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									Pregnancy Videos

There are so many pregnancy videos produced and available that there is
no reason that a woman or couple or a pregnancy or birth health care
professional can't watch all sorts of pregnancy videos. Pregnancy videos
can be used in the privacy of your home or they can be used as
educational tools in birth centers. Many pregnant women like to watch
pregnancy videos to help prepare themselves with knowledge and
understanding of the process their bodies are undergoing. And most
pregnancy videos will include content on labor and childbirth so these
pregnancy videos are very instrumental in illustrating to a pregnant
woman or a student exactly what occurs during the different stages of
labor and delivery.

As a nursing student, obstetric or midwife student or doula student,
these pregnancy videos are a great opportunity to observe many women
during pregnancy and childbirth before they are actually in a clinical
setting or home setting to observe and participate in the actual live
process with clients. pregnancy videos have been made that document
surgical births, difficult vaginal births and stillbirths. There are also
fabulous pregnancy videos that allow you to witness the peace and beauty
of natural births without intervention.

Some of these pregnancy videos show pregnant women from all over the
world and give us a glimpse of how different cultures approach pregnancy
and birth. There are pregnancy videos about water births. One in
particular is quite spectacular, called Birth into Being. This pregnancy
video interviews and follows several women in Russia that are all
preparing for waterbirths. The pregnancy video does actually show you
these women giving birth in the water. Some of the women give birth in
specially designed tubs or pools, but some give birth in the Black Sea.
This is the most spectacular pregnancy video that I have ever seen and I
have seen a large number of pregnancy videos.

Childbirth educators often use pregnancy videos to help demonstrate
aspects of a healthy pregnancy and births to groups of women and their
support partners. Most people find these pregnancy videos very helpful in
these settings. Most people's fear and anxiety about anything stems from
the unknown, so the more times a woman or a practitioner can watch
different pregnancy videos, the less of the unknown exists and thus fear
and anxiety about pregnancy and birth diminishes. So whether you get your
pregnancy videos from the library or you order your pregnancy videos
online or you get to see pregnancy videos in a classroom setting, you
will find that pregnancy videos are informative and encouraging and that
pregnancy videos are a great resource for the pregnant woman as well as
for those who are caring for her.

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