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Social Media Workbook - Twitter


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Social Media
A Guide to Social Media - Twitter

Twitter grew out of a simple desire by its founder, Jack Dorsey, to know what
his friends were doing. Specifically, he wondered if there might be an
opportunity to create a simple communication network, and simplicity has
played an important role in Twitter's success. People are eager to connect
with other people and Twitter makes that simple. Twitter asks one question,
"What's happening?" Answers must be under 140 characters in length and
can be sent via mobile texting, instant message, or the web, making it easy
for people to stay connected.

Still don’t know what Twitter is?
Twitter has exploded in recent months. Teens, celebrities, network marketers,
corporations and small business alike are all jumping on the bandwagon. If
you are a small business wanting to blog, an internet marketer, into affiliate
marketing, trying to promote your website/business Twitter should be a part of
your arsenal.

Twitter Can Help Whatever Your Agenda
We all need exposure and traffic. Twitter can help you get both fairly quickly
and easily. Twitter can help you generate leads/prospects - high quality
prospects that you can expect from a social networking site.

The Ideal Social Networking Site
Ultimately this is a social networking site. In case you didn't know the actual
definition of a social network, it is an online representation of people and the
interactions between them. Twitter is the ideal social networking site. It
focuses on getting exposure and traffic with minimal mucking around.
With Twitters ease of use and ability to communicate with anyone simply and
easily the „power‟ it gives business to communicate with
customers/clients/partners in a way they never could before is revolutionary.
It‟s ideal for developing a community for market feedback and
business/customer interaction.
How a small business can get started on Twitter

Mention social media and you‟ll invariably get this response “I don‟t have
time to chinwag. Time is money, and I don‟t care about a bunch of nerds‟
opinions anyway.” …or something similar. Twitter is often the target of such
However its clear Twitter is great for getting an opinion poll, spreading views,
engaging with colleagues and discussing technology. Clearly it has great
potential for reaching customers and your target demographic, who
frequently voice their opinions on matters of everyday life, including the
brands with which they interact.

Twitter has grown hugely in recent months and is fast becoming a key tool in
the business armoury, an instant referral system for business leads.

It‟s easy to search for leads, users maybe in a similar industry. You can even
get Twitter to trawl your Gmail or similar to see who in your mail box has a
Twitter account so you can invite them.

Keep Tweets interesting as you only have 140 characters. So think, would you
really like to read this?

Harnessing the benefits of real time web market research is easier than ever.
Enter whatever you like and instantly see the most recent chatter in regards to
that topic. The most recent results will be sorted at the top of the search

How often should you Tweet? There is no golden rule its wise to try and keep it
consistent so don‟t go days without tweeting. As you get more familiar then
you can begin to use some of the many Twitter add ons such as Tweetdeck.

Links to other useful resources in your industry or expressions of thanks or
maybe just hints and tips are all liked on Twitter and help to give your Twitter
feed a functional and cooperative feel to it.

Always reply to direct messages. If someone has bothered to send you a
direct message then it makes sense to reply.

Putting „to‟ in front of a username will find all the tweets sent to that user.
Using inverted commas around a phrase will search for that precise phrase.
If you follow these top tips you will begin to see how you and your business
can gain benefit and exploit the opportunities that Twitter gives, it should go
without saying this needs to be part of your marketing strategy and can work
in line with other online and offline marketing.

Source and
Top tips to make Twitter a success for your business

1. Networking connections
With the Twitter network you can have real conversations with people you
would never be able to reach otherwise. Also you are able to form deeper
connections with people in real life because of your first meeting on Twitter.
It might not last, but right now Twitter is allowing people to slip past the
traditional gatekeepers that might have prevented them from talking to
people they want to reach. If you think of how some executives, celebrities or
just very busy people have their email inbox and telephone locked down
tight, being able to slip 140 characters past all that and get right in front of
them, it‟s like the magic wand of networking.

2. Traffic
How much traffic you can generate with Twitter depends on a number of
factors, not least how many engaged followers you have. “Engaged” being
a key point; they have to want to hear from you, otherwise they might as well
not be following.

3. Leads
Someone will ask if anyone knows a consultant/freelancer/vendor/etc. With a
certain skill set or experience, and others will reply with suggestions. If you
build a strong network, you will get a good share of those referrals.

4. Direct sales
Keep in mind that if all you do is promote your products, people will stop
listening, so keep up the good content too. Make an offer and see what

5. Insights
There are some very clever people on Twitter sharing their wisdom and
expertise. Through Twitter conversations opinions about a lot of topics
change. Keep an open mind and you can tap into the collected wisdom of
smart people all over the globe and from many different industries and

6. Content
Your Twitter followers can be a terrific source of additional valuable content. If
you poll your followers about a subject, you can get ideas that you would
never be able to generate yourself. This is Twitter as crowd sourcing model!

7. Answers
From computer problems to which car to buy, Twitter folks have the answers
you are looking for.
Google search is great but it can‟t answer questions like the Twitter hive mind

8. News
We don‟t need to list all the stories that have broken on Twitter by now; they
are already well-established. Yes, there is some misinformation, but Twitter is
great at clearing that up too.
9. Inspiration
Twitter messages and discussions are a constant source of inspiration and
motivating ideas. Not just for content but for all kinds of things.

10. And yes, chit-chat!
There is nothing wrong with a bit of chin-wagging. Social media activities are
often a break from work, and coffee and a chat can be a great way to
recharge your batteries. We all need a break once in a while.


They’re doing it!

A selection of NE businesses/organisations with twitter profiles:

       Business Link
       ONE NE
       The Princes Trust
       Durham University
       Design Network North
       North East BIC
       Entrepreneurs Forum
       Journal News
   Twitter facts

1. English speaking countries dominate Twitter

2. The UK is ranked second as a Twitter nation

3. 65% of all users are under 25

4. Tuesday is the most popular day for Twitter activity, accounting for
   15.7% and you Tweet from 11am to 3pm (of course this was expected,
   who wants to tweet on Monday)

5. More than half of twitter users use something other than Twitter to
   tweet, monitor and manage their tweeting (TweetDeck has the largest
   market share with 19.7%)

6. 1 out of every 350 visits to a Website comes from Twitter as a source

Useful Links

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Useful Reading

                  Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at
                  a Time by Anthony Robbins, Joel Comm, and Ken Burge

                  Dominate your market with Twitter by Jon Smith and José

                  Twitter Marketing for Dummies by Kyle Lacy
A Guide to Twitter Terminology

Twitter, the 140-character microblog social media network, spawned a whole
lexicon of terminology specifically dedicated to Twittering. This list is by no
means definitive, but if you are new to Twitter, it should give you a place to

Tweet: A 140-character post.

Follow/Following: Choosing to receive someone‟s Tweets.

Followers: Those who choose to receive your Tweets.

Twitterstream: The flow of Tweets from people you are following.

Twitterverse/Twittersphere: The world of Tweets, including online and mobile.

Twitter Handle: The 16- or fewer- character name you go by on Twitter. The
Twitter Handle becomes your Twitter profile page URL and is how people will
identify you. The Twitter Handle is always preceded by @.

ReTweeting: Forwarding a Tweet to the followers in your Twitterstream. Best
ettiquette says to credit the original Tweeter by identifying it as a “Retweet” or
simply “RT @yourusername”.

@Replies: You‟ll see this link in the right-hand column of your Twitter page.
Clicking it will show you all the Tweets that include your @Handle. In other
words, messages for you or about you.

Direct Messages: Use Direct Messages to carry on a private conversation with
someone. Direct Messages can only be sent if both Tweeters are following
each other.

Favorites: Star the Tweets you‟d like to come back to for their useful links or
other valued information. Clicking on the Favorites link will show you all the
Tweets you‟ve selected.

Hashtags (#): Twitter uses hashtags (#) to group Tweets on the same topic.
Once a group establishes a hashtag, it is tracked at Twitterers
can search by hashtag to find Tweets about that topic. Hashtags are often
used for conferences and meetings as Tweets fly around the room.

Twitter Skin: The customizable design behind the standard fields on your
Twitter home page. You might want to use a good design company to carry
your brand onto your Twitter skin.

Twitter Apps: Little widgets and other applications that enable you to
maximize your use of Twitter across the web and mobile networks.

Tweeple: People who Tweet.


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