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									                       Questions for the Candidates

1. What effect does new residential growth have on the City of Kingston? How important is new

    New growth has a positive effect. The issues are the schools, daycares and recreation facilities
    that make subdivisions into communities. With out the services inside the communities it will be
    hard to maintain demand for growth.

2. Currently new homes are available at a base price that is considered affordable by definition, we
   are sensitive to cost increases in building and land development that drive the base price above
   the affordable threshold. Will you take a stand against initiatives that drive these prices up?

    The province of Ontario has imposed a wage freeze on provincial workers and many companies
    are taking the same stand. The City of Kingston should do their part by freezing fees on
    construction and renovations for two years. I have spoke to other individuals running for council
    to see if I would have support for this motion and I do. I also have some support for a 50%
    reduction in fees (permits, impost and development charges) for a period of two years to stimulate
    the local economy. In another questionnaire on infrastructure I stated the following:

    The issue facing the industry is a stimulus hangover. Many industries in Kingston including those
    involved in clean water infrastructure have ramped up their operations to meet the need of the
    stimulus contracts. At some point the stimulus spending will come to an end which would see
    many members of the industry out of work. This may be huge opportunity for the City of
    Kingston to catch up on their infrastructure by taking their 20 year plan and shortening the time
    frame to 10 or 12 years. This investment would be instrumental in improving the overall

    This would be a huge jump in development that would create a boom in the local economy.
3. What do you perceive is the residential home building industries’ position on environmentally
   responsible building practices?

    I will touch on one issue which is waste. If the City had a program that would separate waste on
    the job site this could reduce overall waste and tipping fees for the builders. The City could and
    should be providing recycling bins for wood, metal, and drywall. The issue is the dumping by
    residents that takes place on job sites. That is an enforcement issue that can be dealt with under
    some new methods that I will not post here.

4. There are currently minimal incentives for homeowners (existing and new) to input eco upgrades
   into their house. Do you think there should be incentives offered by the City by way of reduced
   development charges and impost fee? Do you have other ideas?

    In conjunction with my answer to question #2 a flat fee for eco refits or upgrades for any
    residential home to set at $100.00 regardless of the overall cost. A flat fee system for 2 years
    would need to be reviewed on how effective it would be and if it should be continued.

5. Do you think it is important to try and attract new businesses to Kingston? If so what do you
   think our current image is and how can we improve that?

    The current council and members of the planning committee are the source of many problems.
    Until these changes happen, our image won’t. On my website I have posted the following:

    It is the job of KEDCO to bring industry and jobs to Kingston. It is the job of council to review,
    ask questions but not to hinder development.

    “It’s the job of councillors to facilitate the projects to completion with encouragement and
    support of the community.”

    Not only do we need people (more than one) at KEDCO to support private sector projects through
    the approval process; we need councillors that can balance and address the community concerns
    rather than picking a side and sending the wrong message to any future development. The Town
    of Gananoque share of the Casino revenue is 2.5%, and Leeds receives the other half. If the
    Casino had been built-in Kingston it would have been bigger and 5% of the revenue could have
    been used to offset taxes. Past Councils seems to have the ability to overlook opportunities so
    changes are needed to avoid the same mistakes.

    What I proposes:

        •   full-time person in KEDCO to aid in residential development and renewal planning issues
        •   full-time person in KEDCO for commercial development planning issues
        •   full-time person in KEDCO to review federal and provincial grant programs

    This is an expansion of KEDCO to help move some of the paper work. We would need measured
    the success with a review in the value of the added positions in 24 months. In addition,
       depending on who is appointed to the Planning committee there may be a need for a review all of
       all of the committees to address any bottlenecks in the overall system.

       6. Our young people are leaving town to find employment. What is your strategy to grow jobs in

       If the council supports my plan (answers to question 2, 4 and 5) young people will be leaving
       other Cities to come to Kingston.

Candidate: ___Jeffrey Lowes______________ District: _____Cataraqui_________________
               (Please print)

I understand that my responses will be posted on the Kingston Home Builders Association website for the
KHBA Membership and the Kingston community to review.

Signature: _______Yes_____________________             Date: ____October 14th, 2010_______________

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