Covert Hypnosis - The Truth About Underground Hypnosis Technology by primusboy


									Covert Hypnosis - The Truth About Underground Hypnosis Technology
Before explaining what covert hypnosis really is, you must know exactly
how traditional hypnosis works. Now, you probably already have some idea
of the inner workings of hypnosis through movies, television, or even
stage shows. Maybe you have seen a hypnotist put a person to "sleep" on
stage and then make that person either reveal all their deep dark juicy
secrets or jump around singing an Elvis tune or clucking like a chicken.
However, true hypnosis is a little more complex than that. First, a
hypnotist must relax his subject through rapport, pacing and a soothing
tonality until induction reaches a preliminary state of trance. Then, the
hypnotist must proceed to guide the subject through deeper and deeper
levels of trance until a complete state of "hyper-awareness" is achieved.
Finally, the hypnotist can carefully speak to a person's subconscious
mind and give instruction.
Traditional hypnosis can sometimes be a difficult process and some
studies even say a large percentage of people cannot reach deep trance
states through normal hypnosis techniques. Why? The simplest answer
is...because the subject KNOWS they are being hypnotized. Even if a
person went specifically to a hypnotherapist wishing to be hypnotized,
they will still instinctively (and unconsciously) resist any assault upon
themselves, mentally or physically. It's called self-preservation and
it's probably the strongest trait in all living beings.
So, how are covert hypnosis techniques different? Covert hypnosis is very
simply hypnotizing someone secretly without their knowledge. Instead of
using long trance induction techniques, you can use carefully worded
phrases in everyday conversation to instantly put someone in trance and
give them commands. And the best part is, this conversational hypnosis
method works on virtually anyone in just minutes and people don't resist
you because they never realize they are being hypnotized.
This is the key to all underground hypnosis technology...the ability to
bypass a person's natural defenses. Once you develop a rapport with
someone, you can easily use undetectable, hypnotic word patterns to get
that person to do whatever you wish. Of course, becoming a covert
hypnotist takes practice. But once mastered, you will have a power and
advantage that most people could not even fathom. Just do me a favor.
Please don't make people sing those Elvis tunes unless they have at least
some vocal talent;)
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