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									Broadband DSL Compared to Cable Modems
The speed of incoming and outgoing internet computer data can vary
between broadband DSL and cable modems. Understanding how cable modems
operate in comparison to DSL provides a better understanding of why
broadband DSL is the preferred choice in broadband technology.
Cable modem internet service is used mainly in residential settings
rather than for business use because it is usually offered as a package
deal with cable television programming. Cable programming uses separate
channels within one main cable for television broadcasting, outgoing
internet computer data
from subscribers, and incoming internet computer data to subscribers in
specific locations. Unlike DSL, all cable television and internet
subscribers in a specific location share the same cable to and from the
provider. This means that every cable subscriber sharing that single
cable also share bandwidth. The speed of internet service via a cable
modem doesn't depend on
the distance to and from the provider. It depends on the number of other
subscribers on the same cable who are using the internet simultaneously.
Broadband DSL allows subscribers to use the same telephone line for
telephone communication and internet access. Broadband DSL uses
frequencies that go way beyond the frequency range of regular telephone
service, so data transfer speed with DSL is considerably greater than
other options. Unlike cable modem
internet service, the speed of broadband DSL depends on the distance the
provider is to the DSL subscriber and connection speed chosen by that DSL
subscriber. DSL is generally faster than broadband cable modem service
because of greater amounts of bandwidth availability. Broadband DSL is a
dedicated internet link that can be counted on for spee d and reliability.
DSL is clearly the best choice of broadband technology for the general
public as well as businesses relying on fast connections and internet
downloads. Internet users can rely on broadband DSL for faster internet
browsing, game plays, and emailing, as well as all other internet-based
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