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									Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is usually not an ideal situation. There are many
reasons why teenage pregnancy is not a great situation. And the negative
ramifications of teenage pregnancy effect both the mother and the baby.
Teenage pregnancy in our day and age and in most cultures is premature.
Teenage pregnancy means that a teenage girl will have to focus on the
care and well being of another human when she herself may not be fully
mature in many areas. The fact that she is still a teenager and pregnant
means that there will be an interruption in her own psychological and
emotional development and depending on the age of the teenager, her
physical development as well can be adversely affected.

Most teenage pregnancies are unplanned so there are a host of negative
emotional reactions to the pregnancy that are normal, but still negative.
The teenager often feels fear and confusion and guilt. And she often
feels resentment, anger and frustration. If she is not in a loving,
supportive relationship, she can feel isolated and abandoned. All of
these normal, but negative feelings create stress which in turn effects
her growing fetus.

Teenage pregnancy often has negative outcomes for the baby. There has
been much research done in the area of teenage pregnancy and vast amounts
of money spent on campaigns to educate and inform the public, and
teenagers, in particular about the harm that can be done by becoming
pregnant during one's teens. One of the most obvious negative social
effects of teenage pregnancy is the fact that schooling will be
interrupted and even abandoned and a limited education will effect the
financial well being of the family drastically. A large percentage of
teenage mothers end up is social programs for support because she is apt
to be alone and not have completed her education and her earning
potential is very limited. In these cases, the children then often grow
up in poverty. Although this may not be the most significant negative
outcome of teenage pregnancy, it is relevant and frequently passes on
from generation to generation.

The negative physical results that often occurs in teenage pregnancies is
pre-term births, low birth weights in babies and later on, a higher risk
of the child needing special education classes as a result of the psyco-
social situation of the teenage mother. Growing up in poverty often means
poor nutrition which can effect learning readiness. So it is less a
matter of the age of the mother when pregnant and more the effect
socioeconomic conditions of the mother. Children raised by teenage
parents are more likely to become involved in crime and live in poverty.

Although teenage pregnancy throughout history was the norm. Once a
teenage girl reached the stage of sexual maturity, she married and soon
after became pregnant, but in the modern, Western world, this practice
has changed and teenage girls pursue an education and teenage pregnancy
is no longer a positive situation. In addition, studies show that girls
are maturing at a younger age and becoming sexually active at a younger
age so the incidence of teenage pregnancy is high and expected to
increase over the next decade.

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