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Appreciate Agriculture


									Appreciate Agriculture
Posted by admin On November 25, 2009 9:25 AM

It is 2009 and most people today hardly ever think about agriculture. Food and clothing are things which just
seem to appear in the closest mall and grocery store. We go to the store and take for granted the variety of
foods and products we can buy. When is the last time you can say you actually looked at a sandwich and
thought about all the agriculture that was necessary for that sandwich to make it to your mouth. Stop and
think for a second. There is the bread, which is made up of wheat, the meat, which came from some sort of
animal that was raised by someone, the mustard or mayonnaise which was processed in some way or
another, and the tomato, which was grown by someone somewhere.

Nope, it is not often that I think about the agriculture that goes in to all of the things I consume on a daily basis. But maybe we should
stop and think for a second and appreciate those who make agriculture their career. Because, without them, we would not have food
on our plates or clothes on our bodies.

I grew up in St. Louis, which was not surrounded by farms or agriculture of any sort. As a child, I never even wondered where all the
food and clothing came from. It was just a part of life that I needed in order to survive, and everyday my parents or the school would
set it in front of me and I would consume it. It was as easy as that. And, if I remember correctly, when my friends and I would talk
about what we wanted to be when we grew up, nobody said a farmer. No, I do not think any of us even really knew what agriculture
meant, and we certainly wanted nothing to do with it when we got older. Being a farmer did not seem nearly as glamorous as
becoming a doctor or a teacher.

What is amazing to me is that we have enough agriculture in America to support the millions of people living here. Think about the
cities and just how many people there are who are, everyday, consuming and consuming and consuming. It is so amazing to think
that somewhere out there, agriculture is making all of this possible. All over the world we are tearing down our trees and plants and
building more and more buildings. We are being greedy but so dumb at the same time, because all this is going to do in the long run
is hurt ourselves. As we continue to overpopulate and take over the space in the world, there is not going to be near enough room for
the agriculture we need to be supported. Think about how much land is needed for the agriculture to feed millions of people. I have no
idea what the actual amount of land in America that is used for agriculture is, but I do know that we cannot sacrifice any of it. We need
as much land and labor as possible in order to feed and clothe all of us.

So, stop for a minute and think about all of the agriculture and hard work that goes into feeding and clothing you. You might not think
farming is a very glamorous job, but without it you would not be able to live. Agriculture is probably the most important job out there
and we hardly ever think about it!

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