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									                             Candles are the perfect gift for the holidays!
     Remember Soy Candela when giving hostess gifts, friends, teachers, manicurists,
              pediatricians and all the other special people in your life!
Soy Candela candles are all natural, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. They are made using pure soy
with high levels of fragrance oils for a true aromatic experience. Soy Candela candles create the ambience for
every occasion – be it a soothing spa day, a Thanksgiving dinner or a holiday cocktail party. The packaging is also
eco-friendly, made of 100% recyclable paper.

Why buy Soy? It is environmentally safe, cleaner burning and lasts longer! The candles burn more than 80 hours
and melt across the glass; it does not sink in the center like paraffin candles. Plus, the wax does not get hot like
paraffin candles. So you can enjoy the melted warm wax from your soy candle in four pampering ways:
moisturizing hand and elbow rub; cuticle softener; nourishing warm body massage oil and aromatherapy candle.

15 Aromatic Fragrances to Choose From:
Crème: Creamy, warm and rich! Smells like Crème Brulee. Yummy!
Awake: Refresh your senses with the invigorating scent of fresh cut lemongrass. Smells Clean!
Calm: Relax and unwind with the soothing scent of floral lavender infused with rich vanilla.
Zen: Welcome to our tea room. The aromatic scent of green tea is tempered by hints of sandalwoods, bamboo
and undertones of grounded florals.
Acqua: Smells just like your first boyfriend’s Cool Water cologne – clean, fresh and masculine.
Juicy: Enjoy the delicious scent of a ripe, juicy, mouthwatering mango.
Aloha: Pack your bathing suit, because this scent will transport you to your favorite beach with its fresh, creamy
coconut scent.
Paradise: Fruity tropical blend with rich layers of coconut, pineapple, peach and orange.
Pure: With its wonderful clean, crisp, linen scent, this fragrance seems likes it is made of pure, fresh cotton.
Devotion: A true tropical gardenia. Need we say more?
Seduction: The black orchid fragrance is passionate, exotic and sensual.

Holiday Scents (limited time only)
Christmas Tree: This woodsy evergreen smell will take you back to your childhood. Smells like you are sitting next
to a decorated tree on Christmas Day!
Berry Thankful: Rich cranberry scent delightful in every way. Dee-lish!
Sugar ‘n Spice: Fruity apple is mingled together with warm cinnamon and spicy clove then balanced with a hint of
Aspen Nights: The spicy aroma of cloves, nutmeg and musk makes you feel like you are sitting at the lodge on a
winter night in Aspen by a warm crackling fire.

                                 Take Advantage Of Exclusive Holiday Pricing:
                                     1 candle for $18 ● 3 candles for $45                                                                305-495-2251

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