QUOTES Dear Friend Hi Here r some really great sayings by bkiran63


									Dear Friend,
           Hi!!! Here r some really great sayings:-
1 Coincidences r small miracles where God chose 2 remain Anonymous!!!

2 A friend is a person who knows all about u and loves u just the same!!!

3 A smile is a curve that sets things straight!!! (So, keep smilin’!:))

4 There’s nothing more special than friendship,
  And no friend more special than u;
 Thanx 4 being u---
 And thanx 4 being mine!!!

5 Smile... it improves ur face-value!!! ( :) )

6 It takes a second 2 know someone;
  It takes an hour 2 like someone;
 It takes a day 2 love someone;
 But, it takes an ETERNITY 2 forget someone!!!

7 Love makes each and every moment special and a lifetime happy!!!

8 One step 4 a man may be a giant leap 4 mankind!!!

9 An ounce of hesitation results in a world of regret!!!

10 Therz no "I" in TEAM; but therz an "I" in ATTITUDE!!!

11 Love is not finding someone u can live with; but finding sum1 u can't love without!!!

12 Life is like mail- sumtimes u just don't get it!!!

13 A pessimist is a person who says that "O" is the last letter of ZERO instead of the first
   letter of OPPORTUNITY!

14 Therz more 2 life than merely existing!

15 Winners r part of the solutions; Losers r part of the problems!

Bye 4 now! I'll b back with more gr8 quotes… soon! Until then…
Take care. Chow!!!
                                                            Lotsa luv from,

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