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									Some Basic But Precious Email Marketing Tips

Following are some of the basic but most useful email marketing tips that
you must keep in mind while you are developing your strategies and
implementing them.

Do Not Use Capital Letters

Make sure that you are not using too many capital letters in the email.
Some people prefer to write the headline in all caps, which does not look
very professional. Even if you want to highlight some of the words or
sentences, you should not try to capitalize them. It would be better to
put those parts in „bold‟ or use some different colors instead of writing
them in all capital letters. Use of too many capital letters sounds as if
the sender of the email is shouting at you. Some people hate the caps so
much that they will not think twice before marking your emails as spam or
requesting for removal from the opt-in list.

Do Not Use Emoticons, Slangs, Or Short Cuts That Are Used In Chatting
The basic email marketing tips strictly prohibit you from using
emoticons, slangs, or short cuts. The chatting language on Internet is a
different one. Here, one writes „how are you‟ as “hru” and so on. Such
language may look friendly and good in chatting, but it is not at all
professional to use such a format while you are sending emails to
prospective customers.

Keep It Sweet And Simple

Like any advertising format, email marketing also requires you to keep
things short and to the point. Do not try to exaggerate a simple thing in
an attempt to promote the products or services. Promotion must be done in
way that should make the readers feel that your ideas and genuine and
useful to them. Those who are looking for the best email marketing tips
must keep in mind that the recipients of the email always tries to find
out that what they will get in return if they go through the email.
Therefore, you can use promotional tone in your emails but in an
informative manner.

The Subject Line Must Describe The Content

The subject line of the emails must be short, but it should be created in
a way that it should give the readers an idea regarding the content. It
will be much better if you could personalize the subject line as well
along with the content. What is more, one of the best email marketing
tips for you is that you should never use the same subject line for all
your emails even if you are promoting just one product. You must use
variations in order to keep the interest of the recipients alive in
receiving your emails.

Overall, if you keep the above email marketing tips in mind, there is no
reason why you should not succeed in your achieving your business

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