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									How Well Does a Tom Tom GPS Unit Stack Up to a Garmin?
If you're looking to buy a GPS, then that might be an important question.
Although Garmin currently has almost 50% of the market share in the U.S.,
Tom Tom is next in line with about 20%. Just so you know, Magellan is
Garmin certainly has a wider and deeper product line. They also have the
upper end of the market pretty well sewn up. If you're looking for an
entry level device, or even a mid-priced device, then Tom Tom certainly
is worth considering.
Part of the problem in choosing a GPS unit is understanding what features
are offered, and which ones are important to you. Most people aren't
interested in the details of how these things work. They're not even
interested in fine differences between the two. Most people want their
device to work and be reliable, and do everything they need it to do.
With that in mind, let's talk a moment about what GPS devices do in the
first place.
All GPS's do the following:
They show you were you are and tell you how to get where you're going
They have a touch screen interface
They tell you where to turn
They come pre-loaded with maps
Have a pre-programmed database of Points of Interest (POI's)
There are other standard features, but these are the main ones.
If you want to pay more, you can get the following:
Actually telling you the street names
Choice of a larger screen, specifically 4.3-inch
More maps
Bluetooth capability
Multiple route capability
Mp3 and audio book capability
Larger database of POI's
For an entry level device, a great Tom Tom GPS unit would be the Tom Tom
One, 3rd. Edition. Right now, they're selling for less than $150. The Tom
Tom One, 3rd Edition does everything an entry level device needs to do,
plus has some interesting features. It has real-time traffic capability
(that is, it can help you avoid traffic jams), and has an interesting
emergency menu feature. It also comes with free software that will let
you download the latest maps, celebrity voices, and other free
Garmin's entry level GPS unit is the Garmin nuvi 200. Right now, it runs
about $20 more than the Tom Tom. It can do everything a basic GPS unit
needs to do, but doesn't have some of the bells and whistles the Tom Tom
has. Why does Garmin outsell Tom Tom in the United States? People
perceive Garmin as the leader when it comes to quality.
For a mid-range unit, you might want to consider the Tom Tom GO 920,
which is currently selling for slightly more than $300. The GO 920 does
everything the One, 3rd Edition does, and also includes Bluetooth, spoken
street names, a wider screen, and FM transmission capability. (FM
capability means you can hear your unit though your car's stereo system.)
The GO 920 compares to the Gamin nuvi 600's. The Garmin nuvi 660, for
instance, sells for essentially the same as the GO 920. Honestly, there's
no real difference between the two in terms of big stuff they can do,
like Bluetooth or FM transmission. Again, the nuvi 660 outsells the GO
920 because people see Garmin as being the leader in quality. That's not
to say the GO 920 is not a very good device. After all Tom Tom outsells
Garmin in Europe, for what that's worth.
So how does a Tom Tom GPS unit stack up against a Garmin? Both of these
companies make excellent products, and, especially in the mid-range
prices, they are neck and neck as far as features and price. Tom Tom
seems to offer more features at the lower price points.
What you need to do now is find an informative website where you can
browse specific models and take a look at current prices.
To learn more about how to choose the best Tom Tom GPS unit and also
about Garmin's complete line of products, check out my website.
Rick Cole is a true GPS enthusiast! Take a look at his website to find
out more information about the best GPS navigation systems!

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