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Armin Hedayat


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Dentin is the substance between enamel or cementum and the pulp chamber. It is secreted
by the odontoblasts of the dental pulp. The formation of dentin is known as
dentinogenesis. The porous, yellow-hued material is made up of 70% inorganic materials,
20% organic materials, and 10% water by weight. Because it is softer than enamel, it
decays more rapidly and is subject to severe cavities if not properly treated, but dentin
still acts as a protective layer and supports the crown of the tooth.

Armin Hedayat Info Dentists also encourage prevention of dental caries through proper
hygiene (tooth brushing and flossing), fluoride, and tooth polishing. Dental sealants are
plastic materials applied to one or more teeth, for the intended purpose of preventing
dental caries (cavities) or other forms of tooth decay. Recognized but less conventional
preventive agents include xylitol, which is bacteriostatic, casein derivatives, and
proprietary products such as Cavistat BasicMints

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Dental Check Ups Could Save Your Life

Dental check ups and cleaning are a whole lot easier than root canals and crowns and a
lot less expensive. Regular check ups could also save your life by detecting any early
signs of oral cancer.

My cousin’s husband died this week of oral cancer. I have another cousin on a different
side of the family that is undergoing extensive radiation for oral cancer. Oral cancer is
highly curable if it is diagnosed and treated early. Your dentist and hygienist are trained
to screen you for oral cancer at your regular check ups.

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