Protected and Pristine From Head to Toe by primusboy


									Protected and Pristine From Head to Toe
Many people love the warmth of the sun on their skin. The sun's rays make
us feel good and relaxed. But the long term effects of the sun's rays can
have devastating effects to our skin . Exposure from the sun can cause
wrinkles and age spots on our face and make us appear older than our
chronological age.
Most people associate a suntan with good health. People state they look
healthy. But skin color obtained from the sun or a tanning booth actually
accelerate the effects of aging and increases your risk for skin cancer.
The effects of sun exposure causes most of what many think is a normal
part of aging. The damage from the sun damages the fibers in your skin
called elastin to breakdown. The skin begins to sag and stretch. Exposure
to the skin can also cause precancerous and cancerous lesions, benign
tumors,fine and coarse wrinkles,freckles and discolored skin.
Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in the U.S. The
number of cases rise every year The UV rays from the sun is the number
one cause of skin cancer. The UV light from tanning beds is not any
better. Exposure from the sun during the winter months puts you at the
same risk as in the summer. Skin protection is necessary all year round.
Anyone can get skin cancer. The greatest risk is for people who have fair
or freckled skin that burns easily, light eyes and blond or red hair.
Aside from the complexion other risk factors include family history,
having a job outdoors and living in a sunny climate.
A total body screen screening is recommended periodically. You also need
to make sure you know your skin, moles and sizes and any new observance.
Keep a record and report to your dermatologist with any changes noted.
Typically if you note asymmetry of a mole,edges are ragged or blurred,
uneven shade of black, brown,tan, red, white or blue or a significant
change in size( greater than 6mm) see your dermatologist as soon as
Make sure you and your family use skin screen when planning on being
outdoors. The SPF should be at least 30. Apply approximately a shot glass
size of sunscreen-1 ounce- every two hours. Look for sun screens that
state is water resistant and reapply frequently.
Finally do not believe any product label that states "safe tanning".
Tanning is the skin's response to cell damage. You only have one life to
live , Invest in Yourself every day from head to toe.
Patricia McGowan RN,BSN,CSHE is a graduate of Villanova University. She
is a wellness specialist, motivational speaker and president of IIY,LLC
an Integrated Wellness Consulting Company. The website is

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