; A Step By Step Solution To Printer Problem
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A Step By Step Solution To Printer Problem


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									A Step By Step Solution To Printer Problem
You might be having trouble to print a document very often. This is not
unique to you; printer problem is ubiquitous and faced by everybody in
some or the other time. And like every other problems it has also
solutions. Here a step by step troubleshooting is provided. It is
recommendable to try the steps in the given order and take a print-out
after each step until the problem is resolved. This will produce the best
Plug in the printer and switch it on.

Ascertain that the printer has paper and toner.

Switch off the printer for 10 seconds again switch it on.

Make sure that the printer cable is firmly secured by checking.
To carry out the next step and get over with printer problem, plug off
the cable and then reconnecting it. But one thing you have to careful in
this case. In case you use a shared printer, make sure that you have
access to it and you are authorized to do so. To be in safer side, take
out a test print-out page first to ensure that the printer itself is
functioning properly. Also make it sure that the computer is connected to
the same AirPort network if your printer is connected to an AirPort Base
Then proceed further in your attempt to solve your printer problem and
try plugging your printer into another port of the same type on your
personal computer. Try by plugging the printer directly into a port on
your computer in case your printer is connected to a hub. To see whether
the current cable is faulty, use any spare cable. To detect if the
problem is in the application that you are using, try printing from
another application.
Then ensure that your printer is the selected printer in the Print

Select it from the Printer pop-up menu if you do not find it listed.

Take care that your operating software is up-to-date.

Also ensure that you are using the manufacturer's latest printer driver.

Try deleting and then re-adding your printer through the Printer Setup
Finally, open Printer Setup Utility and check the print job queue by
double-clicking your printer in the list, and checking the status message
next to the printer icon. You have to click on Start Jobs if you see the
message Jobs Stopped. Click to select the job and then click on Delete if
a print job shows an error. A careful observation of all these steps will
definitely help you sort out the printer problem.
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