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Beginning a first flower garden or a new flower bed can be a little daunting, but it is also exciting and always an
adventure. Here is a quick rundown of practical how to tips on where to put it and how to begin.
A Sunny Spot is best.
For your first beginning flower garden, pick a spot that is in full direct sun. It should be sunny all day long or for at
least half the day including noontime.

Flat Ground is Easy to Garden
For a beginning gardener, flat ground is best because it is the easiest to work on.

Remove Grass, Sod or Weeds
First, remove any existing grass or weeds including the roots. The more thoroughly you do this chore now, the better
your results will be later. Add Organic Matter
Next, loosen the soil and mix organic matter into it.

What Size Flower Bed is Best?
Size does matter, and bigger is not always better. For a first flower garden I suggest starting on the small side. This way
you are less likely to become overwhelmed by the preparation phase and won't be swamped by the maintenance as the
season progresses. You can always build on your success and expand it later!

Flower Garden Style
Meanwhile, think about how you want your flower garden to look. Do you like a formal or informal style? What
color(s) do you like? What mood? What kind of backdrop will it have?

Selecting Flowers to Grow
What should I plant? This is the big question and every gardener will have their own personal answer to it, depending
on the growing conditions where the garden is and other practical considerations, plus the style of garden, and of course
based on personal taste.
It's always fun to select the flowers for the garden, plant them and watch them grow.

You'll have the best chance for success if you start by understanding the concept of Right Plant, Right Place and select
plants accordingly.

Reality Check

Equally important, how much time do you have weekly to spend on maintaining your flowers? (Even low maintenance
plants require regular care.) Will you have help? What is your budget?
If you are just starting out on your very first flower garden, a modest sized flower bed is probably better than too big.
An area about one or two meters wide and two or three meters long is manageable yet will give you lots of room to
play with. You can see what works well for you and what doesn't and then build on that knowledge and experience
Have Fun!


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