; Beat Cancer of the Skin
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Beat Cancer of the Skin


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									Beat Cancer of the Skin
What is skin cancer? Let's talk about this today because whenever we
mention the word 'cancer' a fear comes over us and we panic or are scared
to pieces of the end results.
There are 2 positive aspects to skin cancer and that is that it develops
outside of our bodies and we can take preventive action to reducing the
risks of getting skin cancers.
There are 3 major kinds of skin cancers. The first one is Basal cell
carcinoma and is the most common as it is usually a small, maybe round,
usually raised reddish spot. When detected early the possibilities of
cure are great but definitely needs to be treated as an unwanted part of
our skin.
Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common of skin cancers and
usually shows up as a result of sun exposed areas. It is a slow grower
and has a tendency to spread to other parts of the body and it is has a
relation to actinic keratosis, a preliminary stage of a skin cancer. The
cure rates of it are also good when taken care of when first noticed.
Malignant Melanoma is the most dangerous one and is life-threatening to
most. It's potential power will cause it to spread to other parts of ones
body. This is usually in the form of a moles that is changing in size,
color and maybe even quite black and possibly shiny as mine was. Early
detection is the key for survival in this case.
Other precancerous lesions sometimes can or have the potential of turning
into cancerous condition so always check your skin for some different
patterns and textures.
Actinic Keratosis is a precancerous skin disease and nearly always occurs
on sun exposed areas and looks totally harmless and usually rough and
scaly in patches and you need to have that checked out also and it can
develop into a skin cancer.
Who is susceptible to skin cancers? those of us that are fair skinned,
light complexion and those who sun burn quite easily and work outside
without the proper long sleeves and a big brimmed hat.
Take charge of your health matters to prevent skin cancers while you are
young, don't sun bath and burn yourself outside on the beach or pool
side, or for that matter in a tanning salon. A beautiful tan is not worth
the ugly scar when the removal of a skin cancer of any kind needs to be
removed from ones body.
Take the time to visit a dermatologist office and see those with part of
their nose, parts of their ears and holes in their arms and legs from
over-doing ,being in the sun for extended periods of time. Is it worth
it? I personally do not. My procedures were from working out in the sun
and not properly covered with long sleeved shirts and that big brimmed
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