Church in Trouble by PieterPretorius1


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The truth has been revealed.
We have entered into a new season, where church is concerned. The time for the whole body of Christ
to come together has arrived. The problem though, is that the different departments in the body of
Christ are not on the same page. Too many churches doing their own thing; building a church and not
the Kingdom of God.

Many churches don’t train their people to maturity. It frustrates me when seeing the passivity, the lack
of power, the lack of understanding, the lack of wisdom in general because I know that the price has
been paid to walk in all of those things.
The question we need to ask is: why are we not a more powerful example of the book of Acts?
I believe that the church is in danger right now.

The Charismatic movement or season is over and the apostolic movement has begun. Let me explain:
Many people attend a church where the church teaches you in five steps how great you are, or in five
steps how to deal with your problems this week, BUT as soon as the church challenges your character
or lifestyle, you become offended and you run to another church. We have majored in on a pastoral
model of church. Did you know that in the New Testament, no new church was started by a pastor?
Every new church was started by an apostle. Then the apostle encourages the five fold ministry to work
within that body. Any five fold ministry today should been released within a body like that to function
in a way God ordained it to function.

I believe there are still too many leaders in a church that becomes threatened when he or she realises
that someone in the congregation looks like he or she might have a bigger or better gift or blessing
upon him or her, than himself. Because of the thread, the leader will not encourage or place that
member into a position to function better or to grow any further. I think it is abnormal and considered
evil to know that things like this happens in churches today. The conclusion is that the leader in most
cases is only worried about his own pocket and not the congregation members.

The apostolic: reforms, rebuilds and restores. It is time for the church to restore to the original plan
God has for the church. Clearly the pastoral model has failed – it has produced people who want to be
nourished, who wants to be cared for, and who wants to be blessed. A real bless me club. The reason
for this is that the church has built their foundation on a Babylonian style and not how God wanted it to
be built. We have used Babylonian ways to grow churches. A pastor only tickles the people’s ears and
doesn’t challenge their character. This “motivational speech” teaching style on a Sunday does not
work. Everybody know that it didn’t change them or take then to maturity in Christ.
God is not to be fooled with, at this time. The churches have to accurately align themselves to His
original plan. The church is supposed to be the seed of governing authority of His kingdom. If you are
the temple, then u need to understand what God wants you to look like and wants you to do.

The true apostles are recognised by their function and not their title. One of the greatest oppositions to
the apostolic model is the religious spirit. Success of an apostolic ministry will not be determined by
how many people fill the chairs, but how many are trained and sent out with a dominion agenda. Jesus
wants to come back for a glorious church, and He is interested in the quality of fruit produced in the


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