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Posted by admin On November 11, 2009 10:49 AM

It is easy to become frustrated and on edge when traveling through airports these days. The Transport
Security Administration (TSA) has established several rules and restrictions that make our travel safer, but
can also create long lines at peak travel times and result in unhappy travelers.

If you frequent airports for business, then you are most likely a pro at unzipping your laptop carrier, slipping your shoes off and
remembering to place your items in a plastic baggie.

For the rest of us leisurely travel-goers, it may have been a few years since we flew the skies. You may recall dropping your friend or
family member off at the airport and taking them all the way to the terminal, and waiting right outside the door for them to exit the

Those days are long gone, and anyone without proper ID and a boarding pass cannot step beyond the security checkpoint.

The security and safety benefits of the increased safety protocol are apparent to everyone, but nonetheless a hassle.

What is a traveler to do and how can he or she make things move along more quickly?

Here are some tips for making your experience in airports quicker and hassle free.

     • Use The Online Check-In ? If you purchased your tickets and provided and email address, many airlines send an itinerary or
         boarding pass via email. You can print your boarding pass and can even check and print your baggage tags from the office or
     • Wear Flip Flips or Slip On Shoes ? when passing through security, you must remove your shoes. If you are wearing shoes that
         lace up or have buckles you will be taking much longer to remove them and put them back on. However wearing loafers or
         sandals that can easily slip on and off will make things run smoothly and quickly.
     • Put Bottles In A Plastic Bag ? If you carry a hand-sized bottle of lotion, makeup, etc in your bag, these items must be put
         together in one plastic bag. You will have to remove the plastic bag from your purse or luggage and place it in a bin to run
         under the scanner.
     • Open Your Laptop ? You will have to remove the laptop from your case and place them each under the scanner separately. If
         you proactively remove these items, the TSA agent will be able to process them much more quickly.
     • Keep Your Boarding Pass And ID Out ? If you have these papers handy and easily accessible you will not have to rummage
         through your bags to find them and can quickly provide them when asked. Make sure that if you are traveling with a group
         everyone has the correct boarding pass and proper ID. If you are traveling internationally make sure your passport it up-to-date
         and readily available.

Of course, airports are concerned with safety. Their policy is that it is better to be safe that sorry. Although it may take you a few extra
minutes to get through the line, you are sure to agree that the peace of mind and safety is well worth the measure.

There are, however, some controversial security measures in place at some major airports that can cause travelers to wonder how far
is too far.

There are cases on both side of the argument that advanced body scanners will allow for heightened security. One side stands on the
platform that the safety of everyone means that travelers are agreeing to comply with whatever measure necessary. The other side
argues that these body scanners go too far and cross the line of intrusive upon ones personal privacy. At any rate, TSA has installed
the full body scanner at several major airports across the country with plans to install more. To date, an individual asked to enter the
body scanner may deny the body image scanner and opt to a personal body search.

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