How to Get Other People Excited about Your Joint Ventures Proposals and Deals

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					A Special Report from Marketing Genius Jay Abraham…

                            Jay L. Abraham
How to Get Other People Excited about Your Joint Venture
Proposals and Deals

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How to Get Other People Excited about Your Joint Venture
Proposals and Deals

                                   From the Desk of…

                          Jay L. Abraham

REF: As a joint venture deal-maker, more
often than not, the people you are proposing
to just can’t seem to make the connection why
the deal you are proposing is such a good one
AND WHY they should act on it.

In this letter, I offer you three deceptively
simple ways around this rather common
problem… (out of many I’ll be teaching as a
part of the six month program I’m
collaborating on with JV Master Marc
Goldman. See below…)

Dear Aspiring JV Deal-Maker:

The phone rang.

        It was Marilyn Dominique...Marilyn is a graduate of one of my expensive
programs, and a very proactive marketer of Baguette, the trendy middle-to-up market
restaurant she runs with her husband Francis.

         On this particular occasion, Marilyn was very frustrated. She’d formulated a
terrific idea based on her experience in me program and really felt it would get instant

        Her idea was to approach a small number of prestige motor dealerships and form
a “host/beneficiary” joint venture relationship with them to help them rekindle the latent
business sitting in their customer files.

How to Get Other People Excited about Your Joint Venture
Proposals and Deals
       The idea was a terrific one.

       She presented the dealerships with a plan to enable them to offer their past clients
a superb meal at Baguette---valued at $120. It was a very attractive JV-oriented deal.

        All the client had to do was simply come in to the dealership and test drive a new
model. (The customer would then be given a voucher to come to her restaurant, be treated
like royalty ... and when all the pomp and ceremony was over, Marilyn would then bill
the dealership only a contribution towards the “hard cost” of the meal she’d provided -
some $40.)

        Clearly she’d offered the dealers a great opportunity. Her scheme would bring
qualified prospects through the door for around maybe $100 (taking into account the cost
of the mailing) compared with their usual strategy - of throwing tens of thousands of
dollars at the mass media.

      The mass media cost per acquisition of prospective customers is perhaps several
hundred dollars.

        Her idea offered them a nice “soft” reason to write to past customers, a great way
to generate good will as well as “store traffic”... and (as selling cars is a numbers game
like anything else), it presented a wonderful opportunity to sell cars. She even offered to
WRITE the letter that they would send out.

       So it was at least worthy of testing.

       A classic win/win.

       Her “pay-off” of course was that - although she’d be virtually giving the meal
away - she’d have a chance to win some of those diners as long term customers of her
own. And that IS a classic win/win idea.

       Now if you’ve noticed that all this seems to be written in the conditional tense...
you’re very perceptive. Because, with those dealers at least, nothing happened, despite
Marilyn’s great concept and personal enthusiasm---she hit brick walls.

How to Get Other People Excited about Your Joint Venture
Proposals and Deals
       The dealers nodded that the idea was great. Then they did nothing about it. You
can probably see why she was frustrated. (Has that ever happened to YOU?)

       That phone conversation with Marilyn made me think…

                                 Why do good ideas
                                   bite the dust?

       It struck me that in my “to do” files, I have maybe three or four sound proposals
from people for projects or joint ventures that almost certainly will generate additional
revenue for us ... yet I have not rushed into doing anything about them. And I suspect
Rick Duris has one or two on his desk somewhere too.

       And that made me wonder why.

        Why is it that we can see a sound idea that someone else has come up with - an
idea that may even excite our imagination when we first look at it - and we do nothing
with it? Even when the proposer has the tenacity of a bulldog with courtesy follow-up

        More importantly, if we can pinpoint the reason for that inertia, maybe we can
look at what needs to be done to OVERCOME it - valuable insight indeed when WE are
the proposer ... and WE are the one sweating on some action!

A Quick Demonstration

      I figure there are at least three distinct but interrelated motivations ... or
demonstrations that stop the action in its tracks.

                                      Strategy #1:
        The first, quite legitimately and obviously, is time. Business people or the “doers”
in the business world at least, seem to work at a frenetic pace. And anything new across
the desk is an intrusion. To pull off what you’re doing to think about something new (that
someone else sees as important) may be just too much to handle. So it gets put in that
cold place called a “back burner”.

How to Get Other People Excited about Your Joint Venture
Proposals and Deals
        So, to get action, we clearly need to demonstrate to the recipient that the time
needed to pull off doing the other things they’re doing is FAR outweighed by the rewards
they’ll get.

       And to achieve that, we need to do more than simply present the logic of “dollars
and cents”. The successful person is already making plenty of those ... so unless our
proposal entails MEGA dollars, they really won’t be sidetracked by that argument.

                                     Strategy #2:
       And that leads me to point number two. Our proposal must be consistent with the
“doer’s” vision ... their “main stream” activity. “Doers” have a passion for where they’re
                    They are single-minded---Focused like a laser.

        So before we present our case, we need to determine what their priorities are and
structure our proposal in a way that what WE want, gives them what THEY want.

        I think it’s instructive to think of this “doer” as swimming the English Channel
against the tide. They know where they’re going. They know if they stop striving in that
direction for any length of time, they’re going to go backwards or drift away from their

                            Here’s the BIG question...
        So with that picture in mind, what can YOU offer them that will (a) either help
them GET there faster...or (b) that it is so damn compelling, they’ll stop swimming and
start doing what you want...

                    I think you’ll agree, it makes you see how darn
                          compelling your proposal must be!

        Now all that may seem a bit esoteric, so let’s take an example. Take Marilyn’s
“free dinner offer”.

       If those prestige motor vehicle dealers are focused on stemming losses on their
bottom line for example, they’d be interested in a way to cut their salaries bill. They’d be

How to Get Other People Excited about Your Joint Venture
Proposals and Deals
interested in a way to reduce the leasing payments on their motor vehicle stock. Focused
on getting more customers. And so on ...

       The LAST thing they’d be interested in is someone wanting to convince them to
give away free meals to their customers at their expense.

        So the proposal needs to be focused to achieve those aims ... (Ironically
Marilyn’s did!) She focused her “pitch” to them on the basis of bringing new prospects in
to the showroom who’ll buy.

                                     Strategy #3:
        So why didn’t they act?

       That leads me to the third and final point. To get a proposal acted upon by a busy
doer when the content is outside their precise focus, YOU have to make it EASY. You
have to “sell” your proposal by…

                   Doing most if not ALL the thinking and execution.

        You may have to write all the letters, design their brochure if there’s to be one,
develop all the follow-up letters and even project out their sales figures from the venture
... even offer to put someone in their office to DO the project and to deal directly with
their customers if that’s what it takes.

                       Make it so easy that all they have
                          to do is bank the money.

        Are these strategies over the top?

           Not if you’re serious about getting your joint venture proposal up. And let’s face
it, if it isn’t worth the effort, let me ask you the big question…

                      Is it even worth proposing in the first place?

All the best,

How to Get Other People Excited about Your Joint Venture
Proposals and Deals

Jay L. Abraham

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