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									Pregnancy Questions

It is normal and expected that women and couples would and should have
pregnancy questions. Pregnancy questions include every topic and aspect
of pregnancy. Pregnancy questions come up before during and after
pregnancy. Pregnancy questions are thought about and answered as best as
possible by many types of professionals in addition to women and their
families. Answers, or at least ideas about pregnancy questions are shared
with the public and with other professionals by many means. And some
pregnancy questions are never answered with absolutes. Sometimes the
answers to some pregnancy questions remain a mystery.

From a woman's perspective, some of the pregnancy questions she might
have before becoming pregnant would be concerning the timing of a
pregnancy and her health. These are two very critical areas of concern
that should not be overlooked. The pre-pregnant health of a woman will
have a strong influence on the well being of both herself and her unborn
child. There are pregnancy questions that raise issues of diet, exercise
and supplements that address the matter of a woman's health before she
gets pregnant. And if these pregnancy questions have not been considered
prior to becoming pregnant, it is very important to address them as soon
as the pregnancy is confirmed.

When the pregnancy questions about health come up, one of the first
things that will be discussed is folic acid and its important role in
preventing certain birth defects. This is why questions about health
regarding mother and baby are very important because women can be pro-
active in birth defect prevention.

Another wise pregnancy question to be contemplated by a woman before
becoming pregnant is regarding whether or not it is the right time in her
life to have a baby. She will want to ask herself questions about what
kind of support she will have from her partner if there is a committed
relationship involved. She might also want to think about her source of
income and her insurance and consider whether she has both of these areas

Now, all pregnancies are not planned so some other types of pregnancy
questions will be concerning the possibility of pregnancy if there is a
missed period. This pregnancy question can be easily answered with either
the aid of a home pregnancy test or a visit to a family planning clinic
or a woman's primary health provider. It is important to answer this
pregnancy question as soon as possible if a woman is suspicious that she
might be pregnant.

Once a woman is pregnant, it is very normal to have lots of pregnancy
questions...and they can mostly all be answered either by reading books
on pregnancy, researching pregnancy questions on the internet or by
discussing the pregnancy questions with the care provider who will be
monitoring the pregnancy and possibly delivering the baby when the time
comes. Pregnancy questions are good things to have and to answer so don't
be afraid to ask.

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