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									Arrow Lighting Solutions

 Discrete Components
      High Power LED 1W to 3W LED/Multichip LED 5W to 9W
      High brightness LED P2,P4,SMD PLCC
      LED driver
      MCU
      Optics Solution
      MCPCB (FR4 PCB, Aluminum Base, IRC MCPCB)
      Anotherm (IRC)

 Module
    CREE XLAMP LED       on MCPCB with lens
    LED Lighting

   LED Lighting design include the following:

Traditional light

Traditional         AC/DC                                        light
                     ballast                     Casing         source
 Fixtures           & starter

   LED              AC/DC
                     CC              Heatsink             LEN    LED

 LED lighting
LED Circuit design concerns and criteria

 LED lumen output vs driving current

 LED forward voltage drop vs driving current
                                                •   Every LED lamp has a slightly
                                                    different relationship between
                                                    voltage & current
                                                •   If at Vf 3.4 V: 350 mA – 675
                                                    mA. Result is relative LED
                                                    brightness from 100% to
    LED Circuit design concerns and criteria –
    Series or Parallel

Adv:                                         Adv:
Driving current the same. maintaining        Low output voltage operation;
Constant lumen output                        Single LED open circuit would not
                                             affect the rest

Drawbacks:                                   Drawbacks :
Accumulated Output Voltage is high           Cannot control lumen by driving current,
When no of LED is increasing ;
One LED open circuit will affect the whole
Why LED Driver is needed in LED lighting?

 Convert AC power into DC, or from one DC level into higher/lower DC.
 Maintain Constant current control of LED.

 Perform various of protection to LED, such as over voltage, over load, and
  over temperatures shutdown and etc

 Perform dimming function for the LED,
    Front end dimming
    PWM dimming

 Texas Instruments (TI) – Focus Supplier
 NXP – Focus Supplier
 On Semi – Focus Supplier
 National Semi – Focus Supplier
 Fairchild
 Infineon
 International Rectifier (IR)
 Linear Tech
 Micrel
 ST Microelectronics
Typical Topology in LED driver
  • Buck (Step Down) –when VIN > VOUT
  – Driving a single 1W LED from a 12V

  • Boost (Step-Up) - when VIN < VOUT
  – Driving 6 LEDs in series from a 5Vsupply

 • Buck-Boost –
  When VIN > VOUT and VIN ≤ VOUT
 – Driving 4 LEDs from a 12 V car battery

 • AC/DC –
   PFC boost, Flyback, Forward, LLC, etc
Buck Converter 1-LED Driver Comparison Table
Boost Converter 1- to 3-LED Driver Comparison Table
Middle Voltage (12-36V) LED Driver Comparison Table
HIGH VOLTAGE LED DRIVER (Output Power Level <25W)
HIGH VOLTAGE LED DRIVER (Output Power Level > 25W)

 Function of MCU:
   Perform dimming, color changing and accurate
    constant current control

 MCU Supplier
   Freescale
   NXP
   Texas Instruments (TI)
   Cypress
   Renesas
MCU Comparison Table
     Optical Lens光学透镜

 Fraen
    From 7.8, 25, 34, 45, 8*50 degree lens
    7 degree reflector cup
    MCE reflectors

 Asian suppliers
    From 8, 20, 30, 40, 60 Oval degree lens
    From 30, 45, 60, 35*70 degree for 3-in-1
    6-in-1 lens
    60x120 lens for street lighting
    Single Lens for MCE 40 and 60 degree
Single Lens Product Offering Table
3-in-1/6-in-1 Lens Product Offering Table
     MCPCB (XRC/XRE, 3 in 1, MCE, XPE/XPC, CLN6)

 To Conduct LED power dissipation to heatsink effectively.
Anotherm Heat Sink

   A) IRC Anotherm Torch Heat Sink

   B) IRC Anotherm HMSL Heat Sink
LED Driver Focus Segmentation –
                        differentiate by power rating
 DC/DC Lighting Application

   Torch, Flashlamp, miner’s lamp and other portable devices

 AC/DC Lighting Application (Below 25W)

   Retrofit application, MR16, PAR20/30/38

 AC/DC Lighting Application (Above 25W)

   Street lamp, outdoor, tunnel and transportation lighting

     ***By IEC1000-3-2 class C, 25W above lighting application require PFC
LED Driver Solution Overview – Texas Instruments
 Solution A: AC/DC LED driver solution for Street lamp application

    Features:
      + Non-isolated AC/DC
      + Universal Input
      + TI Chip Set UCC28810 and UCC28811
      + High Power Factor/low haromics compile IEC1000-3-2 class C
      + EMI compatible EN55015 class B
      + High efficiency – Up to 93%
      + Constant current control up to 100W
      + PWM dimming implemented

                    Ready by Q4 2008
LED Driver Solution Overview – Texas Instruments
 Solution B: DC/DC LED driver solution for light bar/strip application

     Features:
         + DC/DC boost converter
         + Wide input range 8V-28Vdc
         + TI Chip Set TPS40211
         + 700mA output with 10 high power LED in series
         + High efficiency – up to 94%
         + Demoboard build on MCPCB with 8 Cree XRE LEDs
         + Zigbee control system implemented

                       Ready by Q1 2009
Ongoing LED driver solution development - TI

 AC/DC LED driver 10W/25W isolated application with Triac dimming
    AC Triac dimming compatible
    Single stage isolated PFC, compile energy star requirement
    SN901026 controller IC with 350mA driving current
    Efficiency > 80% for PAR30 application (30mmx70mm)
    0% - 100% at 40% - 100% loading

 AC/DC LED driver 100W isolated application:              Ready by Q2 2009
      100W output power
      Isolated high power application
      PFC + constant current control at 700mA
      UCC28810+SN09010206 controller IC chip set
TI – TPS63000 Automatic switch Buck/Boost cirucit
LED Driver Solution Overview – NXP
 Solution A: AC/DC LED driver solution for Outdoor and general lighting

     Features:
        + AC/DC PFC+ PWM combo solution
        + Universal input
        + NXP Chip Set SSL/TEA1750
        + 350mA/700mA/1000mA driving current selectable in single solution
        + Isolated solution compile 3750Vac hi-pot test requirement
        + Power Factor compile IEC1000-3-2 class C and energy star
        + PWM dimming by simple timer circuit 555.
LED Driver Solution Overview – NXP
 Solution B: AC/DC LED driver solution for Retrofit application

    Features:
      + AC/DC 3W-5W solution
      + Universal input
      + NXP Chip Set SSL/TEA1523 star plug series
      + Triac dimmable from 0.5% to 100% brightness
      + Isolated solution compile 3750Vac hi-pot test requirement
      + Optocoupler free design optimized cost and space
      + E cap free solution provide long life and reliability performance
NXP SSL2101 15W Demoboard

   AC/DC isolated
   110V/220V selected
   Triac Dimming compatible – Full compliance of world wide dimmer
   15W output
   Redesign form factor to fit downlight fixtures
Ongoing LED driver solution Development – National

   DC/DC light bar constant current control
     + High AC input, up to 75V using LM3404HV
     + Buck converter configuration
     + High efficiency, up to 95%

   AC/DC LED driver
     + AC110V or AC220V input using LM3445
     + Front end dimmable and non isolated application
     + 4 x 1W LED output
     + Enable PPFC valley fill switching
     + Multiple LM3445 can form parallel LED string

   MR16 Retrofit LED driver using LM3405A
     + MR16 Application
     + 1x3W LED
     + AC12V input
LED driver solution Development – Onsemi

 AC/DC E27 LED driver solution
    3W-6W output using NCP1014
    Non-isolated application
    Universal input

 MR16 application
    700mA driving current at 1x 3W LED using NCP3065
    AC/DC 12V input
    Efficiency 75% or above
Other LED driver supplier – National Semiconductor

                                 LED Driver

        Backlighting                                          HP
    Series        Parallel                           Medium
inductive boost   capacitor   RGB         LED lamp             High power


                  Highest efficiency LED driver solution
Other LED driver supplier – National Semiconductor

 National Semiconductor PowerWise for LED driver solution:
    MR16
    Solar power streetlamp
      Architectural lighting
      Automotive
      Projector
      Printer lighting
      LCD display

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