How to Speed Up Windows 98 SE Easily by primusboy


									How to Speed Up Windows 98 SE Easily
Though computer programs and operating systems upgrade and update by the
clock, there are certain computers that can only handle low-memory and
low-space usage operating systems such as Windows 98. If you are a person
who requires little computer usage or low-memory using programs, then
this operating system can work for you. But as with any other computer
operating system, time and use can actually cause it to slow down.
For those having this exact problem, you don't really have to lose temper
on that poor machine. There are various ways to optimize its performance
without upgrading prematurely to a higher operating system that your
current computer specifications may not be able to handle. Here are some

Assess you RAM, and if possible, purchase a better one. RAM or Random
Access Memory is the one that the computer uses when it is running
certain programs, and even your operating system uses a good amount of
it. So definitely, we need to have a bigger RAM, of about an ideal 512mb
of the current standards, to allow your programs and applications to run
smoothly without lagging. This little hardware is available in every
computer store and is now affordable for everyone. Just have your current
computer specs ready so the seller may know which RAM is suitable for
your computer.
Minimize programs that you are not using. This lessens RAM usage.
Run Windows updates and Antivirus/Security updates as it is possible.
Doing this will make sure that the updated programs will be able to work
effectively with your computer and enable it to run smoothly. Also,
update Antivirus/Security applications will keep off viruses and spyware
infiltrations in your system, which are common causes of system lock up
or slow computer performance.
Adjust resolution to a lower one, select a plain Wallpaper and don't use
too much animations. All of these things can contribute to a better PC
Lessen Automatic Start-Up Applications. If you don't need a certain
application to start-up automatically after boot, just customize it at
the settings or options of a certain programs. This minimizes waiting
minutes for a computer to start-up everytime. Better yet, always deselect
options for automatic start-up on all programs and just run them when you
need them. You will definitely see a remarkable difference in your start-
up time.
Scan Disk and Defragment. Scan disk sees through all your computer files
to see file errors. Defragmentation sorts out your files closer into each
other, causing it to give much more space, and this can actually give you
better system performance. To do this, you must first scan disk by
clicking on My Computer, and right clicking on your hard disk drive,
selecting Properties and then, Tools. Choices of your preferred operation
will be displayed in a dialog. After you scan your disk, do the same
things again, look for Tools, and select Defragment. It is important to
let your computer be when doing this, and do not open any other
applications. You may do this regularly for maintenance.
Recycle Bin. We may always overlook the Recycle Bin, but actually
emptying it daily can optimize computer performance.
Doing all of these things, one can actually feel better when using
Windows 98. We must always remember not to overcrowd our computer with
things that we don't actually use. This way, the computer can breathe
better and give us its best performance.
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