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									Windows Versus Mac OSX
What is better for who and why is that? Find out right here!
Both Apple and Microsoft are commercial companies. Though, Mac OSX is
based on the Mach kernel, and that is based on the BSD (Berkeley Software
Distribution) kernel. This means that Apple has some open source
influences, since BSD is pretty close to open source.
Apple's goal is to provide a simple, functional and good-looking
operating system. They have succeeded already, but they are still
developing new applications and systems to go with their operating
system. They will continue, just like Microsoft, to release operating
systems in the future.
Mac OSX has a few problems, of which a few are resolved in Snow Leopard
(the newest, unreleased operating system from Apple). Users have problems
going from Windows to OSX. This is because a lot of things simply aren't
compatible. Apple is working on support for common Windows files to
resolve that issue. Also, OSX doesn't support as much hardware as Windows
does. OSX also seems to be behind when it comes to application
OSX is the preferred operating system when it comes to graphics design,
web design and everything else related to media development. OSX is
efficient, fast, and powerful and therefore allows users to use their Mac
to the fullest extent.
A lot of media related companies, for example news papers, web design
companies, advertising companies, etc, all use Macs. Macs are also
suitable for simple home use, from text editing to browsing the internet,
from playing a game to developing one. On a Mac, everything is possible.
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