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Posted by admin On April 11, 2009 7:40 AM

Architecture is a practice of designing buildings and physical structures and is often referred to as a form of
science and art, mainly because a lot of technical skills are required for implementing a design for the
structure. There are several factors that need to be considered while designing a building including mass,
materials, cost, technology, construction, texture and light and shadow. An architect needs to manipulate all
these factors to create the ultimate design which not only appears aesthetically appealing but also functional
and brawny.

One of the most important parts of the modern architecture remains that it does not refer to only the visual art from of the structure.
Almost all the human senses are taken into account in complete architecture. Apart from that, environment and surrounding of the
structure and the management of water, power and other types of utilities are also considered to be an integral part of architecture.
Every architect believes that art of architecture does not exist in a vacuum but it also consists of context, contrasts and surroundings
to get complete.

Although, this form of art has not been widely recognized as a popular and important profession among the individuals, but it is one of
the most widely recognized and most influential jobs in the entire history. Almost everything that we know about the ancient
civilizations depends largely upon what is found in their architecture. There are numerous cultural and political symbols that are
primarily known for their architectural achievements like Roman Coliseum and Egyptian Pyramids. Even several modern locations
and cities are known for their architectural landmarks only such as Sydney for its Opera House and New York for its Empire State

Architecture is born out of several combinations of human requirements such as security, worship and shelter. Today, this science is
applied almost everywhere and most of the public buildings are professionally designed including public offices, hospitals, hotels,
restaurants, railway stations, offices and apartment buildings. In today?s buildings, a lot of emphasis laid upon certain elements like
energy efficiency, environment friendliness and environmental blending.

Due to rapid urbanization and the buildings turning into unique art forms, several universities and colleges have come up to offer
several professional courses in the field of architecture. Several streams of architectural courses are offered including industrial
design, landscape architecture and graphic design. Other specializations include interior designing, preservation, solar design, health
care facilities and design theory. Some people who want to become professional architects also pick up some non-architectural
course like behavioral sciences, economics, CAD and mechanical and structural engineering. These prove to be an added bonus for
those who are interested in landscape designs and buildings.

In the architectural language, design means the entire planning of the building, its elevation, figure, section, scale, ground and ratio to
the external unit measures and grids. Although it is considered to be a form of art, analytical and mathematical understanding is also
an indispensable part of architecture. Without mathematical calculations, skewed patterns and designs are not possible to be drawn.
A house is one of the biggest investments of a person?s life and if you are not sure about the kind of architecture you want to employ
in it, you must consult a professional architect. He or she will offer you several choices so that you can have a house of your own

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