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									Beat Cancer Campaign
Beat cancer and do not be a sun-worshiper. Can you and are you able to be
outside in the sun for long periods of time and not get burned? Well, I
for one am one of those pastry-faced persons that can not do it nor
should I.
You see I am a melanoma survivor. My dreams of being a sun-bather or
experiencing extended periods of being in the sun are gone. I also
experienced getting too much heat from the sun also and that is also
serious for ones health.
Here are some health tips: the melanin, a skin pigment, darkens the skin
and protects it against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.
How you produce melanin may convey social status and or appearance of
health, vitality and wealth.
Some people use the full-spectrum sunlight but this also is dangerous and
can cause ultra-violet damage to our tender skin.
Those same cells that produce skin pigment and protect from UV rays of
sunlight or sunshine may also produce an abnormality called melanoma or
another term used is skin cancer.
Melanoma can be particularly devastating, as some believe there are no
effective treatment option and life expectancy is approximately nine
months after diagnosis, at best.
Researchers are actually looking to see if cancer-fighting capabilities
are possible by seeing if the bodies own line of defence is where it all
begins. T-cells which moderate our immune system, kept at optimum with a
proper diet are so important as our health matters.
Include those raw foods on a daily basis and eat lots of them in the
summer, sunny months, they are so important for the proper nutrition of
our immune systems. You and only You can induce your immune system to
stick around and keep cancers from growing.
The proper way of dealing with this is number one. Don't stay in the sun
until you look like a beet or fried tater. Proper care while you are
younger will also protect you from early wrinkling, premature aging,
cancer and you will look prettier if you a lightly tanned instead of a
brown leather look.
Let's not let death be a option and observe some sun rules and eating
habits of adding lots of raw veggies and raw fruits in our daily lives
all year long. I also have changed my lifestyle since my melanoma and do
include lots of raw veggies and raw fruits into my diet.
By the way, I am a survivor for over 10 years. Join me, will you?
Blogging for your health matters offering tips for health at offering information on various health tips
to prevent disease, immune system problems and eating raw foods for
better for all concerned. Beat cancer with me:

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