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									Restaurants benefit from using Email Marketing Campaigns

                                                    Internet marketing is everywhere. There
                                                    isn't one industry, large or small, which
                                                    cannot benefit from marketing to an
                                                    increasing and unending global
                                                    marketplace. Reaching out to customers
                                                    and clients, while creating your brand
                                                    awareness, has never been easier which is
                                                    why restaurant owners have quickly joined
                                                    the game. If you are a restaurant owner,
                                                    this is the perfect opportunity to increase
your sales while building a loyal clientele.

What can Email Marketing do for your Restaurant?

      Sending emails that tell your customers of new menu items, coupon specials or
       special events – keeps your restaurant in front of their minds and their stomachs!

      Customer testimonials help build your business reputation, while creating a valuable
       viral campaign.

      Sending out customer feedback forms gives your clients a chance to share their views,
       comments, and observations. This is an ideal way to find out what your clients want,
       which in turn, creates repeat business.

      Increasing website traffic. If you have a website, include that in your email marketing
       campaigns. Directing your clients to your website, gives you another large area of
       marketing to your target clients, while increasing a new segment of interested
       prospects. Use your website to display your special dishes. Offer some free recipes.
       Everyone but everyone loves a good meal.

Building your Opt-in Email List

As your customers arrive simply ask them to drop off their business cards or email address.
Let them know you want to keep them informed of any specials, promotions, or discounts
that you may offer during the week. When you send out your email marketing campaign,
don't forget to include an unsubscribe option. Don't hold them captive if they want to opt-
out. Don't forget to include a forward in your campaigns. Using that option, your campaign
not only builds a list of loyal clients, but at the same time, your clients will be ab le to send
those campaigns easily to their friends, family and colleagues, as well.
Planning your Email Marketing Campaigns

What are your objectives? Successful campaigns are built on planning and research. What
type of communications do you want to send to your customers? What kind of dialogue do
you want to begin? As the restaurant owner, you need to know why you are sending out a
campaign and what specific goals you hope to gain. Are you promoting a new cuisine,
announcing the addition of a new chef, creating more repeat business, or advertising a special
dinner wine? Having a set purpose of desired outcomes, helps you obtain the results you

How many is too many? You must determine the frequency of your email marketing
campaigns. Frequency normally will depend on your personal needs and concepts.
Frequency ranges from weekly - to bimonthly. Savvy marketers let their clients set the
frequency range, because frequency is very subjective.

Know your Clients: Ask for customer feedback. Stay on the same page with your customers.
Knowing what they want takes out any unnecessary guesswork, while leading to another
successful email strategy.

Track your e-campaigns: – Obtain live behavioral stats. Tracking and analyzing your
campaigns is the only way to know how your campaigns are performing. Tracking your data
enables you to see if your emails were delivered, opened, and if your clients clicked through
to your call to action. Analyzing these campaigns will teach you about your customers'
habits and patterns.

Adding the Social Media Ingredient to your Email Marketing Recipe

      Blog on your Website: – Invite your customers to share their thoughts and opinions
       on your blog. Read what they are writing about. Bring your personality into the
       discussion. Social media is growing because people want to know you.

       Create your own brand ambassadors: Restaurants always have "regulars", those
       people that come in consistently during the week. Let them spread the good news via
       Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.

      Sign up with the local restaurant search engines:,, and – Don’t hide - be found.

Today, restaurants are greatly benefiting from the use of email marketing campaigns. This
strategy has helped them reach a larger audience as they increase their market segment and
sales. Email marketing keeps you visible and viable. Let email marketing prove its worth to
your restaurant business today.

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