Smitfraud Highjacks Your Desktop by primusboy


									Smitfraud Highjacks Your Desktop
If your desktop background has been changed and you are unable to change
it back to whatever image you had before then chances are you have
Smitfraud. Often times the image that it is changed to is something that
says hacked or an image telling you that your are infected with a virus
and the it displays a URL for you to go to.
The most important thing here is not to buy any of the fake anti-virus
software offered from this malicious trojan virus. These fake anti-virus
and anti-spyware programs will do little to solve your problems and you
will only be helping out the makers of Smitfraud.
Having Smitfraud on your system is a good sign that you have other
spyware programs installed as well. Almost all people infected with this
spyware program will have at least several other programs installed.
How did I get it in the first place?
Most of the time Smitfraud is installed via a fake video codec. You were
tricked into installing a program that was free and now you are suffering
the side effects. To fully remove Smitfraud and all the other spyware you
will need to fork over some money. The fake codec is called Zlob. Once
the trojan Zlob downloader is installed on your system it goes out and
downloads items like Smitfraud and Virtumonde. These programs are very
hard to remove and doing it manually even for a pro is hard because the
files names constantly change.
Another thing you can always try first is to do a system restore. Send
you computer back in time to when you were not infected. This does not
remove the spyware traces but often times does un-install the threat. At
least that way you can start using your computer again and buy yourself a
little more time.
If you want to learn a bit more about Smitfraud and where to find the
free Smitfraud removal to then head over to our dedicated Smitfraud site.
As well we have a If you Computer Repair site as well.

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