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					                                                 Exam I
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         EECE 542                     Local Area Networking                     Fall 2002

5 pts.     1. List the 3 types of networks based on size classification.

5 pts.     2. List 3 standards organizations that play a role in producing networking standards.

5 pts.     3. List 4 factors that determine the effectiveness of digital transmission over a non-
              ideal channel

5 pts.     4. What are two purposes of line coding?

5 pts.     5. Starting with the lowest layer, list (in ascending order) all of the layers of the OSI
              model and their corresponding PDU.
3 pts.   6. Examples of three topologies are given below. Name each topology, and for each
            topology, describe how a frame is removed after being placed on the network



10        7. Identify the line coding scheme associated to produce each of the waveforms
pts.         shown below for the corresponding data.

                      0           1        1          1         0         1         0      0

       _____ 0 V -

       ______0 V -

       ______0 V -

       ______0 V -

       ______0 V -
6 pts.     8. List the primary functions of the following layers of the OSI Model:

                      Layer 1:

                      Layer 2:

                      Layer 3:

  3 pts.   9. Which layer of the OSI model handles the following functions: Flow Control,
              Error Correction/Detection, and assigns port numbers to keep track of various
              sessions taking place at the same time of the network?

  5 pts.   10. Distinguish between flat and hierarchical addressing schemes. Which type does
               layer 2 use? Layer 3?

  5 pts.   11. Addresses from which layer of the OSI model change as they go through a router?
6 pts.   12. Define the following terms:

                a. collision domain

                b. broadcast domain

4 pts.   13. What device<s> break up a collision domain? Broadcast domain?

6 pts.   14. List the following:

                a. Three layer one devices

                b. Two layer two devices

                c. One layer three device

4 pts.   15. True or False: A hub can make a collision domain larger? Why?

3 pts.   16. What type of switching starts sending data as soon as the destination address is
10     17. Given the following network which device would be the root switch? What mode
pts.       (Root – RP, Designated – DP, or Blocking – BP) will each port be in? What layer 2
           address will be used to send data from Station A to Station B? Which layer 3 address
           would be used?
5 pts.   18. What happens if a switch receives a frame, but does not know what port to use to get
             to the destination? How can it avoid this problem when it gets another frame for the
             same destination address, and will this fix be permanent?

5 pts.   19.       What is the difference between the two definitions of bandwidth as discussed in