Academic Disciplines Law and Justice as Your Future Subjects

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					              Academic Disciplines: Law and Justice as Your Future Subjects

       No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man's
permission when we ask him to obey it. Obedience to the law is demanded as a right; not
asked as a favor.

       Theodore Roosevelt
       Well, law is one of the oldest and greatest creations of people which can be admired
or hated, but it can be never violated. The first written mentioning of laws can be found in
Ancient Egypt in the 3000 BC. Of course, modern law is much multifaceted than those first
ancient laws. However, ancient people considered many legal issues concerning various
crimes: murders, robbery, etc. Thus, such professions as lawyers, prosecutors may be
placed in the range of the oldest ones. In spite of the long history, law as an academic
discipline started its existence quite recently, a few centuries ago.
       In terms of this discipline you may study such branches as constitutional law,
criminal law, administrative law, international law, property law, labor law, family law,
immigration law, etc. Each branch of this academic discipline deals with various issues.
Law students study numerous laws, consider different cases and learn to interpret laws.
What features of character and skills you may need if you decide to study this academic
1. You should develop your analytical skills. Your future career presupposes deep analysis
   and drawing the correct conclusions.
2. You should train your memory. You will have to learn and remember numerous laws to
   be able to solve cases.
3. You must be very attentive. You cannot afford missing any detail, anything at all, even
   if it may seem a trifle thing. Such "trifles" may define further lives of many people.
4. If you want to study international law, you may need to learn several (at least one)
   foreign language.
5. The last thing, but the most important, is to remember that you must stay calm,
   objective and impartial.


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