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Kid-Key-Lock is a simple program to lock specific keyboard and mouse functions.

Kid-Key-Lock is ideal to be used in order to prevent toddlers from accidentally
pressing unwanted buttons on your keyboard and mouse.

When Kid-Key-Lock is running, an indicator icon will appear on your system tray.
When you click on the tray icon a pop-up menu will appear. All program functions,
including the setup dialog box are accessible from this menu.

The program works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and the beta
version of Windows 7.

      Very simple to setup and run
      Seats on tray for easy access
      Mouse Lock options:
          o Left mouse button
          o Middle mouse button
          o Right mouse button
          o Double click
          o Mouse wheel
      Keyboard lock options:
          o Standard character keys (letters, numbers, signs, etc)
          o Additional keys (Navigation keys, function keys, ins/del, home/end,
          o Windows system shortcuts(e.g. alt-tab, win-key, etc)

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