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									Accessions Process

      Fiscal Year 2011

 Applies to Cadets Receiving
  Their Commissioning in:

         Dec 2010
         May 2011
         Aug 2011
• A military officer must be a scholar, athlete and leader (SAL).
• We commission SALs, and only SALs. Cadets must have the “full
  package”, and be accomplished and competent in all three areas.
• Cadets compete on their own merits and accomplishments against
  over 4,000 other cadets commissioning in that same “cohort” year
  group (Oct 10 – Sep 11)
• Your Grades, LDAC Performance and APFT Scores comprise ~75%
  of your accessions score, and is how you compete for:
   – Branch
   – Post
   – Grad School
   – ADSOs
   – Branch Detailing
   – Component
       • Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves
               Terms and Topics
• ACCESSIONS – the process we use to bring cadets into the Army
  formally, and assign them to their component and their branch
• CCIMS – the database we use to input all your info and requests
• LAMS – Leader Assessment Sheet that captures all aspects of the
  mathematical OMS information
• OMS – Order of Merit Score, the result of all your academic, athletic
  and leadership scores, using the OML percentages, that is used to
  compare you against the other 4,000 cadets going thru accessions that
• OML – a one-to-last listing of cadets, based on the OMS
• DMG – Distinguished Military Graduate, designated for the top 20% of
  cadets in the nation. Usually guarantees your first branch choice
• Active Duty Cutoff Line – a defined OMS that sets the minimum scoring
  for active duty selection. Below that score, AD is not possible.
• “Dead Zone” – the area on the branch bar graph where it is impossible
  for a cadet to receive a certain branch.
               FY 10 ROTC OML Model
 1. Academic Program (40%)
    (40.00) Cumulative GPA (includes ROTC GPA)              For each event/activity:
 (Spring Semester, most current)                            •Green numbers are possible max

 2. Leadership Program (60%)
       Leader (45%)                                              Physical (15%)
      (6.75) - LDAC Performance (E/S/N)                 APFT (85%)
               - Leadership positions                     (1.28) - Campus (MS III Fall semester)
               - Leadership attributes/skills/actions     (1.91) - Campus (MS III Spring semester)
     (11.25) - LDAC PLT TAC Evaluation (E/S/N)            (9.56) - LDAC (1st score)
      (4.50) - LDAC Land Navigation (1st score)         Swimming (5%)
    PMS Experienced Based Observations                   (0.375) – Campus Swim Test
    (6.75) - PMS MSIII CER OML                           (0.375) – CWST
    (4.50) - PMS Accessions OML
                                               Athletics (10%)
    (4.50) - PMS Accessions Potential Comments
                                                (1.50) - Varsity, Intramural, or
    (4.50) - Cadet Training / Extracurricular
                                                                      Community Team
     (2.25) - Language / Cultural Awareness

                     Warrior Forge, Platoon Top Five = 1 point added to final OMS
                     RECONDO = 0.5 point added to final OMS

           Language / Cultural Points
CULP Activity                                                  Points   Max per
Major in a Critical Language (Must be declared major
at time of board for 3rd year credit, 1st and 2nd year must
                                                                  15       15     45
take language course in each semester/quarter of that
Major in Non-Critical Language (Must be declared
major at time of board for 3rd year credit, 1st and 2nd
                                                                  10       10     30
year must take language course in each semester/quarter
of that year)
Passing a Critical Language Course (must be on
                                                                   5       15     45
college transcripts, High School does not count)
Passing a Non-Critical Language Course (must be on
                                                                   3        9     27
college transcripts, High School does not count)
Rosetta Stone in a Critical Language                               5        5     15
Rosetta Stone in a Non-Critical Language                           3        3      9
Study Abroad in a non-English speaking foreign
Country (Must be course on transcript of non-US
                                                                  10       10     30
college level academic institution, completed courses
do not have to be language courses)
                                      Total Points Available                      201
   Language / Cultural Points

Critical Strategic Language List for FY10 CULP
         Arabic              Chinese Mandarin
      Persian Dari              Persian Farsi
          Hausa                  Indonesian
         Korean                    Pashto
         Swahili                    Urdu
FY 09 National OML and AD Selection

 FY 10 scores were not published,
 but were about 2 points higher
            FY 10 ROTC National OML Results
                               FY 10 Cohort:          4,718
                                                                             As of: 22 OCT 09
                        Commission Review:                   4
                              National OML:          4,714       (Top 20% = 947 DMGs)

                    Educational Delay (DL):               83        (91 went to Board)
                                   Army Nurse:           206
                              GRFD Nurse:                  6
 Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD):                  924      (less 6 Nurses above)
                 Non-GRFD requesting RFD:                355
                 Active Duty Board Eligible:           3140
     Active Duty Board Eligible:           3140
             Active Duty Allocation:       2450*        (TOP 10% AD OML= 249)
             Additional Allotments:          81          (73 SMC, 8 AD G2G)
Allotment For Ed Delay Non-Select:            5
                    Referred RFD:              604       (Above AD Allocations)
       Component Totals:
                Active Duty Selectees:     2536      (total includes MS/SP, excludes 206 Nurses
                                                      and 83 Ed Delay)
                        RFD Selectees:     1889      (1200 ARNG, 689 USAR)
            Active Duty Accession Process

1. Branch the Top 10% of the AD OML with their first basic branch choice

2. Branch by OML until up to 50% of each branch’s requirements are filled
     a. If the first branch preference is unavailable, the next available branch
        preference of the Cadet will be awarded (2nd and 3rd Choice Only)
     b. Cadet may volunteer for the Branch for ADSO program, but they won’t be
        charged until after branch filled to 50%
3. Branch remainder of the branch with an additional three-year ADSO
     a. By OML
     b. Ensuring that no more than 65% of any one branch’s allocation are filled by
        the first half of the AD OML
4. DA Board awards branches to Cadets not receiving branch via steps 1-3
     a. DA Branching Model produces initial distribution of branch assignments for
        those branches not filled to 100% with steps 1-3
           - Needs of the Army, distribute quality, Cadets Branch choices
           - Ensuring that no more than 65% of any one branch’s requirements are filled by the
             first half of the AD OML
     b.   DA branching board determines final branch assignment for
          step 4 cadets and branch detailing for all
                    FY 10 Branch Fill Rates
• The following chart displays where on the Active Duty OML, each branch filled for the
FY10 Cohort for pre-branching (Steps 1 to 3)

• Color codes show where each branch filled for this cohort:
          – To 50% of the allocation without ADSO
          – To 65% with ADSO
          – Between 65% and 100% with ADSO

• Some significant variance from last years (FY09) results
   - DA directed that all branches with the exception of “AV” have at least 10% of the
total ROTC branch requirement go to DA Branching Model. As a result allocations
available for pre-branching was reduced for some branches. This is annotated by:
                    DA Branch Allocation
                    Allocation for Pre-branching

   - DA also directed a “Pilot” Program to align academic skills to branch for “EN”.
This “Pilot” took half of the “EN” Branch allocations and made available to “degreed
Engineers” only using same branching process.
   - ROTC Allocations for “IN” and “AR” were increased from FY09: however, “FA”
allocations were proportionately less and this resulted in “FA” filling to 100%.
   - “AV” Branch had no issues filling to 100% of allocation in bottom half of
OML, as it did last year.
                                                                                  FY 10 Branch Fill Rates
                                  133                 276                 124   83 83                                    178                 94                   346                  190                            35                 235                 139                  68                  152                   165                53                 183
                                  133                 249                 112   83 83                                    161                 85                   312                  171                            32                 212                 139                  68                  152                   165                53                 183

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         AD OML
                                  AV                  IN                  AR    ENEN                                     FA                  MP                   MI                   MS                             FI                 SC                  AG                   AD                  QM                    OD                 CM                 TC
10% Mission

                                                                                Degreed EN
              (3-380) (386-554)

  10%                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   250





  20%                             20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     501

  DMG                                                 37                        (47-1339)                                                                                              86





   30%                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  752

                                                                                              12                                                                                                                      16

                                                                                                                                                                                             (914-1232) (1385-1937)
                                                                                                                                                                  47                   25
   40%                                                                                                                                       12                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1009


   50%                                                                                                                   81                                                                                                              10


   OML                                                                                                                                                                                                                5
   50%                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1242



   60%                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            34                                                                                    1514



   70%                                                87                                                                 24                   30                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1768
                                                                                 12                                                                                                                                                                                                                   76
                                                      100%                                    29                                             100%                                      60                                                32
                                  45                                      39                  100%                                                                                     100%                           11

                                  100%                                100%                                                                                                                                        100%


   80%                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2020


                                                                                                                                                                  10                                                                                         20
   90%                                                                                                                   56                                       100%
                                                                                                                                                                   9                                                                                                                                                                                                    2277

                                                                                                                     100%                                                                                                                                                                                                   83                 27

                                                                                 14                                                                                                                                                      69                  13                    9                  15                     4                 1                  86
 100%                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2483
                                                                                82% “AR” is used as “Example” to Read Chart                                                                                                              98%                 74%                  78%                 60%                   53%                53%                47%
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Adjustments Made at DA; See notes
 Fill 50% by AD OML, 56 Cadets in this Group                                                                                                                                           (15-689) Start and End OML Group
 Fill to 65% of Allocations w/ADSO, 17 Cadets in this Group                                                                                                                            100% of Allocations filled in Steps 1-3                                                                                              DA Branch Allocations

 Continue to fill from lower 50% w/ADSO; Filled to 100%, 39 in Group                                                                                                                   DA Allocations for Branch 112
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Allocations for Pre-Branching
Purdue’s Class from 09/10
Duty Status   Nat’l OML   DMG   AD OML   AD Percent   RD OML
Active Duty      114      YES      94      3.79%
Active Duty      517      YES     405     16.31%
Ed Delay/AD      535      YES
Active Duty      599      YES    463      18.65%
  Nat Grd       1041                                   140
  Nat Grd       1284                                   187
  Nat Grd       1470                                   220
  Nat Grd       1656                                   251
  Nat Grd       1747                                   267
Active Duty     1829             1333     53.69%
 Reserves       2035                                   318
Active Duty     2234             1609     64.80%
Active Duty     2315             1670     67.26%
Active Duty     2543             1826     73.54%
 AD-Nurse       2550
Active Duty     2952             2081     83.81%
  Nat Grd       3039             2134     85.94%
  Nat Grd       3348                                   625
  Nat Grd       3437                                   653
  Ref- AD       3517                                   694
 AD-Nurse       3525
 Reserves       3634                                    790
  Nat Grd       4109                                   1190
  Nat Grd       4171                                   1241
  Nat Grd       4393                                   1422
RD-Referred     4422                                   1445
                          FY10 Branching Data
                                  (Active Duty)

         FY 10 BASIC BRANCH                   FY 10 EDUCATIONAL DELAY

                                                 FY 10 BRANCH DETAIL

  • 60.6% received 1st choice
  • 81.2% received 1 of 1st 3 choices
  • 100% DMGs received 1 of 1st 3 choices   • Army Branch Detail requirement of 447
                                            • No top 10% non-volunteer required to detail
As of: 22 OCT 09                            • 2 Detailed Cadets not accepted (1-CM, 1-FA)
              Branch Detail Program

All Cadets/LTs selected for Active Duty may be selected for
the Branch Detail Program, regardless of volunteer status

All cadets must select a branch detail branch, in case they
are selected for branch detail.

Your comments (PMS and Cadet’s) are used to determine
Branch Detail desires and positions.

             Availability of Branch Detail
             Program options are subject to
             force structural changes within
             the Army
             Branch Detail Program (con’t)

Developed to account for the shifting demand for officers within the MFE
(Maneuver Fires and Effects) and OS/FS (Operational Support / Force
Sustainment) branches between the ranks of 2LT and CPT

                      IN                         AD                   AVIATION

                      AR                         AG                   ENGINEERS
                                                                      MILITARY POLICE
                      FA                         FI                   ORDNANCE
                      CM                         MI                   TRANSPORTATION
                                                 SC                   MEDICAL SERVICE
                                                                      ARMY NURSE

                Recipients                    Donors
These were the branches from FY10’s board. Donor branches may change from year to year.
        Branch Detail Program
             (Example, IN-MI)

                                SERVE 3-4 YRS IN
                                INFANTRY UNIT

                                  A IR B O RNE

          Officer Career Incentive Programs
                 (ADSO/Dual ADSO Programs)

 Only Cadets selected for Active Duty are eligible
 Selection is based on the National OML . For BRADSO, if you “earned”
your branch outright, you will not be “charged” an ADSO, even if you
requested it.
 Cadets may request to participate in 1, 2, or all 3
 Cadets may be selected in up to two of the programs
 Participation in each program is in exchange for an
  additional 3-year Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO)
   Branch for Service - Receive their branch of choice
   Post for Service - Receive their first assignment of choice
   Graduate School for Service - Attend full time, fully funded
   Graduate Program between years 7-11

 At time of request, Cadets must sign a contract addendum
                     FY 10 ADSO Results
     1677 Cadets asked to participate in an ADSO option. Total Selected 1173 (with Pending Post ADSO’s)
                                                                       GRADUATE SCHOOL
                                                                          • Available:                          275
                                                                        1 • Requested:                          418
                                                                          • Selected:                           275

                                                                       POST ADSO
                                                                          • Available: (Branch/Location)
                                                                        2 • Requested:              291
                                                                          • Pending HRC             260

                                                                       DUAL ADSOs
                                                                          • Requests:
                                                                               - Branch/Grad                    242
                                                                               - Branch/Post                    185
                                                                               - Post/Grad                       25
                                                                          • Selected:
                                                                               - Branch/Grad                    72
                                                                               - Branch/Post                    92
                                                                               - Post/Grad                      15
• 101 Branch ADSO’s were removed due to                                 1. Additional Grad School allocations
                                                                          may be received after DEC 09.
Branch detailing in SC (17), MI (76) and FI (8).                        2. All Post ADSO requests subject
              BRADSO As of: 22 OCT 2009                                   to HRC branch/location.
           Graduate School for ADSO
 300 Cadets can participate (approximately)
 Guaranteed Option to attend Graduate School (up to 24 months)
 Outside of this program only about 1 in 10 graduates receive fully
funded Graduate School (Advanced Civilian Schooling)
 Officer determines attendance: When, What, Where
     •   In almost any program of choice from a broad slate of
     •   At any accredited institution of choice within the US as
         approved by HRC
 After attendance, 3 for 1 payback (additional active duty time)

 A great website is located at:
        Student Loan Repayment Program
• In exchange for more years of active duty, the Army will
“assume” your higher education loan and pay it off for you.
• Deadlines:
    • 1 Nov (for Dec grads)
    • 1 Mar (for May/Aug grads)

• You sign up for this about one month before you
   • Up to $25k – one year
   • Up to $50k – two years
   • Up to $75k – three years

• You will sign an addendum to your contract once the SLRP
request is approved, and DA agrees to assume your loan.
                  Reserve Component
                      Accession Process
Step 1 – Cadet requests USAR or National Guard
   (“Dedicated” cadets have no option)
Step 2 – Cadet secures a slot in a unit (USAR uses the
   “Request” system, NG uses the LOA system)
   a. Both of these steps are done BY THE CADET
   b. LOA in Indiana is a Conditional LOA, and INARNG
   holds an OML board for branching its officers
Step 3 – After the Branching/Component Board, Cadets
   have 30 days to secure their slot
   a. Sooner is better – slots are limited to allocations!

                   FY 10 Reserve Component
                                                                          ARNG        USAR
Reserve Component Selection Process
                                                        Mission          1200         689
1. All Dedicated ARNG GRFD holders                      Dedicated ARNG:    233
   were awarded “ARNG” and removed                      Requests for:    1093         563
   from OML                                             Directed USAR     (126)        126
2. By OML, Cadets were awarded                          Cadets Placed:   1200         689
   Component of Choice “ARNG” or                        Reserve Component Satisfaction = 93.3%

                                               RC OML
3. When one Component reaches its
   mission/ distribution all lower on RC
   OML directed to remaining
   Component                                                         RC Component Choice Line:
                                                                     RC OML # 1489
                                                                     National OML # 4477
                                                                     OMS: 65.3596


              Active Component LTs
                Attending BOLC-B

 LTs receive orders prior to commissioning
 Orders include BOLC-B and first duty assignment
 Priorities of bringing LTs onto active duty/BOLC seats:
   • Green to Gold Active Duty
   • Send LTs to fill LTC/LDAC requirements
   • LTs perform GBR duty (Purdue or elsewhere) prior
     to attending BOLC-B
            Reserve Component LTs
              Attending BOLC-B

 ROTC LTs receive Reserve Component orders
  minimum 30 days prior to start of BOLC-B:

  • USAR from USARC G1 (Request, website)
  • ARNG from HRC-NG
  • Do NOT work with your unit to secure a slot in
    ATRRS for BOLC-B. It may be approved initially,
    but will get denied. This slot is worked at the
    national level.
         Advanced Nurse Education Option Program

• New program for FY 09 (allocations – 35 above 300 GRADSO slots)
• Guaranteed option to attend graduate school (up to 24 months)
• Master’s degree in a health related discipline at an accredited
 institution of their choice within the US / approved by AMEDD
• Must complete degree by the 11th year of service
• After attendance, 3 for 1 payback - not tied to a utilization tour
• If volunteers exceed available billets, Cadets will be selected in
  order of:
    – Four-year scholarship Cadets
    –Three-year scholarship Cadets & DMGs by OML
    –Two-year scholarship Cadets by OML
    – Non-scholarship Cadets by OML
        Branching End of LDAC Commissionees

 Methodology:

  • End of LDAC Commissionees will be incorporated into the
    current year’s PMS Accessions OML cohort using a 0.5
    criteria (cohort that has already been branched for the FY)
  • LDAC Commissionees are incorporated into the current
    FY’s OML Model to calculate an OMS which will determine
    their OML ranking using a 0.5 criteria resulting in no impact
    on the previously established OML
  • The already established FYXX DA Selection and Branching
    Board results will be used to determine Active Duty
    selection line and branch selection

 What is done on campus to
ensure a cadet has all his/her
  correct data/information
        Branching - Accession Preference Tab
         Branch Preferences and Branch Detail

 Active Duty Branch Preferences:
   • Fill in all branches the Cadet is eligible for
   • Males – Combat Arms medically qualified must select a CA
     branch in one of their top four (4) branch choices
   • AV - Only if desire to be considered for AV
   • FA - Females are not required to select
   • Most males will have 15 choices
   • Most females will have 12 choices
   • Medically DQ will only have 10 choices
 Branch Detail:
   • Volunteer: Select Yes or No as appropriate
   • Detail Branch: Select branch that the Cadet would like to be
     considered for if selected for the Branch Detail program

Note: These 2 sections not available for GRFD Cadets
                  Educational Delay
 Educational Delay is a competitive board that occurs before the branching
board. A completely separate packet must be submitted, and must include
test scores (LSAT, MCAT) and letters of recommendations.
 Ed Delay applicants must complete all other accessions preference
information in case they are not selected for Ed Delay.
 Individuals who select DL (Educational Delay) as Duty Preference will
   fill out the EDUCATIONAL DELAY section:
     • Branch: Select branch the individual desires after
                   the completion of educational delay
     • Degree: Select the degree the individual will pursue
                   while on educational delay
     • Academic Major: Select the major the individual will
                              pursue while on educational delay

Note: These sections are only available for Educational Delay Cadets
     Branching – Accession Preference Tab
                       Cadet Comments

 Cadet Comments:
  • 500 characters
  • Must be bullet comment format (1-2 lines for each bullet)
  • Opportunity to give the DA Selection and Branching
    Board insight on branch preferences, examples of
    leadership, family legacy, etc.

  • Ideally only a few well written bullet comments

  • Should mention what you’d desire if you were being
  considered for Branch Detail
            Branching - Accession Preference Tab
                               PMS Comments

 PMS Comments:
     • 1,000 characters
     •   Must be bullet comment format (1 - 2 line each)
     •   Generally 3 - 4 well written comments will suffice
     •  Must include a statement that the female Cadet has
       received the Standardized Briefing on the Limited Career
       Progression for Women Considering Field Artillery if the
       Cadet has selected FA as one of her branch choices (to
       include branch detail branch)
     • Should include comments about branch detailing to board members
 I rank this Cadet ____ of _____
         Accessions OML not the MS III OML

 PMS Accessions Comments:
         CCIMS generated
        Branching - Reserve Component Tab
           Reserve Duty Branch Preferences


 Reserve Duty Branch Preferences
   • Select the six (6) RD branches in order of preference
     from drop down box
   • Does not have to mirror the active duty choices
   • AV, MI, and MS are very competitive – Restricted to
     first choice only for Reserve Duty consideration
          Active Duty Branch Preference
AN - Nurses only - must be majoring in Nursing (JXX);
     must be first choice
AV - Must have AFAST (90 minimum score) and qualified
     Flight Physical; must be under age 30 at start of BOLC III
SP - Must be 1st Branch choice - Major in Physical
     Therapy (Dietetics, Occupational Therapy and
     Physician’s Assistant – no longer done thru DA board
     process). Separate board process thru USAREC.
IN/AR - Not available for females
          Reserve Forces Duty Branch
            Preference Restrictions

 1st Branch choice restrictions
   • ** AN - Nurses only - must be majoring in Nursing
        (JXX); Must be first choice
   • **If a Cadet/LT wants to select AV, MS or MI
       Must be first choice - cannot have more than one of
        these branches selected
   • IN/AR - Not available for females
Student Management – Cadet (Activities)
       Fields Used in Branching
Request for First Duty Station. Choose your top 10. 4 of the 10 must be Overseas
              Educational Delay Board

 Prior to Active Duty branching, the DA Secretariat will conduct
the Educational Delay Board. Up to 135 Cadets may be
selected to pursue a Law Degree, Medical Degree, or Degree in
Theology prior to entry on AD.

 Branches are limited to:
      – Chaplain Corps
      – Judge Advocate General Corps
      – AMEDD (Army Medical Department)
          Medical Service Corps (MS)
            Medical Specialist Corps (SP)
            Medical Corps (MC)
            Dental Corps (DC)
            Veterinary Corps (VC)
              FY 11 Accessions Timeline

Accessionees meet w/ PMS to verify/update LAMS, and         last 2 wks of
make branch/component/post selections and provide their     school, 90
comments and work PMS comments                              minute sessions
MS III instructor completes MSIII CER/LAMS data in CCIMS    NLT 30 Jun
LDAC data is put into CCIMS at LDAC                         as received
Accessionees meet w/ PMS to verify CCIMS entries, receive   1st 2 wks, Fall
PMS’ OML and validate the LAMS final OMS
Last day to modify accessions information                   7 Sep
Submit GBR packets for Dec Commissionees                    7 Sep – 18 Oct
ED Delay packets due to HQ CC                               20 Sep
Publish National OML results for Reserve Duty, Active Duty, 20 Sep
DMG, and Top 10%, must be counseled by PMS and discuss
Branch & ADSO selections in light of their OML ranking
              FY 11 Accessions Timeline

Last day to adjust final Branch and ADSO choices or           Early Oct
PMS/Cadet comments
218-Rs (assignment preference) for Dec Grads is due           Early Oct
Educational Delay Board                                       5-7 Oct
National Branching Board                                      12-15 Oct
Branching and Ed Delay results are announced                  21 Oct (delays!)
Begin publishing orders for Dec Grads                         Nov
Last date to request Post for ADSO                            Nov
218-Rs due (assignment pref) for Spring Commissionees         15 Nov
All Reserve Cadets w/o a REQUEST Vacancy Hold                 22 Nov (or 30
Notification or LOA will be assigned to either USAR or ARNG   days after
and a branch based on the needs of the Army                   results released)
              FY 11 Accessions Timeline

Submit branch and duty status changes (rare)          13 Dec
Submit GBR requests for May-Sep graduates             13 Dec
BOLC Conference                                       Dec
Initial Assignments Determined (including ADSOs and   Jan/Feb
Orders Cut for May/June Commissionees                 Mar-Apr
Graduation / Commission                               May

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