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POA committee members officers liaisons named for By PATTY by hollypiet


									POA committee members, officers, liaisons named for 2006

By PATTY ROBICHAUD, PR Assistant                                   February 2006

Tellico Village Property Owners Association announced the advisory committee
members, officers and Board liaisons for 2006. Advisory committees provide property
owner advice and input to department directors/managers and the Board of Directors.

Property owners are encouraged to attend meetings and contact committee chairs with
specific concerns.

Elected chairs of the 2006 POA committees are: Bob Ball, ACC; Jim Peyton,
Communications; Cap Purvis, Finance; Lois Hudgens, Food Services; Steve McAvoy,
Golf; Molly Swaim, Long Range Planning; Claire Frazer, Public Services; and Chris
Garner, Recreation.

Each committee has an HOA liaison (contact HOA for more information). Liaisons and
ex officio members do not vote on matters before the committees.

Architectural Control

Reviews applications and issue permits for construction of all homes, businesses and
shoreline improvements in Tellico Village. ACC meets 9 a.m. on the first and third
Wednesday of each month in the POA office.

Members (seat expires): Bob Ball (2006), chair; Andy Ewing (2007), vice chair; Richard
LeTard (2006); Al Wilson (2007) and Bill Schmid (2008); Bob Wright (Board liaison);
Billy Stephens (ex officio).

Communications Advisory

CAC advises public relations manager on communications with property owners and
outside organizations and governmental bodies and oversees the POA Web site and a
community services television channel. It meets 9 a.m. on the first Friday of each month
in the POA office.

Members (seat expires): Jim Peyton (2006), chair; Karen Keirstead (2007), vice chair;
Diane Decker (2007), secretary; John Holmes, Pat Walter and Len Willis (2006); and
Claire Moxim (2007); Howard Jones (Channel 3 TV); Charlotte Soltman (Board
liaisons); Frank Juan (ex officio) and Patty Robichaud (recorder).

Finance Advisory

FAC advises finance director and accounting manager on the financial affairs of the
association. It meets 9 a.m. on the second Wednesday of each month in POA office.

Members (seat expires): Cap Purvis (2008), chair; Ken Ballien (2006), vice chair; Janice
Schneck (2006); Ken Hampson and Richard Keilhacker (2007); Bob Coates (Board
liaison); Cotton Hunt (ex officio).
Food Services Advisory

FSAC advises Yacht Club manager on development, operation and maintenance of food
services at the Yacht Club. It meets 1 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the
Yacht Club.

Members (seat expires): Lois Hudgens (2008), chair; Susie Hanson (2008), vice chair;
Pauline Vaughn (2006), secretary; Charles Radanovcis (2007); John Cocannon and Dick
Lierman (2008); Dave Hudgens (Board liaison); Gail Woolwine (ex officio).

Golf Advisory

GAC advises director of golf operations on the development, operations and maintenance
of Village courses. It meets 8 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month in the POA

Members (seat expires): Steve McAvoy (2007), chair; Alan Hart (2008), vice chair;
Nancy McDaniel (2007); Jim Brown and Ted Lethen (2008); Bob Snodgrass (Board
liaison); Jim West (ex officio).

Long Range Planning Advisory

LRP advises the POA Board on long-range issues facing the Village and proceeds to
develop plans to address them as necessary. It meets 9 a.m. on the fourth Thursday of
each month in the POA office.

Members (seat expires): Molly Swaim (2006), chair; Paul Weist (2006); Forrest
Wasserman and Joseph Marlette (2007); Winston Blazer (ex officio).

Public Services Advisory

PSAC advises Public Works director on the construction, maintenance and improvement
of common property, including common docks and security services. It meets 1 p.m. on
the fourth Wednesday of each month in Public Works office.

Members (seat expires): Claire Frazer (2007), chair; Harvey Hall (2006), vice chair;
Robert Krause (2006); Harry Page (2007); and Jed Ellis (2008); Jim Gadd (Board
liaison); Jeff Gagley (ex officio) and Vivian Kittle (recording secretary).

Recreation Advisory

RAC advises recreation managers on recreational, health and fitness programs and
facilities, including lake events. It meets 11 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month in
the Chota Recreation Center.

Members (seat expires): Chris Garner (2007), chair; Don Litrell (2008), vice chair; Susie
Auten, Janet Brown, Ron Dawe and Roger Wilson (2006); John Cole and Hariette
Buchanan (2007); Charlotte Soltman (Board liaison); Holly Carpenter, Doris Gibson and
Alicia Williamson (ex officio).

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