice, click the button to enter your payment information
for the choice of paying the monthly fee of $17.95 by either credit card or AlertPay.

As I said before, if you choose to pay by credit card then any commissions payable to
you will arrive as a check. If you choose to pay via AlertPay then your commissions will
automatically paid into your AlertPay account.

In the next chapter we will get started with Trafficwave.
                                    CHAPTER 05


To get started with Trafficwave click here to log into your account. The following page
is known as your Back Office.

The Back Office is where you can access all the features in Trafficwave. You can either
access them by clicking on the links under the Back Office Home heading or you can
access them via the Menu Bar at the top of the screen.

You can always return to your Back Office by clicking the Home link on the Menu Bar.
The Menu Bar is the best way to navigate to each section. By moving your mouse
pointer over the Menu Bar you will get a small drop down menu on some of the options
as shown in the picture below.

We will cover these options in more detail later. In the meantime you can view a video
presentation of your back office and other sections here.

An autoresponder campaign is a series of letters and settings that controls the sending
of your information. In this chapter we will focus on setting up the default campaign
which contains all the letters needed to promote Trafficwave. From the Menu Bar, click
on the link that looks like this.

You could also click on the Campaign Manager link in your back office.

This is the section where you can create and edit your campaigns. At the moment there
is only the default campaign which promotes Trafficwave.

Everything is set up except for the letters so you need to add them to your campaign.
Normally you would have to add your letters manually as part of the campaign setup
but as these letters are already written then you only need to transfer a copy of them
to your campaign.

The ability to retrieve letters from another autoresponder account is a useful feature.
You could write a series of letters in the form of a step by step tutorial and allow other
users to use them as part of their campaigns.


On the left hand side of the page you will see an Options Menu. Each section of
Trafficwave has an option menu which allows you to do your work. In this section the
option menu allows you to work with campaigns.
Click on the link that says Retrieve Published Campaign.

Autoresponder Tools allow you to receive pre-written letters from someone else who is
using the same autoresponder. All you need to do this is an Autoresponder ID
Number and a 5 Digit Code which will be provided by the person who has written the
letters. You don’t need the access codes to retrieve the default letters, just click on the
small circle next to the line that says Retrieve Master
Autoresponder Letters to complete the first step. The following section appears.

In the second step you need to choose which campaign you are going to transfer the
letters to. Select DEFAULT from the drop down menu. Finally click the button at the
bottom of the screen. Once you have done this you will get this confirmation message.
The default campaign now has the 13 letters installed. Click on the Click Here to
review your changes link for the Campaign Overview Page below.

Here you can see the default settings for your campaign. Here is a general overview of
what they mean.

      Campaign Nickname and Description: The nickname is a shorter version of
      the actual name of the campaign and it appears in your capture page URL. The
      description is optional but useful if you have a lot of campaigns and you want to
      see at a glance what the campaign is about.

      Campaign from Name and Email Address: When a prospect receives your
      letter in their email the Campaign from Name tells them who the email is
      from. You would usually put your name here but you could change it to a
      company name to look more professional. The Campaign Email address is the
      email address you want to receive replies to if the prospect actually replies.
      Campaign Report Title: This is the full title of your campaign and it is
      displayed to your prospect when they are asked to confirm their email address.
      It reminds them of the information they requested. In this example the Title is:
      How Autoresponders Can Make You More Money which is what the
      campaign is about.

      Capture Page URL: A capture page is a page on the Internet where you can
      send your prospect to sign up for information. The page contains a form where
      the prospect can enter their name and email address so the autoresponder tool
      can send them information.

      A great feature of Trafficwave is that it allows you to create custom built capture
      pages quickly and easily without having to learn HTML or how to use any
      WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. You don’t even need a
      website as Trafficwave will even host the page for you. Here is an example of a
      capture page created within 2 minutes using Trafficwave’s. website editor.

      Email Subscription Address: If you don’t want to use a capture page then
      your prospect can receive the information by sending an email to a special
      autoresponder email address.

The default campaign is now set up so anyone who visits your Trafficwave affiliate page
will now be able to sign up to receive the Autoresponders Tutorial in their email. In the
next chapter you will learn how to plan your own autoresponder campaigns.
                                      CHAPTER 06

                        PLANNING YOUR OWN CAMPAIGNS

Professional writers plan out everything they want to say before they write a single
word. In order to create a successful marketing campaign you will need to put some
thought into what you want to say and how you are going to present it. Careful
planning is important.

For example, supposing you wanted to write a step by step tutorial on how to lose
weight. You could write down a list of things you want to teach and then put them into
categories. Your follow up letters could then deal with each category. Here is an
example of categories for weight loss.

Category: Foods You Can Eat

Description: Discussing a selection of foods with low calories.

Category: Recommend Exercises

Description: Exercises that are recommended for losing weight.

You could write a selection of letters discussing each low calorie meal in more detail. Or
a daily step by step diet plan. Maybe you could share some of your favorite recipes.
Spend some time thinking of the things you could write about and break it into steps
before you put it all together into a campaign. You may find many things you could
write about.

You need to decide the purpose of your campaign. Are you just sharing free tips with
your subscribers? Maybe you are selling a book on losing weight and you want to
promote it by giving excerpts away for free.

If you are marketing a product then you could write down a list of reasons why you
think someone would want to buy it. Then you could provide a link to the site selling
that product. So the purpose of this campaign would be to sell your product.

Once you have all your information together then it is time to create your campaign. To
do this you will need to use a text editor such as notepad.


For this example campaign I have decided to share some tips in getting the most out of
traffic exchanges. After the planning stage I have written down 12 tips so I am going to
create 12 follow up letters - one for each tip. I have named my campaign 12 Top Traffic
Exchange Tips which tells people what the campaign is about.

So first I open a text editor such as Notepad or MS Word and I create my letters,
starting with a welcome letter. Here is my example campaign.



SUBJECT: Here is your free tutorial - 12 Top Traffic Exchange Tips


Thank you for requesting my free report 12 Top Traffic Exchange Tips.

Although they have been going for years Traffic Exchanges still remain one of the most
popular methods of free promotion for your web sites. Over the next 12 days I will be
sending you an email containing a Traffic Exchange tip. You may cancel these emails
anytime by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of this email.

DAY 01


With so many scams on the Internet cheating people out of their money it is not
recommended to sell your product directly on a Traffic Exchange. Instead you should
use a capture page to capture their email address so you can follow up your prospects
with information about you and your product. This helps to build trust and is more likely
to get sales.

DAY 02


People who use Traffic Exchanges are the ones who want to build up credits to display
their own web sites which means they don’t want to stop on one page for too long. It is
better to use a small page with enough brief information to encourage them to go to
your main page. Capture their email address so they can receive the information in their
mailbox to read later.

DAY 03

Some people do little or no surfing on the Traffic Exchanges and wonder why they are
not getting anywhere. Set yourself a target to surf between 20 minutes to an hour each
day and those credits will soon build up.

DAY 04


If you are promoting an affiliate company then you should avoid using their default
affiliate pages. The reason for this is that people have seen these pages so many times
they tend to ignore them. Instead you should use a capture page to get the prospect’s
email address so you can encourage them to join your affiliate program by following
them up with a series of emails.

DAY 05


Traffic Exchanges offer many benefits for upgraded users such as a credits pack and
higher surf ratio. The credits will be added to your account every month and save you a
lot of surfing time earning them. Upgrading costs a monthly fee and the price varies
between each exchange.

DAY 06


If you want more visitors in a shorter time then you should considering purchasing
credits instead of earning them. This will save you hours of surfing and prices are quite
cheap starting at ONLY $10 for 2000 credits in some exchanges.

DAY 07


Traffic Exchanges, like affiliate programs, allow you to build a downline and provide the
tools to do it. Building a downline team gives you extra credits when they surf and
commission if they purchase credits.

DAY 08

Most exchanges allow you to display your banners and text ads as well as your web
sites. As banner and text credits can be quite cheap it is worth purchasing some. You
can also win credits during your surfing session.

DAY 09


Some exchanges allow you to set a percentage of credits you want to add to your
URLs. A setting of 100% will automatically assign all earned credits to one URL. If you
have two URLS you could set the auto-assign to 50% for each one.

Some exchanges require you to manually assign your credits. I recommend you do this
after each surfing session to make sure you are getting the benefit.

DAY 10


Most Traffic Exchanges will let you use a Rotator URL. This is useful if you want to
promote a few websites and you use many exchanges. The benefit of this is that you
can edit the programs in the URL as often as you want without having to resubmit new

DAY 11


Traffic Exchanges will show you how many hits your page has received. Keep an eye on
these stats to see how many hits a day you are actually receiving.

The more your web site displays in the exchange – the more chance you have of
getting a sign up.

Also look at the exchange’s member base. Traffic Exchanges such as Traffic Splash,
TS25 and StartXChange have a lot of members which means more eyeballs on your
web site.

DAY 12


The Firefox Browser allows you to open multiple web sites in tabs and switch between
them. You can use this feature to open up to 10 traffic exchanges at a time and surf
each one by switching tabs. This means you can earn credits much faster as you are
surfing some exchanges while you are waiting for others to count down.


There are a lot of things I could write about Traffic Exchanges which I could put into
various categories. What I have done here is to take all the best tips and put them all
together in one category.

Notice how I have started off with a welcome letter? You should always start a
campaign off with some kind of welcome letter with any important information you wish
to give to your prospects. Your welcome letter gives them the information they ask for.
In this case the prospect requested a daily tutorial on traffic exchanges and your
welcome letter states that and tells them when the tips will be delivered.

Notice that I have numbered the letters Day 01, Day 02 etc? This indicates how many
days AFTER the welcome letter each letter should be delivered.

At present the above campaign delivers a letter every day. If I wished I could change
the delay day of each letter so they are sent three days apart. To do this I could change
the day values to this…

DAY 01 – Letter 01

DAY 04 – Letter 02

DAY 07 – Letter 03 etc…

So letter 01 is sent straight away while letter 02 is sent three days after letter 01 and
letter 03 is sent seven days after letter 01.

You don’t have to stick with the same day delay value. You could set a campaign to
mail the first two letters two days apart and the third letter seven days later. Here is
how it would look.

DAY 01 – Letter 01

DAY 03 – Letter 02

DAY 08 – Letter 03

If you wanted to set up a campaign which delivered a letter once a week then you
could write it like this.

DAY 07 – Letter 01
DAY 14 – Letter 02

DAY 21 – Letter 03

DAY 28 – Letter 04 etc…


Each campaign you create is for a particular purpose. That purpose could be for one of
the following reasons.

        To provide free information to a prospect
        To promote a product or website

In the Traffic Exchange campaign I have provided an email tutorial. My purpose could
be to earn respect as an Information Provider from my subscribers so they are more
likely to buy something from me. In this case I am simply providing free information.

If you were involved in a charity you could provide information on what the charity does
for people, in order to promote the charity’s website where people could go and

If you were providing free information in order to build respect and recognition then
you would simply add your name to the bottom of each letter you write and add your
email address so your prospects can email you if they have any further questions about
the information.

So an example ending on the traffic exchange letters would be…


DAY 01


With so many scams on the Internet cheating people out of their money it is not
recommended to directly sell your product on a Traffic Exchange. Instead you should
use a capture page to capture their email address so you can follow up your prospects
with information about you and your product. This helps to build trust and is more likely
to get sales.

Any questions or comments then please email me…



Now supposing I was promoting a book on Traffic Exchanges as well as other tutorials I
have written I could add my website on the end of my email like this…


DAY 01


With so many scams on the Internet cheating people out of their money it is not
recommended to directly sell your product on a Traffic Exchange. Instead you should
use a capture page to capture their email address so you can follow up your prospects
with information about you and your product. This helps to build trust and is more likely
to get sales.

For more information on Traffic Exchanges and other information products by me, click
here to visit my website.


Any questions or comments then please email me…




Your Website URL could be your own personal website containing your products. It
could also be an affiliate site or a blog. I highly recommend you set up your own blog
and point people to that in your campaign letters so they can see everything you
promote, as well as get any latest news about your business or organization.

The great thing about blogs is that you can post anything from short messages to FULL
articles. You could write an article and post it on your blog then you could send a
message to your subscribers like this.


SUBJECT: Check out this great Weight Loss Product – It really works!
Good Day Everyone,

As you know I have always provided you with great tips on losing weight and I know
you have been very happy with the results. It is my personal pleasure to help you fight
the flab and discover a new you.

I have been doing some research lately and I have come across this great new weight
loss product on the Internet. I have tried it out and I am more than happy with the
results. I have written a general review on the product and you can learn more about it
by visiting my blog.



In your blog posting you can provide a review of the product you are recommending
along with an affiliate URL pointing to the product. Blogs are a very popular way of
promoting your product or website so I highly recommend you get yourself one. I
recommend Instant Blog Subscribers as they are quick and easy to get started with and
they are free. Blogs are quickly indexed by search engines and IBS does not require you
to own your own website or go through any complicated set up. You will be up and
running within five minutes.


The secret of successfully promoting a product is to convince your prospect that you
have what they need. Once they sign up for information it is up to you to attract them
to your product. To do this you need to make a list of key points about your product
and use follow up letters to communicate with your prospect in order to encourage
them to buy from you.

If you have read the follow up letters from the How Autoresponders Can Make You
Money campaign then you will have seen an example of how the letters communicate
with you. As a prospect you have signed up for information on how autoresponders can
earn you money and the campaign has sent you a selection of letters, working on
convincing you to sign up with the Trafficwave Autoresponder Tool, which is the
product on offer.


Most people use autoresponders to promote their own home business or an affiliate
program. In order to promote an affiliate program you need to write down the key
points and promote each one in separate letters. The reason you are doing is because
you are giving people the reasons why they should join your business opportunity.

To make this clear I will use an affiliate program called SFI for an example campaign.
Here is a list of key points that I have written down about SFI…

      1.   Allows people to become affiliates and make money.
      2.   Has a free and paid co-op for people who can’t advertise.
      3.   Supplies free training.
      4.   Supplies banners and affiliate pages.
      5.   Offers thousands of products to earn commission from.
      6.   Allows you to earn from your downline seven levels deep.
      7.   Has a support forum.
      8.   Been in business over ten years.

Now I can create my letters discussing each of these points in detail. But first I need
my welcome letter which points to the main website.


Subject: Thank you for requesting information about SFI


Thank you for requesting more information about SFI. If you are serious
about earning a full time or part time income then you have made the right
choice. SFI has helped thousands of people quit their jobs and earn a good
living working from home and they can do the same for you.

Please visit the main website below to sign up for your free membership.


I am your sponsor (your name), please feel free to email me at (your email) if
you have any questions. I am always happy to help.

Yours Sincerely,

(Your Name)


The prospect in this case is looking to start their own home business and they have
seen an advert promoting SFI as a company that can help them earn money working
from home. Therefore they have requested information and now it is up to me to
convince them that SFI is just what they need and that they should sign up.

My welcome letter should be enough to get the prospect to click on my affiliate URL
and sign up for SFI. However this is not always the case with some people. They need
a little more convincing.


There are too many scammers on the Internet who are putting up all kinds of tempting
offers to lure people into their trap, and then they take the money and run. Therefore
people are scared of becoming victims. Your job is to convince them that you are not a
scammer and that you really are willing to help them make money working from home.

To do this you need to build relationships with them. By this I don’t mean offer to take
them out for a meal. I mean building their trust and respect in you so they feel happier
about signing up for your business opportunity.

To do this you should make sure your follow up letters concentrate on a combination of
two important things.

        Building your Prospect’s Trust and Respect
        Promoting the Key Points of your Business Opportunity

So, if your welcome letter hasn’t got them to sign up then it’s time to send the first
follow up letter.


Subject: Hello again, it’s (your name) from SFI


A few days ago I answered your request for information on starting a home
based business with SFI. I just wondered if you have had time to look into it
yet? If so you may have some questions you need answers to. Or you may be
having doubts about SFI being able to help you achieve your goals in starting
a home based business.

When I first came across SFI I was also a little worried. After all, there are a
lot of scams out there right? However, seeing as SFI is free to join I decided
to take the plunge and check it out. After all, if it’s free I have nothing to
lose. I know now I made the right decision 
If you are still unsure or you have any questions then you can contact me at
(email address) or call me on the phone (phone number). Or if you prefer I
will call you.

If you need the website link again here it is…


Take Care,

(Your Name)


If you don’t want to add your phone number then you can always invite your prospect
to meet up with you on an Instant Messaging program such as Skype or point them
towards your profile on a Social Networking website such as Swom. Either way, you
should make sure your emails always include a way for your prospect to contact you if
they need to.

Remember the key points I wrote down before? I am going to start working them into
further follow up letters like this…

                KEY POINT 02: Free and Paid Co-Op for People who can’t advertise.


Subject: Don’t Know How to Promote your Business? SFI Can Help


How are you today? Well, I hope. Just thought I would catch up with you and
see how you were getting on with SFI.

One thing that puts people off about starting a home business is they don’t
know how to advertise for new members. People are scared of wasting
money on advertising in case they don’t get any results. Some people really
just don’t know how to promote their business while others just don’t want
to do it at all.

SFI has the answer in the form of Co-Op advertising. It’s simple. You pay for
a share of SFI’s own promotional campaigns and you get guaranteed
members joining your team which could be earning you money.
They also have a free Co-Op called EyeEarn where you just stick their banner
on the back of your car window. Any sign ups that come from EyeEarn
members are shared equally.

Remember, any questions then please contact me. I don’t bite honestly 

(Your Name)


Some important points to remember…

        Limit your follow up letters to a total of between 7-10 letters per
        campaign. If your prospect hasn’t signed up by then, they are probably
        not interested.

        If your business has a testimonials pages then mention that in your
        letter and point to it. Testimonials of other members are a good way of
        reassuring your prospect you are for real.

        Talk to your prospects as you would talk to a friend. Do not use
        promotional sales talk or hype. Don’t come across as those annoying
        salesmen do who call at the door.

        Remember that you are offering the prospect something that will
        benefit them so focus on their needs rather than your own.

        Don’t tell your prospect everything in an email. Give them a brief
        introduction and ask them to go to your site for more information.

        Be willing to answer your prospect’s questions no matter how simple
        they are. Some people can miss the obvious on your website so be
        patience with them.

Now you know how to plan a campaign it is time to start creating it. We shall discuss
this in the next chapter.
                                      CHAPTER 07

                               CREATING A CAMPAIGN

As I mentioned earlier, an autoresponder campaign is a series of letters and settings
that controls the sending of your information. In this chapter we will learn about setting
up a campaign. You may want to check out this training video on Creating a Campaign
to get more of an idea of what to do.

From the Menu Bar, click on the link that looks like this.

You could also click on the Campaign Manager link in your back office.

This is the section where you can create and edit your campaigns. You should be
looking at this screen.

If you set up your default campaign before then you should see it here stating it has 13
letters. If not you may want to go back and set it up before you go any further.

We will create a campaign that delivers the 12 Traffic Exchange tips mini-course letters.
Locate the menu at the left of the screen and click on Create New Campaign.
In the box that appears you need to choose a short nickname for your campaign. So
enter traffictips.

For the Campaign Description I have chosen: 12 Traffic Exchange Tips.

Click the Create New Campaign button to continue. You will now be taken to the next
screen which will ask you to confirm. Click on the confirm button to be taken to the
Campaign Overview section.
By default, each campaign contains your default name and email address and gives
your report a name like (your name) report. We can change these settings to new ones
especially for this campaign. Note: making changes will not affect any other campaigns.

Locate these options at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the view link next to the Signature Tokens option to go to the next screen
where you can edit your settings.

In this example I have altered some fields to contain new values. In the campaign title I
have changed the name to 12 Top Traffic Exchange Tips. This is the name of the
campaign that will be shown to your prospects. Do you remember the autoresponders
report entitled How to Make Money with Autoresponders? That was the campaign
title for that report.

Once you have finished click on the Update Signature Tokens button.

If you want to receive notification that someone has subscribed to your campaign then
you can set this in the Campaign Options section.
Note: Trafficwave sends out a default letter asking prospects to confirm their request
for information. You can change this letter for a more person touch. For example, here
is a letter you can use for the traffic tips campaign.


Thank you for requesting the mini course on getting the most out of traffic

Before I start sending you the information could you please confirm your
email address by clicking on the confirmation link below. Once you have
done this I know that it is you requesting the information and not someone
else using your email address.

Thanks again and have a nice day,

(Your Name)

See a video tutorial on Creating a Custom Conformation Message.


The final step is to add the 12 letters that will be delivered to the prospect. At the top
of the screen locate and click on the Letters tab.

There are currently no letters in this series so let’s create some. In the Menu Box on the
left hide side, click on Create New Letter.
The following window appears which allows you to enter your letter in both HTML and
TEXT format. I recommend you add the letter to both boxes as there are some people
who can only receive emails in TEXT format. Most people can receive email in HTML
format so this is not a major concern.


The subject line is important as it tells your prospect what the email is about. In my
traffic exchange tutorial example I am going to enter my welcome letter which tells the
prospect that this email contains the information that they requested. So for the subject
line I would enter…

Thank you. Here is your free tutorial - 12 Top Traffic Exchange Tips

Now I enter the rest of my welcome letter in the text field below which is the HTML
text box. The letter goes something like this…


Thank you for requesting my free report 12 Top Traffic Exchange Tips.

Although they have been going for years Traffic Exchanges still remain one of
the most popular methods of free promotion for your web sites. Over the
next 12 days I will be sending you an email containing a Traffic Exchange tip.
You may cancel these emails anytime by clicking on the unsubscribe link at
the end of this email.
Below the HTML text box you will see another text box which is for text-only email
clients. I will copy the letter in this box as well. Once done you will see something like
the screenshot below.

Enter the letter information as I have done then click on the Save This Letter button
which you can find at the top of (and also below) the screen. You have now stored your
first letter. Now you are ready to store some more letters.

Click on the Create New Letter link as before. Now enter this text into the HTML and
TEXT field boxes, starting with the subject line…


With so many scams on the Internet cheating people out of their money it is
not recommended to sell your product directly on a Traffic Exchange. Instead
you should use a capture page to capture their email address so you can
follow up your prospects with information about you and your product. This
helps to build trust and is more likely to get sales.

Click on the Save This Letter button to save this new letter. You should now be
looking at the following screen.

The delay value tells Trafficwave how long it should wait before sending a letter. The
first letter usually has a value of 0 (zero) which means Send Straight Away. The
remaining letters are assigned a value from 1 to 999. The letters remain in HOLD
status until you assign a delay value to them.

For my first letter I am going to assign a value of 0 because I want Trafficwave to send
this letter out as soon as my prospect confirms their request for information. I want my
second letter to be sent out 1 day later so I enter a value of 1 for that.

After I click the Submit Delay Changes button the campaign letters look like this.

Now the letters have been moved out of storage and are ready to send. The first letter
is set up to be delivered straight away and the second letter will be sent 1 day later.

You need to remember to set the value of each letter to how many days AFTER the
welcome letter you want to send. So if we added a third letter in this example and we
wanted it to be delivered two days after the welcome letter then we would enter 2 as
the delay value. Traffic does not send out more than one letter on the same day.

I recommend you type out all the letters you want to send along with the necessary
Letter Number and Delay Value information. Then all you have to do is copy and
paste the letters into the text boxes as you create each letter.
You can change the font and font size of the text in the editor to make it look better. I
personally use the Courier New font in Medium size. You will need to highlight the
text in the HTML box by positioning your mouse pointer over the Select All (third from
right) icon from the Letter Body Editor like this.

Using the FONT and SIZE drop down boxes select Courier New and Medium. Your
letter will now look like this.

Save this letter and it will save with the new font settings. Note: there are many other
things you can do with your letter such as create clickable links and insert pictures. For
more detailed information see this video on Creating Follow Up Letters.


When a prospect visits your capture page and enters their name and email address,
these details are stored as a token. Programmers of Basic can think of tokens as
variables where information is stored. For everyone else, think of a token as a small box
inside your computer waiting for something to be placed in it.

So basically, the prospect types information into a capture form. Trafficwave stores
each piece of information they entered into a token which has been given a name so
the contents of the token can be displayed to you in a notification email. By default,
only the prospect’s name and email address is stored into its own individual token. But
you can use other tokens if you want more information.

In this example I am going to add a NAME token to my letter so I can address my
prospect by name. Their name has already been stored when they entered it on the
capture page so all I have to do is place a NAME token in my letter. Once the letter
has been received by the prospect the token will be replaced by their name.


Click on the subject line link of the second letter to open it. Now position your mouse
pointer to the right of the word “Hi” followed by a space.

Move your mouse pointer to the Custom Tokens button like this.

Click on the button and a menu will appear displaying all the available tokens which can
be accessed by the drop down menu.

Select NAME from the list then click the OK button. The token has now been added to
the letter as you can see below.
You can also add the NAME token to the subject bar by selecting NAME from the drop
down menu directly below it like so.

Click on the Proofread Letter button at the top of the page which will show you the
letter as your prospect will read it. Click the box next to where it says use Sample
Data for Tokens and the tokens will change to an example name like this.

Tokens are mainly used for gathering information. You can display the contents in a
letter to the prospect or you can just gather the information for other uses.

Before we can send the letters to our prospect we need to give them a way of
requesting the information in the first place. This is done by Capture Pages which we
will discuss in the next chapter.
                                    CHAPTER 08

                           CREATING CAPTURE PAGES

A Capture Page displays whatever information it has to offer along with a form where
the prospect can enter their name and email address. Trafficwave allows you to design
these pages from various templates and amend them with your own information. Click
on the Capture Pages/Forms tab and select Hosted Capture Pages from the drop
down menu. You will see a screen like this.

Trafficwave has already created a page for this campaign and provides the URL for you.
Click on the magnifying glass to view it. It looks something like this.
Not very impressive is it? But you can design something better. Click on the Create
New Hosted Capture Page button. The following screen appears.

The first thing to do is choose a better looking template for our Traffic Exchange Tips
campaign. So click on the Choose New Template.

You can select from a variety of pre-designed themes from the drop down menu or
cycle through all the templates by clicking on the arrows on each side of the screen.
You should try to find a theme that is best suited to your campaign. If not then you can
add a suitable marketing message, which I will explain in a moment.

Select the BossTime template by clicking on it. You will see a preview of the page
which looks like this.

Click on the Use This Template button, you will be returned to the previous screen.
Notice how the template has now changed to the new one.

The capture screens have some default text which you can change. We will change the
text to promote the Traffic Exchange tips campaign. Scroll down to the text boxes on
this screen and enter the following information.


HEADLINE: Surfing Traffic Exchanges Taking Up Too Much Of Your Time?

SUBHEADLINE: Get These Free Time Saving Tips Now!
PARAGRAPH 01: Traffic Exchanges can be very effective. However, it takes a lot of
surfing to get those important sign ups. This free report will teach you the Top 12 Tips
for surfing the traffic exchanges that the professionals use and save you a lot of time.

PARAGRAPH 02: Enter your name and email address below and receive a top Traffic
Exchange tip in your mailbox daily.

SIGNATURE NAME: Your personal name or name of your company.

Click on the Create New Capture Page button to display the following screen.

If you click on the nickname link (in this example: TETips) you will be able to make
changes to your page. To the right of the screen is that little magnifying glass followed
by the full URL. This is the URL of your new Capture Page. Copy this URL by right
clicking on it and selecting Copy Link Location (Firefox) or Copy Shortcut (Internet
Explorer). You can now paste this URL into a text file for later use.

Click on the magnifying glass to see your new capture page.
Remember the marketing message I mentioned before? When you are promoting
something you do it by asking the prospect a question and then supplying the answer
for them. In this case I am asking the prospect if surfing the Traffic Exchanges are
taking up too much of their time. I am now giving them the answer to their problems
by telling them I have 12 tips to help them improve their surfing. The guy pointing at
the clock goes well with the message.

The headline asks the question and the sub-headline answers it. The remaining
paragraphs display the general sales pitch and prompts the prospect to request the
information by entering their name and email address.

Here is an example of a marketing message for a Home Business Opportunity.

HEADLINE: Looking to Make Money Working from Home?

SUB-HEADLINE: Let Me Show You How I Earn a Regular Monthly Income

PARAGRAPH: SFI has been making success stories for over 20 years by
helping people make money working from home. Enter your name and email
address below to receive more information on starting a Home Business

If you are simply providing information on a charity or some other organization then
you can write something like this…


SUB-HEADLINE: Giving homeless people the chance of a better life.

PARAGRAPH 01: Since 2005 the Better Life Charity has worked tirelessly to
help poor homeless people by helping them to find a job and a home so they
can start a Better Life. To do this we rely on contributions from the general
public to carry on our good work.

PARAGRAPH 02: If you are interested in helping us to make a difference
please subscribe to our newsletter by entering your name and email address

I would also recommend you put a message in the last paragraph to assure people that
you are not going to abuse their email address by spamming them with anything other
than what they requested. Such a message could look like this.
Your personal details are only required to send you the information you
requested. We will not spam you with unwanted information, nor will we
pass on your email to third parties. We respect your rights to your privacy.


If you prefer to create your own capture pages using HTML or a Website Editor then
Trafficwave supplies the HTML code which you can copy and paste into your HTML
code. You can also alter the font type and confirmation pages.

Enter your 12Tips campaign and select Capture Forms from the Capture
Pages/Forms menu to display the screen below.

By default the capture form only has two fields which are Name and Email Address.
You can add more fields to the form as in the above example. To do this, click on
Define Campaign Data under the Admin Tab to display the page below.

Note: in my example I want to know what my prospect’s address details are. This is
useful if you want to mail a catalogue to people. You can also ask any question you
want by creating Custom Fields. For example, you might want to ask your prospect
where they heard about you, or you might want them to provide a username for an
affiliate program if you were creating a website for them.
Once you have finished selecting the fields you want then click the Submit Changes
to Data Collection button to save the changes to your form. Now go back to the
previous page by selecting Capture Pages from the Capture Page Forms menu.


By default Trafficwave displays two confirmation pages. The first one appears after the
prospect has submitted their information and the second one appears after they have
confirmed their subscription. You can change this to your own pages, which is useful for
displaying a thank you message or to promote another website.

Locate this section of the page you are on and click where it says Click Here as in the
picture below.

This will open the following page. Here you can adjust the size of the form and add
your own subscription and confirmation pages.

Now you have made the necessary changes you can now capture the HTML code and
paste it into your form code. Scroll down to view the screenshot below.

Click the Select All button which will copy the code into memory. You can now paste it
into your form where it will display, ready for input from your prospect. You should try
entering your own name and email address to test the form to make sure everything
works ok. If not you will need to go back to edit the form.

For a video presentation go to the Trafficwave Training Videos page and click on the
link that says How To Add Subscription Forms To Your Own Web Site.

In the next chapter I will cover Broadcasting which allows you to send messages to
your list of subscribers and how to start a newsletter.
                                      CHAPTER 09


You have probably heard the term “The Money is in the List”. This is because
professional marketers know that by building a list of subscribers, they can promote
new products to the same people over and over again. You have seen how you can
build a list of subscribers by using a capture page and how Trafficwave automatically
stores their names and email addresses then sends them a welcome letter.

Creating an autoresponder campaign is suitable for sending a series of letters to a
prospect in order to promote a business or an organization. Pre-written letters sent
every few days automatically means you don’t need to do anything more.

However, there may be a time when you need to send out a new letter. This letter may
be to inform people of the latest news regarding your business or organization, or to
promote a new product you are selling. Autoresponders allow you to do this easily once
you have a list of subscribers. This is called Broadcasting.

When people       enter their name and email address at your capture page, an
autoresponder    stores a copy of their details so it can mail them any letters you have
written. Other   than the stored pre-written letters you have created as part of your
campaign, you    can also create letters that you plan to send one-time only.


In this example we will send a one-off broadcast to our Traffic Exchange Tips
subscribers. Log into the Trafficwave Back Office and enter the Campaign Manager
section by clicking on the link.

Click on the link that says 12 Tips. This will take you into the 12 Top Traffic
Exchange Tips Campaign.
Click on the Letters tab and click Create New Letter. This is going to be the letter
we are going to broadcast to our subscribers. Enter the following text.

Subject: New Red Hot Traffic Exchange


I hope you have gained a lot of benefit out of the 12 Traffic Exchange Tips I
have been sending you. I get a lot of sign ups in my main business through
using these methods.

As a valued subscriber I wanted to share this new Red Hot Traffic Exchange
with you which I have found to be highly responsive when I tested it. I urge
you to check it out by clicking on the link below.


Any questions, give me a shout and I’ll get right back to you.



Save this letter but don’t add a delay value to it. We just want to store it for now. Also
don’t bother about entering a text version of it. Once you go back to the campaign you
will see your new letter under the Stored (Held) Letters section.
You can write and store as many letters as you want. As long as you don’t assign any
Delay Values to them, they will not be sent to your subscribers until you decide to
send them as a broadcast message.

Now all you have to do is send this letter to your subscribers. To do this, click on the
Subscribers Tab on the top of the screen.

From the menu on the left, click on the Manage Subscribers link.

In this section you will be able to manage your subscriber settings. Note: if you
currently have no subscribers then all options will be grayed out and you won’t be
able to do anything. What you can do for this example is subscribe yourself by entering
your own details and becoming a subscriber on your own list. You can always delete
yourself later. I often do this so I can check my campaign is working fine.
Each person that subscribes to your campaign becomes part of a group. To broadcast
your letter to this group click on the Broadcast to This Group button. This brings up
the following screen.

In this section you will select the letter you wish to send, choose a sending date and
click the button to send the letter.

First select the letter you wish to send. Click on the Drop Down menu to select the
letter you have just created as in the screenshot below.
Now you choose a date and time you want to send it. This is useful if you wanted to
send it on a certain date or time. Or you can send it right now. To select the sending
time click on the little calendar icon as shown in the screenshot below.

As you can see you can choose the date, time and even year you want the letter to be
sent to your subscribers. To send it right now click on the Now link following by the OK
link to schedule the broadcast.

If you click on the Show This Group button you will get a list of all your subscribers
with all the details of when they subscribed and the last letter they received. When you
send a broadcast message this will probably not show up until later on, but rest assured
it has been sent. If it doesn’t get sent straight away then it means that Trafficwave has
a lot of members sending mail out at that time.

Note: you can delete any subscribers manually by clicking on the box just before their
name to select them, then clicking on the Delete Selected Listing button.


Broadcasting is great for starting a newsletter. You can create a campaign with the
name of your newsletter and then set up a capture page containing information about
what your newsletter will contain.
For example, a charity newsletter could contain the latest news on the good work the
charity has done and keep its readers up to date on how their contributions have been
put to good use. A newsletter based on Marketing could contain monthly tips and
articles on promoting your home business online. Basically a newsletter allows you to
post regular information to your subscribers on a regular basis.

Once your newsletter gets a lot of readers then you can probably charge readers a fee
to include their link in your newsletter. Many newsletter editors make a regular income
from marketers advertising their site in the newsletter. If the newsletter is popular then
you may get marketers promoting their ads on a regular basis.

Your newsletter could be based on any subject you desire. All you need is a selection of
articles on your chosen subject which you could write yourself or copy from various
sources such as Ezine Articles which contains hundreds of articles on various subjects.

You would also add a welcome letter, a selection of top tips on a subject, a news
section and of course – contact details.

This is easy to do with Autoresponders. Once a month write your newsletter, store it
and schedule it to go out whenever you want as a broadcast letter. Promote your
capture page on traffic exchanges and various other sources to get your subscribers.

Good editors get a good supply of material ready in advance to allow for holidays and
illness where they are unable to work on the computer. Keep your newsletter full of
good content and sent out on a regular basis (weekly or monthly). If you wish you
could write three newsletters in advance and set them to be sent with a time delay of
30 days apart for each newsletter.

In the next chapter I will teach you all about Hit Tracking and other ways you can
create your capture screens.
                                      CHAPTER 10

                               RECOMMENDED EXTRAS

I have provided everything you need to know about setting up your campaigns using
Trafficwave up to this point. With a bit of time and effort you should be able to create
effective autoresponder campaigns easily.

But there is always room for improvement and this chapter deals with extra features
you can use to further enhance your campaigns.


There are millions of sites on the Internet that promise you “Targeted” and “Highly
Responsive” prospects for your business. Every site repeats the same old hype in
order to get your custom. In reality there is a LOT of sites that cheat you by using
tricks to send false clicks to your URL. There are also other sites that will actually give
you traffic but it may be very little or of low quality.

Hit Tracking allows you to count the number of times a prospect has clicked on your
URL and visited your website. It records the UNIQUE clicks which are: each and every
person who has visited your site. So if two people visit your site a number of times each
it is only counted as ONE unique click, so you can count the number of visitors you get.

Therefore, if you are going to advertise your capture page URL then it is recommended
you create a Tracking URL to point to it. Trafficwave has a built in Tracking Tool you
can use. This is how you set up a Tracking URL.

Go to your Trafficwave back office and click the Adtracker Manager link.

From the menu on the left click the Create New Adtracker URL.
A box entitled Create New Adtracker URL appears. Enter the following information.


Enter the URL of the Traffic Exchanges Tip capture page you created before. Mine looks
like this…


Enter a name to identify this Tracking URL to yourself. I have chosen the name 12
Traffic Exchange Tips for this example.

You can choose to add this URL to a group. This allows you to organize all your
Tracking URLs under various categories. For now I recommend you leave it.

Once finished you should see something like this.

Click the Submit My Adtracker URL button to create your new Tracking URL. Now
you come to the next screen.
Click on the button to confirm that your capture page URL is correct. Trafficwave now
creates the URL for you which you can copy and paste into your campaign.

Your new Tracking URL appears under the Nickname and looks something like this…

If you copy this URL into the address bar of your browser then you will see that it
directs to your capture page. Now if you go back to your Adtracker Overview page
and refresh the page, you will see that it has counted one hit (visitor).

If you want to see a video presentation of this then you will need to go to the
Trafficwave Training Videos page and click on the How To Create A New AdTracker
URL link to view it.


You can add a URL to a letter by either typing it in or pasting it from another source.
However, if you have added the URL to a lot of letters and you decided to change the
URL then you will have to spend a lot of time updating the URL in each letter.

A quicker way is to store the URL in your campaign settings and paste a URL token into
the letters. You can store up to three token URLS for each campaign.

Go to your 12Tips campaign and enter the Signature Tokens section. You will see
the information you added before.
Notice the last three fields that say URL 1,2,3? Paste your URLS that you want to add to
your campaign letters in these fields. As you can see I have pasted my new Adtracker
URL in the URL 1 field. Now click on the Update Signature Tokens button.

Now go into the LETTERS section and click on the one that you created to promote the
“Red Hot Traffic Exchange” to edit it. Position your cursor to the end of the letter
and click on the Custom Tokens option. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and
select the Signature URL 01 option as below.
This will enter the token in your letter which will be replaced with the actual URL once
the letter has been sent. The token looks like this…


Now all you have to do is add this token to all your other letters. Now if you ever need
to change your URL you can do it without amending your letters.

Note: in this example I used the capture page URL for this campaign. It would be quite
silly to add your capture page URL to your campaign unless you wanted your prospects
to keep signing up for the same campaign. You would use the URLS of your main
websites in your letters.

You could also add the URLS directly to your letters but you would have to make them
into clickable links as shown in the Creating an Autoresponder letter video. It is
easier to add them as a token.


If you don’t want to create a capture page then you can use an Email Subscription
Address instead. Your prospect can receive your campaign letters by sending an email
to your special Email Subscription address. Trafficwave has automatically creating this
email address for you and it can be found in your Campaign Overview section in the
Admin area of the Autoresponder section.
The Email Subscription Address looks like this…

When your prospect sends you an email using this address, they will receive their
information just as they would if they had filled out a form on a capture page. The only
difference is that you can’t ask for their name or any other details. However this is great
if you wanted to create a mailing list for a local organization such as a school or a club.

Here is an example notice you could create…

Rydings School Newsletter

To all pupils, parents and teachers…

We have created a new school newsletter. This newsletter will be sent out
via email once a month and will include the latest news on all school events.
If you would like to receive this newsletter then please send an email to the
following address.

Thank you,

Mr. Johnson (Headmaster)

So, anyone who sends an email will be asked to confirm that they want to receive the
school newsletter, then they will be added as a subscriber.


Although Trafficwave has its own capture page editor it is quite basic and may not be
suitable for your needs. Therefore you should look at other methods of creating better
capture pages for your campaigns.

If you are comfortable with using HTML Editors and Graphic programs then you can
create your own pages and upload them to your own domain. However this may be
difficult for many people. So the best thing to do is to use programs special designed
for creating splash and capture pages.

The best and most popular program at the moment is Adkreator. The program allows
you to design professional looking splash pages, capture pages, peel away ads and
banners. You can sign up for free but can only create one project unless you upgrade.
However, this program is well worth the investment as it is something you will use on a
regular basis to create high quality capture pages for your campaign. Here is a
screenshot from Adkreator that shows an example of what you can do with it.

Adkreator is very easy to use and comes with video tutorials to show you step by step
how to create professional designs. It also comes with an affiliate program so you can
make money with it as well.


Well that about wraps it up. I hope you have gained a lot of benefit from this guide and
can put it to good use. I have covered the main points you need to know but if you
want to know more then I recommend checking out the Help and Support section in
your Back Office. There are training videos and articles, a helpdesk and a forum.

Good Luck with your Campaigns…

NOTE: You can brand this guide with your own affiliate usernames and make some
money. In the next chapter I will show you how to do this.

                                    CHAPTER 11
                             REBRANDING THIS GUIDE

Rebranded guides are a POWERFUL way of building downlines in affiliate programs as
well as a nice income. You may have noticed that each time you visit the sites of the
affiliate programs featured in this guide, that they are someone else’s affiliate sites.

Once you sign up at these sites you join the downline of the person who is the affiliate
of that particular site. By rebranding this guide and giving it away for free, you will get
people visiting your affiliate sites through this guide.

If you wish to rebrand this guide with your own affiliate usernames then you will need
to make a list of the affiliate usernames for each program in this guide. For those who
are unsure where to find the usernames, please read the following instructions.


Your username is the name you use to log into your account with. You can also access
it from selecting Affiliate Toolbox from the menu when you log in.


Your SFI username is actually a number of at least six digits and it is the number you
use to log into your account with. Your affiliate URLS can be found in the Sponsor
section under the Marketing Menu.


Log into your Swom account and click on the Contacts link on the top menu bar. Your
affiliate URL will be displayed as: The XXXXX is your Swom
user ID which is a number.


Your Trafficwave username is used to log into your account. A list of affiliate URLS can
be found in the Affiliate URLS section in the Affiliate Manager.


Your IBS username is used to log into your account. You can also log into your account
and click on the Invite, Promote and Earn Money link to access promotional pages.

I will now take you step by step through the simple process of branding this guide. All
you do is: run the rebranding program, enter your affiliate usernames and then click the
BRAND button. You now have your very own customized version of this guide pointing
to your affiliate sites.

STEP 01 – Downloading the Branding Kit

Your first step is to download the branding kit. This kit includes a special rebrandable
version of the guide and the rebranding program.

You will need a program capable of unpacking ZIP files. If you haven’t got one then you
can get free trials of WinZip or WinRar. You can also download a free program called
7Zip which is quite a good little program.

Note: Mac users will not be able to use the branding program as it is a PC program.
This is not a problem because I will be able to brand it for you. Just send an email to and quote your usernames.


Go to your download directory and unpack the file This will create a
rebrandkit folder containing the following files.

      PDFBrand.exe: The branding program
      autoresponders-unbranded.pdf: The rebrandable version of this guide

STEP 02 – Using the PDF Rebrander Program

Double click the file PDFBrand.exe to run the rebranding program. The main program
window appears.
In the middle of the window is a message that says Drag ’n’ Drop your brandable
PDF file into this window. To do this, click on the autoresponders-
unbranded.pdf file and keep the left mouse button pressed. Move the mouse pointer
and a copy of the file will follow it. Move the mouse pointer over the window and let go
of the mouse button. The program will now go on to the next stage.

If you have trouble doing this then you can open the file by clicking on the Open
option button and select the file autoresponders-unbranded.pdf

STEP 03 – Branding the Guide

The following window will open listing all the programs in this guide along with a text
box field. Enter the affiliate usernames of each program. If you are not a member of
any of these programs then leave that field blank.

Now you are ready to brand the guide. The rebranding program will update the guide
with your URL and remind you to save the changes. Click on the BRAND button to start
the process.

Now click the SAVE Button. The rebranding program will bring up a file selector so you
can save the newly branded guide to your hard drive.

Change the name to autoresponders and save the file. The PDF extension will be
added automatically.
STEP 04 – Testing the Guide

Before you pass this guide to your friends I recommend you test it first to make sure
your links are working ok. Open up the newly branded file called autoresponders.pdf
and click on the title of each recommended program plus your sponsor site. Make sure
they go to the correct website.

If you would like some website templates then click here to download mine.

Now you have your own version of the guide you can pass it around to as many people
as possible. The more people who view it the more possible sign ups you can get for
the affiliate programs featured in this guide.

Good Luck…

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