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									Brief on Satellite TV Internet Services
Satellite Internet is a new way of Internet connection that utilizes
satellite technology in data communication. As most satellite TV
providers nowadays teamed up with satellite Internet Service Provider
(Satellite ISP) and offer their service via the same system, satellite
Internet is also commonly known as satellite TV Internet. In general,
satellite Internet services are used in location where terrestrial
Internet access is unavailable.
Who needs satellite Internet service?
In the beginning, satellite Internet is mainly for those who need
Internet access a lot but cannot get it: Armies, offshore site engineers,
and shipping crews are some of the pioneer satellite Internet users.
As days go by, satellite Internet technology revolved and was
commercialized to the publics. In this day and age, satellite Internet is
meant for almost anyone who is looking for high-speed Internet services.
If you travel a lot, if you live in rural area where DSL cables are
unreachable, if you want alternatives for your cable DSL connection;
satellite Internet service is for you.
As the service cost is getting cheaper and cheaper, satellite Internet
turned out to be a common house hold services nowadays.
What is the speed limitation for satellite Internet?
Currently we are seeing around 500kbps to 1.5mbps on satellite Internet
speeds. Nothing impressive when compare to DSL cables; however in
contrast with dial-up connection, satellite Internet is definitely the
better choice of high speed connection.
Getting into satellite Internet services
Basically, you will need to approach to different local satellite ISP if
you wish to owns the system. In normal circumstances, satellite Internet
services are available worldwide thus one need not to worry about the
availability of satellite Internet services in his or her area. Common
installation of satellite Internet system at home will requires two
modems, a satellite dish that pointed to the south sky, coaxial cables
that link up satellite dish and you modem, and of course, a PC. In United
States, Hughes Net is one of the top satellite ISP that you should be
familiar with.
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