IMSS Managed Hosting - Price List by MarijanStefanovic


									                                IMSS Managed Hosting
                               Price List & Cost Worksheet

Basic Managed Hosting ($25/month):
   •   Choice of hosting environment:
           o Red Hat Enterprise Linux . & Apache 2.x or Microsoft Windows 2003 Server & Internet
              Information Server 6.0
   •     B of disk space (                                                      )
   •   Caltech domain name registration (e.g.
   •   Secure access methods (Linux: SCP / Windows: File Share)
   •   Basic scripting capabilities
   •   Daily network disk backups (locally recoverable for 7 days)
   •   Weekly tape backups (stored offsite for 1 month)
   •   Basic web site planning, deployment, migration and support
   •   Basic URL uptime monitoring
   •   Automated patch maintenance and centralized security configuration

Advanced Managed Hosting ($75/month):
Includes all Basic Managed Hosting features plus:
   •   A dedicated Virtual Machine for customers who need to run specialized software applications in
       a dedicated environment (e.g. FileMaker, Cold Fusion, Advanced Scripting, etc.)
   •   Remote access through Remote Desktop (Windows) or SSH (Linux)
   •   Includes 1GB of disk space (                                                             )

                Optional Monthly Services                         Monthly Cost
Additional Disk Storage
Per Additional    B
SFTP Server Access
For uploading, downloading and sharing files                            $5
(Cost per 3 accounts)
MS SQL/MySQL Database
Includes    B of database storage, basic administration,               $30
backup and maintenance
Additional Database Storage
Per Additional    B

                       Other Services                                 Cost
SSL Certificates
                                                                  $250/year for
Provides secure 128-bit encryption when communicating with
                                                                  each domain
the website (e.g.
Hourly Consulting & Support
Support for advanced application configuration, database            $75/hour
administration, data restoration from backup, etc.


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