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									   Are You Looking For Car Storage
   Posted by admin On December 10, 2009 1:30 AM

   Car storage needs can come up when you do not have sufficient parking area. Sometimes a storage facility
   can turn out to be cheaper than buying a garage or renting garage space in your building premises. In case
   you cannot find a suitable and convenient parking space, it is a good idea to consider a self-storage unit.
   There are several advantages of safekeeping the car in a unit. Car storage in a safekeeping and secured unit
   will protect your car from dust and prevent its color from fading. It will also eliminate or eradicate the chances
   of theft or any other kind of damage. Moreover, the storing units are so convenient that you can drive, right up
   to the door of the unit. Some of the units are climate controlled, which means that your car will not be subject
   to extreme temperature conditions. The chances of dust collecting on the body of the car are also reduced
   since a climate-controlled storage unit is dust free.

   Benefits Of Car Storage
    Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are some more advantages of storing the car in a storing unit.

   Tampering ? Your vehicle in car storage will not be subject to any kind of tampering from passersby, bird
   droppings, rodents, marks and stains. Moreover, accidental damage by pet animals or children would be
   avoided. The paint job are usually susceptible to damage during the nippy months. The chill can play havoc with your engine and its
• Weather damage ? Carstoo will look fresh.
  parts. In such cases, a climate-controlled storage unit can be of great help. Extreme weather conditions may increase your
  maintenance and servicing costs. Car storage ensures that your vehicle is in the best condition and does not need or require any
  special and extra care and attention when want to use it.
• Theft ? When you store your car in a storing unit, you can be assured of its safety and security. There are no chances of theft you can
  relax while your vehicle is parked inside a car storage unit.
• Natural calamity ? Self-storage service providers offer protection and security against natural calamities. Individually you may not be
  equipped to handle the natural calamities but these car storage units being technologically advanced offer complete protection against
  natural calamities like fire, earthquake, floods etc.
• Car dents ? All dents do not take place while driving. Some dents also occur when your car is stationary. Even parked cars are prone
  to scratches and dents. It is certainly not because of your mistake, it is due to someone else mistake. Car storage will eliminate or
  reduce the changes of dents, dings and scratches.

   Indoor car storage also offers two options, the regular units and climate-controlled units. It is advisable to go for the latter during
   winter if you want to improve or enhance the life of your car engine and retain its external appearance. It protects the vehicles in
   several ways. Car storage is indeed the best and easiest way to keep your vehicle.

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