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									WARNING: We want to warn you that with a powerful tool such as SEnuke there
is potential for abuse and if used in an abusive manner could result in the
termination of your account from some of the Web 2.0 websites that SEnuke
submits to.

SEnuke was not designed as a BlackHat tool and its use can only be as ethical as
those who use it.

         Confidential Report:
“Closely Held SEnuke Profit Strategies

This report is for your own personal use. The information and images
contained within may not be sold, bartered, given or otherwise shared in
whole or in part.

Thank you for purchasing SEnuke! This short guide will show you a
few different ways in which this powerful software can be used to its
fullest advantage.

Besides being an extremely powerful SEO tool, SEnuke can also
generate money completely on its own!

In this report you will find a few specific cash generating techniques
that Areeb and I have discovered during the development of this
extraordinary software.

Only one of these strategies explained in this guide will require that
you have a website the rest will not require a website at all and
involves no other costs.

The techniques we are going to show you hold so much profit
potential that we were a bit hesitant about releasing this information
to the public. We were actually going to keep these strategies a
secret and implement them ourselves but have decided to share
them only with those who purchase the SEnuke software.

We are sure some of you more experienced marketers have already
figured some of this out already so this is for those that may not quite
realize the full power of SEnuke.

Although SEnuke is extremely powerful…it is not a “magic bullet”, in
fact a magic bullet doesn’t exist but SEnuke is about as close as you
can get!
    Recommended Submission Process

Let’s first begin with a basic overview of the best way we have found
to perform your article submissions.

This is assuming you already have the SEnuke software installed on
your hard drive and that you have already created accounts at all of
the 65 places that SEnuke submits to and have also entered your
login info.

First off, you need to create or purchase an article or articles or you
can make use of the articles you received with your SEnuke
membership if it is in a niche you want to go after.

If you purchased articles you can select the file from your hard drive
that contains your various unique articles you have purchased and
SEnuke will submit a different article to each of the Web 2.0 websites
you select.

Or you can create just one seed article and use the SEnuke article re-
writer feature to help you create many unique articles from this one
seed article.

If you will be using your own totally unique articles that you have
created yourself or may have purchased you can simply load them
into SEnuke according to the directions contained in the instruction
manual and begin your submission process.

However, if you are using just one article and creating unique
variations using SEnuke’s easy to use article rewriter here are a few
suggestions to follow.
   •   We highly suggest that you first submit your original unspun
       articles ONLY to Ezine Articles as your first SEnuke

   •   The reason for submitting your unspun version of your re-
       written article to Ezine Articles before submitting to the rest of
       the Web 2.0 sites is simple. Ezine Articles has a quality
       assurance system in place where your articles are first
       reviewed by software and then by humans to make sure that
       your submission is of the highest quality and not PLR or re-
       written material. Submitting in this manner will assure that your
       EZA submissions are accepted.

   •   A word about Hubpages: This site only allows you to have up
       to two links in your article as anchor text and they must be
       pointing to different locations (URLs) If you go against their
       TOS your hub and/or account may be deleted.

       If you plan on adding more than just one anchor text pointing to
       the same URL in your articles you will first want to submit that
       article to Hubpages with only one link in the form of anchor text
       as a separate submission just as you did for Ezine Articles
       either with SEnuke or manually.

Okay now that you are aware of the recommended way to submit
your articles to avoid having an account deleted or article rejected
lets get on with the money making strategies.
                         Strategy One:
           Making Money From Web 2.0 Sites.

This first strategy may seem like an obvious one but you would be
surprised at how many will overlook it simply because they are more
intersted with getting links back to their website in order to make a

These Web 2.0 sites are really quite powerful and most times a well
written interesting post can acquire quite a lot of visitors and the best
thing is these visitors are targeted. They would have never been
interested in visiting and reading your post if the subject was not of

So instead of using these Web 2.0 sites simply as link juice for a main
website you can make sales directly from them excluding Ezine
Articles as EZA does not accept affiliate links in article submissions.

We are not going to go into great detail on how to use SEnuke to
research a profitable niche in this report as it is fully explained in your
instruction manual.

So, assuming you now have the niche you want to make some
money with start by creating a keyword rich article using the SEnuke
article re-writer.

Make sure you change the seed(original) article enough so that it is
showing you a uniqueness of at least 30% when run through the built
in duplicate content checker.

As mentioned earlier if you have a file of various articles on the niche
you are promoting you can just use those instead of spinning or re-
writing an article but one spun article can be used for up to 5
submission sessions.
Once you have your re-written article or file of articles ready you can
use the SEnuke ClickBank product finder to find an appropriate high
converting affiliate product that also offers a high commission.

SEnuke will generate the ClickBank hoplink (affiliate link) for you so
that you can paste it into your articles keyword anchor text. Now
remember what we discussed earlier about submitting first to Ezine
Articles and Hubpages.

However, with this strategy you will not be submitting to EZA because
of their no affiliate link policy however, you will still want to follow the
same guidelines mentioned earlier when submitting to Hubpages.

Other than these two sites we recommend using no more than 3 links
in the form of anchor text through out your article. Your anchor text
will also be more effective if used from midway through to the end of
your article.

Once you have made your single submission to Hubpages you are all
set to queue up the rest of the Web 2.0 sites and complete the
submission process with up to three links (your affiliate links) as
anchor text.

After the submission of your article has been made to ALL of the
Social Network sites you will be presented with “Ping List” that
provides you with the URLs where your articles were just posted.

This is the next step so you will want to hit the “Ping” button at the
bottom of the list. This will let the search engines know that new
content was just posted and they will quickly visit to index your page
in the search listings.

Next you will want to use the RSS Aggregator Nuke feature and then
the Social Bookmark Nuke feature. If you have a video you that you
can use to promote the affiliate product you chose then you would
want to do the video submission last.

You can repeat this process up to five times with the same spun
article without having to worry about any duplicate content penalty.
We suggest that you do not do five submission sessions in one day
as the search engines may find this a bit unusual and unnatural. Try
to do one submission session each day for each of the niches you
are trying to dominate.

We recommend that you try to dominate several niches at the same
time. If you can research and find four hungry, low competition,
profitable niches you can devise a system where you can do one
complete submission process daily for each of your four niches.

Once your submissions start dominating the first few pages of Google
for your niches keywords and you start seeing some heavy traffic you
can decrease your submissions to one a day or even once a week for
these current niches and then move on to researching more profitable
niches to dominate.

Or if you like you could simply keep researching more keywords,
especially long tail keywords so as to dominate your niches in as
many popular search terms as possible.

This strategy alone could generate massive cash flow to your bank
account if done on a consistent basis as outlined above.

Next strategy…Dominating Product Launches!
                        Strategy Two:
       Dominating Product Launches With Senuke

This one particular strategy we really didn’t want to let out but
because we truly want you to make the most possible money using
SEnuke were going to share it with you. This little gem of a strategy
can make you some serious cash and move you up to the ranks of
super affiliate!

To implement this strategy you will first need to find out when these
big product launches are going to take place. Below we have listed
some of the best places to look for these launches.

   •   JV Notify Pro
   •   Internet Marketers News Watch
   •   Next Big Launch

You will want to choose and become an affiliate for a product launch
that is at least 2 to 4 weeks away so that you will have plenty of time
to implement your plan of attack.

Next you will want to purchase a domain that is as close to the
product name as possible. Even choosing a .net, .org or .info domain
will work just fine.

What you want to do with this domain is create a review site for this
product. This site doesn’t need to be anything fancy; you could even
use a simple WordPress blog installed in seconds with Fantastico.

What you do want is to give as much information on this product and
its benefits as you possibly can and include your affiliate link as
anchor text throughout and also a cloaked affiliate link at the end of
the review.
An image of the product is always a good idea but you may want to
ask for permission to use a certain image if it is not provided with the
promo tools.

Your next step is to research as many possible keyword and phrases
including long tail and extra long tail as possible. Start with the
product name, the word “review” should also be one of your keywords
and expand from there such as using “review of product x”

Create keyword rich articles based on these keywords and phrases
and follow the submission process outlined in the first strategy. If you
are one of the first to use SEnuke to promote whatever product
launch you choose you will stand a tremendous chance of totally
dominating the search engines for that product launch.

It’s even possible to beat out the actual products site and drop them
from the listings. Use this strategy and it won’t be long before you
become a super affiliate!
                           Strategy 3
    The Ultimate No Money, No Website Needed

This method is quite neat as it gives you a few different ways to
monetize and generate a nice income.

The first thing you will need to do is to create a Blogger Blog by
submitting an article on your already researched niche to Bogger
using SEnuke.

You don’t want submit your article to all the Web 2.0 sites just yet…
only to Blogger. You will also need to make sure that Auto Adsense
is enabled in your SEnuke options.

Heres the cool part! Were going to add effective RSS affiliate feeds
to Blogger!

Find an appropriate affiliate product that suits your niche. You can
search Google for related affiliate programs and most of them now
offer affiliate RSS feeds.

If you are unable to find a suitable product by searching Google you
can always use an Ebay RSS feed or join an affiliate network such as
Commission Jucntion.

For this example we will choose to display an Ebay RSS product feed
on our Blogger blog. After you have found a suitable RSS affiliate
feed from Ebay copy the feeds URL and then go here:

This is a java script feed creator that will allow you to display the RSS
affiliate product feeds on your blog. Simply fill out the required fields
and click the “Generate Javascript” button. Then all you need to do is
to paste the code it generates into your article.

Below is an example of one of these fully monetized blogs that was
created solely with SEnuke.

Once you have your Blogger blog created and fully monetized you
will then need to simply repeat the submission process outlined in the
very first strategy we shared with you to get the ball rolling.

If you can create at least one of these monetized blogs daily and then
use SEnuke to drive traffic and gain top search engine listing it won’t
be long before you start seeing the cash rolling in!

To Your Success
Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa

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