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									Pregnancy Books

Pregnancy books can be most valuable to anyone interested in learning
about pregnancy. Pregnancy books are written at many levels. Some
pregnancy books are meant for the classroom where health care
professionals are being prepared for practice in the many pregnancy
related fields or even just general medicine. Pregnancy books are also
written and illustrated for children to help them understand what is
going on if their mother or someone in their family is pregnant and a new
member of the household is expected. And pregnancy books fall in
categories everywhere in between.

Some pregnancy books are mostly filled with photographs and charts that
illustrate the different stages of pregnancy and the development of the
embryo and fetus. Other pregnancy books are designed as more of a tool
for childbirth preparation. These pregnancy books are very useful to
individual women who want to be as informed and prepared as possible.
They are also wonderful teaching aids for pregnant women who are
participating in childbirth education classes. Pregnancy books of this
sort are available online, at the library and in almost every bookstore.

Pregnancy books can be a great comfort to a pregnant woman because of the
growth charts found in them. Women like to refer to these growth charts
on a regular basis to see what stage of development their baby may be at
during any one of the forty or so weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy books
will also have sections that address possible complications and normal
symptoms so a woman will be able to recognize and respond appropriately
when these symptoms may appear for her. Any good pregnancy books will
always advise the pregnant reader to consult with her healthcare
professional if she has any concerns or questions because it is never a
good idea to take risks by not asking questions and giving information
about changes that occur during pregnancy in case there is a problem that
needs to be treated.

From a professional's point of view, pregnancy books are very useful
references when working with pregnant clients. This is especially true
with practitioners who will be accompanying a woman through her labor and
delivery. Together they can refer to the sections in the pregnancy books
that show the stages of labor and birth and this will inform the pregnant
woman or refresh the practitioner on what to expect as labor progresses.
There will be a point, however, in this process when neither person will
be concerning themselves with pregnancy books, they will be much to
involved in what is happening as a new little person is entering the

Later on, when that new baby is growing up and a sibling is on the way,
it will be time to bring out the pregnancy books again...

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