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					Antique Dresser Obsession
Posted by admin On October 6, 2009 7:59 AM

The antique dresser my mom has in her room has been in our family for ages. It is solid oak with brass
handles and my mom says it has so much value to her it cannot be sold. Apparently, it is priceless. When we
were little my mom would always watch us like a hawk whenever we were anywhere close to that dresser. It
was her pride and joy and she was not going to let it be ruined by a five-year old. Because she was so
paranoid about this antique, I was fascinated by it.

My mom hated that I had an obsession with her antique dresser. It had been in her family for years, yet it barely had a scratch. So,
the minute my small self walked up to it, she was immediately trying to direct me to go somewhere else. Well, I was not an idiot and I
was not going to be fooled. I knew that antique dresser was special which made it all the more interesting to me.

Normally, a dresser would have been the least interesting thing in the world to me. I promise you, most furniture barely mattered to
me. What could I have done with a dresser anyway? But, since this antique was so inherently special to my mother, that made it
special to me and I could not get over it. I was obsessed with this antique.

So, I found different things to do with it. I would get on top of it and pretend like I was the captain of a ship, or I would try to cram
myself into one of the drawers and pretend like I was a sleeping baby. No matter what game I was playing, this antique was a world of
fun for me. Never before had a piece of furniture been so tantalizing. They say you want what you can?t have. Well, they are right.
The only reason I liked the antique dresser so much was because I was not supposed to be playing with it.

My mom would try to lock her room to keep me out, but she often forgot and I eventually figured out how to pick the lock. No matter
how hard she tried, it was almost impossible to keep me away from this antique. I became infatuated with it, and I wanted it for my
own. My mother, however, had absolutely no intention of letting me have or play with it since it did have so much value because it had
been in the family for so long.

My obsession with the antique dresser grew, and by the time I was 15 I was desperate to have it as my own. Most teenagers want a
car when they turn 16, but I wanted a dresser. I asked, begged, and pleaded for it, but my mom continually told me that I was not
responsible enough to take care of it and I needed to be more mature before it was passed down to me.

She waited for a random birthday to give the antique to me. But, finally, when I turned 22 I was led into her room on my birthday and
the dresser had a big bow on it. It was finally mine! I did not know what to say or do with it. It had grown to be such an invaluable item
in my mind. I put it into my room as my own dresser, but the minute I had kids, the whole cycle began to repeat.

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