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									Broadband Satellite Internet
Broadband satellite Internet has provided hope for rural subscribers who
are outside the coverage areas of most Internet service providers. Most
home subscribers opt for cable and DSL Internet connections. But in areas
which are not under the range of the high-speed broadband connection, or
where dial-up access is extremely slow, satellite broadband Internet is a
boon. The technology has been there for a long time, but it has evolved
in more recent times.
The connection does not use wire, but requires an intermediary satellite.
Requests are logged through a home computer and a special satellite modem
to a satellite dish, which is installed on the roof of the subscriber’s
office or house. These signals are sent or received from the dish
satellite to an orbiting satellite, which in turn sends or transmits
information to the dish satellite at the service provider’s office. The
connection speed is a little less in comparison to DSL and cable Internet
connections. This can be a drawback while using certain applications,
such as real-time interactive games.
However, does not affect web surfing and sighting. A lot of these
shortcomings can be overcome by using a signal amplifier, to cater to
external or climatic disturbance and signal locators, to catch signals
faster. Some other problems associated with satellite broadband Internet
connections are that the installation charge for the dish satellite and
the monthly subscription charges are a bit expensive, in comparison to
DSL and cable connections.
The satellite dish being installed outside on the roof is liable to
damage due to climatic conditions like rain and high-intensity wind. The
expenses required for setting up the right kind of infrastructure for the
rural subscribers has been one more reason for the technological lag in
this area. Despite all of these shortcomings it is the best option for
those who are placed at a geographically disadvantaged condition, and the
promise of a better future lies ahead.
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