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					         DUltimateD CPA Methods
    How I make at least $500 every

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All rights reserved.

This guide must not be produced, reproduced, copied or passed on without the prior
consent of the author.

There is no guarantee on how much money you will make with the claims laid out in this


In this guide I will share all my techniques and secrets that I have applied and used to
generate thousands of dollars with whitehat and blackhat techniques. These methods are
not rehearsed methods but methods that I have used myself and that work. I will also go
into some great detail on the best Affiliate Networks to join and how to get approved with
Affiliate Networks.

This is going to be a complete step-by-step blueprint on CPA Marketing and after finishing
this guide you will make money so fast you will end up thanking me. But if you do not want
to take action – Quit now.

So, now that I have your undivided attention,

                               What is CPA Marketing?
CPA is an acronym for cost-per-action and represents an online advertising payment
model in which payment are based only on qualifying actions such as sales,registrations,
leads, downloads, form submissions.

This is quite an important section so please pay attention. This is where people tend to get
confused and ask a lot of questions.

CPA Affiliate Marketing companies are those huge millionaire marketing companies which
you guys are going to join. These companies act as the middle man and in turn pay you to
generate leads for their clients.
There are lots of CPA affiliate marketing companies and personally I am a member of
several networks just in case one day I wake up and find myself banned for no apparent
So its best you spread your wings and join right now.

Here are the ones I highly recommend:

CPA Empire
Hydra Network
                      How to get accepted into CPA Networks?
Having a Business website setup, not required but it helps a lot - Make sure it looks
professional. Invest in a domain name e.g.; i prefer to use
Wordpress as the CMS; because it is easy to setup and with the right template it will
look good. Throw some PLR content into your Wordpress associated to your business.
They want semi-new affiliates. So tell them that your Internet Marketing experience is 2
years or more. They do not want a Greenhorn Marketer and risking noob tactics that will
make their company look bad.
Get yourself a Real email address with your business domain, NOT and I repeat NOT from
any free email provider such as Hotmail/Gmail. Do not expect them to treat you seriously
with an email like
Create an email account for yourself somewhere in the line of these few examples, , you get the idea.

Some CPA Network will call you upon registration.
Now you have a professional website and email, answer your phone calls professionally.
I'm not saying that you have to be a tele-marketer but a lil soft skill goes a long way.

Answer your phone with
Hi, this is "Full Name" from "Your business" and end the conversation with "Thank you for
your time"

There are only two questions your application reviewer will probably ask you:

1. How do you promote offers?
2. What type of offers are you interested in?

The answers are simple:

1. I buy traffic and banner space
2. I run all types of offers if they are converting well, I have access to a lot of traffic sources.

If you are using blackhat techniques Never EVER reveal them to ANY affiliate company or
you will be banned immediately.

Most often this would be enough to get you accepted.
                                Choosing your CPA Offer
There are many different types of CPA offers that you can promote. These include
everything from offers that require the Lead to complete long forms, each Lead has to fill in
more fields with information like their address and CC information and other details and also
pay per lead offers where the visitors just has to submit their email address or zip code and
you get paid. Payouts are normally much higher for longer forms.
There are also paid/sale offers where you can get the visitors to sign up for trial offers
and products. You will earn a base on individual payout rate.
Some offer allows you to incentivize your traffic, which means offering the lead a free
gift or a bonus in order for them to fill in your offer. So please check the rules, before
promoting the offers, you do not want to promote an offer which cannot be incentivized
to an incentive site.
Also some offers, disallow email marketing, or search engine, or forbidden words, example
"free" - most commonly in Ringtones offer.
Always talk with your affiliate manager before you start a campaign and make sure they
are clear on exactly what you are looking to do. Lastly make sure that you always fully
read the terms of service for every CPA network and offer that you are looking to promote to
ensure you do not violate and rules or regulations as this could get you
banned from the network and make you lose all your commissions.
The common types of offers are as follows:
Zip/email submits (One field)
Short forms (3-4 fields)
Long forms (More than 4 fields)
2 page (2 pages of fields)
Sales based (Surf the site, make a purchase)

I will go with Zip/Email submits as these are the easiest to convert.

These will normally pay for $1 to $2, below is a logic way of thinking why I choose to
promote Zip and Email Submits.
You send 1000 Visitors to your freebie offer > the landing page coverts at 20% of your
traffic, which means 200 visitors, entered their email address > let’s say the offer pays
you $1.00 per Lead. That would be an easy $200 in the bank!
Let’s go to the Sales Based offer.

You send 1000 Visitors to your offer > The landing page coverts at 20% of your traffic, which
means 200 visitors entered their email address > Do your visitors want to buy this product?
> We assume 1% of that traffic actually buys the product > which then equates to say $59
per sale x 2 sale. > You earn $118

So which offer do you prefer to promote?

Another reason why I do not prefer to promote Per Sale Based offer is:
The affiliate sees that there is a huge payout for the offer, starts promoting the hell out
of this offers, other affiliate will also be promoting this offer as the payout is huge.
As the traffic come pouring in the owner of the offer begins to build a list of highly targeted
leads with the help of you and other affiliates.
If your traffic did not convert to a sale, you are losing money and effort for the traffic that
you generated but on the other hand the owner of the offer get a large highly targeted list
that you and the other affiliate build for him.

When choosing your offer it needs to be targeted to the traffic you’re getting. This would
be understandably better for your conversions.

                     Now,let’s make money!!!

                                         Method 1

For example, the offer I’m going to choose is the “Nintendo Wii” offer...

This offer pays out $1.20-$2 per email submit.Depends on you CPA Nework.

When setting up a PPC campaign for this offer, affiliates start looking for keywords such as
Nintendo wii, free Nintendo wii, free wii etc.

For getting top positions for these keywords, you need to pay around $0.25 - $40 cents. I
don’t say that you won’t make profits paying that much for these offers, but the profit margin
will be low and you need to spend $1 to make $1.30 commission. We are not after this
method of doing PPC.

Now brainstorm the demography of a typical user who will be interested in this offer. In this
case, I take it as primarily younger male audience. Here is the twist. What I’m going to do
now is find 2-5 popular movies liked by this demography of users.

For example let’s take these 2 movies:

Spiderman 3

Now let’s check the popularity of these movies in Google and their search trends. Open up
browser and go to Google Keyword Tool


and type the movie name in the keyword box. We see that there is quite a lot of search
volume for these keywords. This means that there is enough traffic to get from these

Now we know that these movies (Spiderman 3, transformers) are popular enough to get
traffic via Adwords.

But instead of using Adwords search network we are going to use only the Content Network
option for this campaign. The structure and keywords for the campaign will be:

Campaign 1
Spiderman 3

spiderman 3
spiderman 3 trailer
spiderman 3 movie
spiderman 3 trailers
spider man 3
spider man 3 trailer
spiderman 3 the movie
spiderman 3 release
spider man 3 movie
spiderman 3 online

And another similar adgroup for ‘Transformers movie.

What we are going do next is build a landing page where some information of the two
movies is given, and the user is asked to vote their favorite movie out of the two.

The landing page reads:

“Vote For Your Favorite Movie & Win a Brand New Nintendo Wii!”

Now I guess you have got a clue on what follows. Below the headline two movie image or cd
cover followed by a brief description of the movie one of the left and other on the right.
Followed by that are two links : “Vote For Spiderman 3”, “Vote For Transformers”..
Both these links forward to the affiliate offer where the user enters their email and you get
paid $1.35 for that.
The following example of the landing page will make things clearer for you.

With both the links leading the zip/email submit offer with your affiliate link. With the above
landing page you could expect around 60-70% click through rates to the offer page and 8 –
20% conversion rates. And of course it depends on how good the offer is and how targeted
the movies and the demography are.

Lets say you get traffic to the landing page at $0.06 / click.
100 Clicks = $6
75% Click Through to merchant page = 75 Clicks
15% Conversion rate = 11 signups

This equals $15 in commission. It may not seem much at the beginning, once you start
tweaking the landing page, the offers you CAN achieve up to 30% conversion rate which will
boost your profits.

And you should understand that you need to have 3-4 such campaigns to reach $50 -
$70/day mark as the traffic from content network will be low. Sometimes depending on the
movies offer you select you will get lesser traffic – here you should work on adding more
campaigns to keep up with the volume.

Once you reach a stage where you get enough traffic, start testing with different titles in the
landing page, different offers, movies etc until you receive a good ROI. Once done, these
sites will be bringing you consistent earnings for months if not years.
Let’s revise this strategy step-by-step:

1. Choose an email/zip submit offer from your CPA network.

2. Identify potential demography of users that will be interested in the offer.

3. Select 2 Movies/TV Show that will interest the user and make a simple landing page with
the movie info, movie image etc.

4. Place the ‘Vote For movie’ links which takes the user to your affiliate link.

5. Create 2 adgroups in your Adwords account one for each movie.

6. Create ads within the adgroup that reads to something similar like this:

Like Spiderman Movie?
Vote For Your Favorite Movie
& Win a Nintendo Wii, Vote Now!

7. Remember to run the campaign only in the content network.

8. Select only US as targeting area for the campaign. If your offer is valid for UK/CA visitors
add them too.

9. Once you start seeing some results, fine tune the headline, images, text in the landing
page to improve conversions.

Taking it further:

As with any online business strategy the more you stand out from the crowd, the more
creative your approach is the more money you will make. Don’t just stick with the above
strategy, if you want to scale it up – think out side the box and add your own twist to it.

For example you could make a landing page with just one movie and have something like 1-
5 rating for that movie and all the 5 links takes the user to your affiliate link.

You could only target ‘movie name trailer’ keywords in the search network like ‘ transformers
trailer’, have a trailer video of the movie in your landing page from youtube of other similar
sites and have an option for the visitor to vote for the movie – again the visitor is taken to the
affiliate page after rating.

Once you have a solid campaign making money for you you could take it up to other PPC
engines and bid low on them running them in search network. Other smaller ppc engines
like – MSN, enhance, 7search, searchfeed, clicksor etc.

Another advertising source which could bring in surge of visitors is adbrite. If you have
experience with adbrite and able to find good quality sites sending US visitors, you could try

I should tell you that not ALL campaigns you do with the method will be profitable, also you
should not expect to make $50+/day with just one campaign. Test it with 2-3 such
campaigns and keep your good performing campaigns and dump the rest. One campaign I
set up is consistently making $12/day profit for almost 40 days now on autopilot. It’s all
about finding once such campaign and replicating it.

                                          Method 2

CPA Poll Pages(Template included).Example:
Make a site like the one above editing the template included in this package.
What we are going to make money with this method is to promote the website in
forums,blogs and yahoo answers.I call this the Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz Method.
1. Research niche at Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz.
Click on the links and find the top ten most searched terms.
2. BUY a DOMAIN with the name of the niche you chose on Google Trends or Yahoo Buzz.
3. Buy WEBHOSTING for the domain.
5. Upload the template to your server.
6.Pick a related CPA offer for your poll.(Ex:Free iphone,free ipod,free gift card etc.)
7. Put some content on the site related to your niche.
8. Apply SEO tricks
(Title, Meta Tags, H1, H2, Keyword Density)
9. Create one Craigslist ad for Google to index.
10. Answer questions related to your niche on Yahoo Answers.
11. Search for your keyword on Google, and find every possible way to add your website
link within each content.
12. Create a simple video - use Power Point for simple presentation,and Camtasia Studio
for recording the presentation.Upload the video to major video social sites
(Ex:Youtube,Metacafe etc.).
13. Repeat steps 10 and 11 on a daily basis.
14. After a few weeks sell website on Sitepoint Marketplace, Digitalpoint Buy/Sell or eBay
and start over.
                                          Method 3

We are going to be focusing on creating a wordpress site for FREE things I.e. people
type things like “free Adwords codes” on Google all the time. I use this tool from Wordtracker
to help me find out what people are actually typing on Google.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

As you can see from the above results there are literally hundreds of different “free”
searches people are typing on Google. Let's pick one at random.

For example, “free Itunes codes” is a popular search phrase according to WordTracker.

If we look at the competition on Google you will see there are over a million results and it
would be fairly easy to be able to rank on the first page.

Competition for the phrase “free itunes codes”

As you can see on this image there is not that much competition for this keyphrase.
Therefore, sticking to our example lets start a simple wordpress blog called “Free Itunes

Here is the link to our example page

As you can see on the above page that is a typical example of a simple Wordpress page.
Notice I have included the main keyword phrase on the title of the site itself and the header.

The concept is simple. People who want “free Itunes codes” will come on this website, follow
the simple instructions and then complete the offer.This is a great way to 'entice' the person
to fill the offer.
However, NEVER EVER show this link to your Affiliate company or your managers or they
will ban you :)

You can do this same concept with other “free” phrases people are searching for. For
example, free movies, free movie downloads. Basically anything you can think of that
something people would want. And the beauty of this method is that it will never get
saturated as long as you are within the radar and are careful.

Notice on Google you can see several results where people are actually typing things like
“Where can I find free Itunes codes”. I would go to sites such as Yahoo! Answers and other
forums and just type a few lines and get a few backlinks.

Here are some other niches/markets you can exploit with this method.

Free Movie Downloads
Free Adwords Vouchers
Free DVD Horror movies
Free e-books! (this must have been saturated to death!)
Free Game cheats on any game!
Free Akon, Eminem (New) Album
Free Mp3 songs

There are simply tons and tons of markets you can exploit. You can also use Squidoo
for this or even weebly

This is where your creativity comes into play. You can alter the design of your site,blog,
page or whatever. As long as you are using redirect domain and hiding or “masking” your
affiliate link then you should be alright.
You can promote this method on places like Youtube, Yahoo! Answers answering targeted
questions, and other social networking sites.

Driving Traffic using Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is a great way to drive traffic to your CPA Offers. For example, consider our
example question.

“Where can I get free Itunes codes?”

If we type in the Phrase “Free Itunes codes Yahoo Answers” on Google we can see
that there are lots of people asking this question.

Take a look at the screenshot below.
As you can see from the screenshot above there are lots of people out there who are
looking for answers to their problems. So for example, if you go to Yahoo! Answers you can
put down an answer like this.

“Hi, you can obtain free Itunes code from this site
You will need to complete a simple offer and then you can get your free codes. I
have used this site myself and it works”.

An answer like that can help you drive lots of traffic to your page and will give you
backlinks too. You can give this answer to other similar questions too and you will soon find
traffic will start to increase for your CPA page.

                                         Method 4

This technique involves using our Current Event Domination method. In a nutshell you will
be using everyday events that instantly drive thousands, if not millions of people to the
search engines to find out more info. For example, when Britney Spears does something
stupid (like everyday) thousands of people flock to the SE’s to read more. When big
companies go out of business all the sudden, people hit the SE’s looking for more info.

Now if you’re fast enough, you can have a simple landing page interlaced with semi-related
CPA offers and get thousands of clicks in a matter of hours with no competition in site. Last
year when Sunrocket (a major voip provider) went out of business unexpectedly I was able
to have a landing page up promoting 9 other voip companies in less than an hour. Once I
had this landing page up I was able to setup a Google PPC campaign and be 1 of 2
advertisers on the keywords:
Sunrocket out of business
Alternate sunrocket provider
Keep in mind that I was paying .13 a click with one other advertiser that must have forgot
that Sunrocket went out of business. I received thousands of clicks on the first day I had the
campaign running and I made over $2,600 in 24hours!

This is a fine example of Current Event Domination.

With thousands of possible CPA offers you are bound to find something that is somewhat
related to what’s going on. Were talking about massive traffic in a short amount of time and
with a decent landing page and some easy free sign-up offers you are in business.

                                          Method 5

This next technique is simple and relies on a little smoke and mirror technique I like to call
Adwords Abuse. I have used this method of driving cheap PPC traffic to high payout-low
requirement offers time and time again with great success.
The common problem with driving PPC traffic to most CPA offers is that the landing pages
they give you to promote are often very skinny on content and some of them are just an
image embedded with a form. We all know how Google hates these types of pages and if
you try to conventionally direct link to these landing pages Google is going to hit you with
$5-$10 min bids and tell you to go fly a kite.
I have the answer! The key is to use an existing domain that you have never run a campaign
on, so if you need to buy a new one do it. Make sure the domain name is somewhat related
to what you will be promoting. For example, if you are going to promote a bunch of free trial
offers then get a domain like or

This technique is where the big money comes in and really once you get this going you will
start to see a snowball effect on how much money you are making.

Here’s how this method works:

You will be creating a freebie site where people will come sign up at your site for a free Xbox
360 for example. Now in order for them to get their free Xbox 360 they have to complete an
offer that you give them on your site. This offer will of course be a CPA offer that they go
complete under your affiliate link. Once they have completed an offer and refer 2 other
people to do the same thing they will get their free gift all the while you made twice the
amount of money it will cost you to drop ship them an Xbox 360. Now I know I have already
probably lost you on this so go check out this freebie site and you will start to see how this
works and of course I will continue explaining more once you return:
Now do you kind of understand what’s going on? There are thousands of Incentivized CPA
offers that allow you to give people an incentive to complete these offers and what better
than instant Paypal cash and a bunch of cool gadgets. Now remember, the people that sign
up for your site will end up making you twice the amount of money that it will cost you to give
them their free gift!
Now your probably wondering how in the hell your going to get people to the site and how
they are get people to the site as well. This is the best part!

There are forums dedicated to people who are trying to get free stuff and they are paying
each other to sign up through each others links. Seriously, go check out this forum, which is
one of many flourishing with people ready to signup to your freebie site and then in turn pay
others to sign up to your freebie site. Remember this whole time offers with your affiliate link
are being completed and paying you like clockwork! Go look at this forum:

Lets recap…You own a site where people can pick a gift of choice and in order for them to
receive this gift they need to complete one of many offers that you have on your site. Once
they do this they can refer people through a special referral link and if they sign up and
complete 1 offer as well then the original person get’s their free gift, you make a boatload of
cash and now you have 2 more people that have to get 2 more people and so
on..Exponential growth!
Now in order to keep people coming in to your site, you go buy a forum thread in that forum I
posted and people will come to you. Then once you get 200-300 people doing offers on your
site then it explodes quickly making you thousands of dollars and as long as you are
maintaining the site and are giving people their free gifts it will continue to thrive.

Here’s what you need to do this:
FSRRevolution Freebie Site Script:
Once you get this script, go to and find a programmer to install and
customize it for you.
It will take you some practice to understand the admin panel and how to make everything
automated but it will get easier as you go.
Then you need to join all the freebie forums and either buy thread or include your site in
your sig file. Also, you can advertise on Adbrite with banners and get massive amounts of
I would also recommend joining the forum and go do a couple of deals yourself to see how
the whole process works. It’s actually pretty easy and fun.

                                           Method 6

This method is blackhat… VERY blackhat. So blackhat in fact that I felt bad about doing it –
however, you definitely can make money with it, as I’m proof that it works.

I made $647/three days with this before I stopped –twenty minutes of work to set this up,
and I’m not joking. After the setup, it took five seconds daily… to check how much I had

I am going to show you an exact method I used – you can expand this for any offer.

a) Pick a good offer that pays well per signup. In my case, I used Bidz offer which pays

b) Setup a Gmail Account. It is better that you use one that looks realistic, fake of course –
something like

c) Purchase a domain. For example, if you choose to promote the Bidz offer, you might
purchase or Create an email address for it - and add it to your Gmail account (Setting _ Accounts). Set
this new email as your main email in Gmail.

Redirect the domain to your offer affiliate link.

d) Go to job sites, for example see below.

Post something like:

We are looking for writers for our jewelry auction website. You will need to create short (20 –
25 word) write ups of daily auctions. We will pay $0.01/word to startup, then increase if it
goes well. You MUST be interested in jewelry to take up the job.
Due to payment issues, we can only take writers that are based in the USA for now. Please
send an email to to apply if you fit the

Thank You,
Your (Fake) Name

List of job websites:

I recommend the first one as it doesn’t require anything to post, just a free account. Posts
will go pending first, and then live after 1-2 days.
e) Go to the Gmail account you setup. Under settings, there will be a thing called Vacation

Write something like:

Thank you for your interest. At the moment, we have
received lots of interested parties, so are going through
the applications. Please signup at our website below and
take a look around, as that will make things quicker
should we hire you. (for example – I believe this domain is still available).

Thank you,
Your (Fake) Name

Nearly every single person you reply to will signup.You will get a crazy amount of emails.
Just take a look at my screenshot.

All of those emails came within 5 days. USA, job hungry.I only replied to around 100, and
had almost all of them signup, netting me $640 in revenue after three days and a short while
of work to setup the above steps.

If you use Online Writing Jobs, your only spend is the domain.

I strongly suggest you find a different offer, or not use Bidz on Online Writing Jobs as I have
already done so. I did not promote at any other job website though,so there is a lot open for
you to target.

Rewrite the email and your job ads (but make them similar to the ones above) to gain
maximum success.

You can try this with any kind of pay per signup offer –USA ones tend to pay well. The good
thing is that you are sending targeted visitors (only people that like jewelry, for example) to
the signup so there is a high chance a few of them will stay on giving you a good conversion

                             Method 7 - Forum method

We are going to promote our CPA offer on Forum Boards. There are literally thousands of
public discussion forums available online that are dedicated to a very wide variety of topics
or areas of interest. Discussion forums are simply places where individuals who share the
same interests can discuss aspects of those interests with others online. Normally, you
must sign-up to become a member of a particular forum in order to participate in any
discussion that’s taking place on that forum.
You must become a member of the forum in order to post or reply to posts placed on that
forum. Forum member registration is free and only takes a minute or two to complete for
each forum. Once you have signed up to be a member of a forum… You are provided a
means to login to your member account and adjust your personal forum membership

Let me give you an example of a niche.
Look up thru the CPA offers and find an Email Submit program that offer Baby Product

Let’s go with this offer:

You go to Google and search for baby+forum .It will list out all the Baby related forums, this
works with any keyword.
Need to find poker forums? Just search for poker+forum

Now that you have found forums you would want to join them.
Insert your CPA Contextual link in your signature.
Make the link says something like, Free $500 Baby Vouchers
Once you have in your signature, engage in a few high traffic threads and post a few
comments, if you know something useful or a shocking news post it in the forum, when
members read your post they will see your signature and your link.

Go to Google, search for keywords. ―Mother jailed for‖
Grab an article and post it there. And watch all the concern parents reading your thread.

Would you read something with this title?
Mother jailed for 12 years after child starved in pub squalor
YouTube Video Mother jailed for coaxing her child to smoke
Another method is buying a Sticky Post.
For those who don’t know what is a Sticky post:
A sticky post or sticky topic is a type of entry in an online forum that is "pinned" near the top
of the forum index, enhancing its visibility and preventing it from being buried by newer
posts. Sticky posts (or simply "stickies") generally contain information that a discussion
group administrator or moderator believes to be of critical or ongoing value to users of the
forum. There may be one or several such 'stickies' at the top of any one forum section.
PM the forum owner that you found this forum very useful, and you want to contribute by
sharing this great Freebie that you found, create a post offering this Free Voucher offer and
have the Moderator to sticky it.
A marketer approach would be telling the Forum Owner that you want to buy advertising
space on his/her forum.

You would like to buy a sticky post for xx amount of dollars. If the forum have Banner
advertising space buy one for 1 week. And if your conversion is good, buy for 1 month.
I’ve bought a Sticky post on a Sports forum for $30 per month. I promote an Email Submit –
Free Energy Drink offer, and have 543 leads in the first month.

The offer pays me $1.05 per lead. 543 leads equates to $ 570.15

My ad cost was just $30 bucks.

Why the conversions are so great? Because, you are getting targeted traffic to your offers.
At this moment I have several Forum Campaign running, I don’t have to monitor them, I just
have to set and forget them.

Good luck! ☺
                      List of CPA Networks

I would personally recommend working with these few first:

CPA Empire
Hydra Network


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