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					Elements Of A Good Lead Capture Page

                              Lead capture page or generally known as a landing page is a page that is
                              likely to appear whenever a probable customer would click on an
                              advertisement. A good landing page can mean the difference between a
                              sale or not. Hence it is very important to really be able to generate one
                              suitable landing page.

Starting this one is actually very challenging. You see, you only got one web page to utilize and all the
information must be present in there including your site’s banner, the headline, the content,
testimonials and more. It must be duly noted that your site visitors don’t have the time to click on other
links and much more wait for the other pages to load. On the other hand, in spite of putting all the
contents there, your page must not also be filled with it or it would look like junk.

If you are in a way or another inclined to make yourself a lead capture page, here are things that you
must consider. These can somehow help you create an effective squeeze page. It is in this way you may
be able to determine how your lead capture page will look like.

An element of a good capture page is that it must be instructive. As such, this is the reason why you
create such. Through this, people will visit your page where they can learn something new. And they will
continue to offer the site should there be something that interests them and eventually share to others.
As such, it is really important to put items where people can learn. For example, if you're marketing
about a product against acne, you can put on your page why people have acne and remedies they may
naturally apply.

Another element to consider would be the attractiveness of the site. It is in this area where
incorporating creativity would be necessary especially with respect to the page. Your banner must be
really attractive and appealing for visitors to easily recognize your brand. Much more it needs to be
unique in the first place. It is also important to include pictures and even videos to add to its appeal.
However, it is necessary to ensure that these stuffs are related to the content of your site.

Proper and orderly flow is another thing that should be duly taken into account. You really need to draw
the proper flow of words and images on the page itself. You can start with a very attractive banner on
top, some facts, testimonials and a call to action which moves towards the end. You can choose to
modify the location, if there is a goal at the end of it. Your goal should be to create the need for your
probable readers for them to possibly buy or even your send in their name and email address.
These are just some of the key elements for that great lead capture page. As such, you should take due
account of these or you have a page with no life, no direct content and much more boring. Therefore,
always take the time to think things through to generate one great lead capture page.

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