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Alcoholism - Alcohol Abuse Dangers by primusboy


									Alcoholism - Alcohol Abuse Dangers
Many people don't realize that there is a difference between being an
alcoholic and having an alcohol abuse problem. Those who are what some
call "functioning alcoholics" are actually people with alcohol abuse
problems. They clearly drink way too much on a regular basis and have
some of the same symptoms of alcoholism such as health related issues.
Alcohol abusers usually have some resemblance of normality or have
control over their actions. They set limits or only allow themselves to
drink at specific times, but still consume way more than the average
social drinker.
Alcoholics are unable to control their drinking at any point. They are
physically, emotionally, and mentally addicted to alcohol. The
consequences of alcoholism can be severe in regards to both mental and
physical health, and how they function in the everyday world. Alcoholics,
also known as those with alcoholism or an alcohol addiction, are unable
to control their drinking at any time.
This distinction is very important in deciding the type of help one needs
to become alcohol free. Alcohol abusers will need more emotional and
psychological assistance while an alcoholic will also need more of the
physical help in overcoming the continual consumption of alcohol.
There are many studies from universities throughout the country trying to
understand the correlation between alcoholism an domestic violence. Some
researchers believe that the high number of domestic violence cases
involving alcohol may be misleading.
Is it a fact that so many domestic violence cases relating to alcohol
abuse are caused by the addiction of alcohol, or could it be that the
existence of the alcohol abuse is caused by the domestic violence? Either
or neither way, alcoholism has some connection to the violence that so
many families deal with everyday. Families feel the fear of a child
towards an intoxicated parent, the fear caused by a drunken spouse, and
in some reported cases, the fear of the parents caused by an alcoholic
Understanding that an alcoholism problem exists either within yourself or
in a family member is the first step in preventing or stopping a violent
situation from escalating. Alcohol does not allow for acceptable
emotional control and does allow for a normal argument to quickly become
If you have begun to notice significant changes in a person's emotional
and physical behavior during stressful times, alcohol abuse may be a
factor and should be taken seriously. There are many organizations,
programs, and articles that can be found to help understand the toll both
physical and alcohol abuse can have on a family.
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